100 tiers is going to be difficult to complete

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AlhpaBravos, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. AlhpaBravos Member

    I only just managed to finish 75 tiers on the battle pass two weeks before season 3 was supposed to start. And i play this game often. Daybreak need to increase xp from daily challenges or offer double xp weekends through out season 3 imo.
  2. MrJFouch New Member

    It's really not that difficult. It took me like 1 month to reach level season level 100 / 75 battle pass
  3. AlhpaBravos Member

    Difficulty is a relative thing. Some have more time than others etc etc...
  4. DopeyJones New Member

    Wasnt that difficult, i finished mine with about a month left. Focus on the daily challenges and its incredibly easy to finish, considering with the daily challenges you get 15 bp medals, each tier is 10 bp medals, so really you could have gotten it done in 25 days. Not to mention the leveling up medals as well.
  5. AlhpaBravos Member

    First season had bonus xp event which was missing in season 2. I hope this isnt the case for s3...
  6. vhdustin Member

    you don't have to commit to the battle pass on day 1. you can feel it out and as you progress, if it looks attainable for you, buy the crowns and you'll get all the back tiers.
  7. AlhpaBravos Member

    Theres now weekly challenges as well as the day challenges so this will be of help over the next few months...
  8. stevey66 Member

    I found it way too quick actually Season 2 - finished with almost 2 months to go - already only played 3 matches and I'm at Tier 8 (seems way too quick)! So it wont be hard to complete it at all though it will slow down given I'm currently knocking off the weeklies - got 4 in my first game so battle pass points came pouring in - glad to see there are extra rewards to keep playing this season ! I like the variety of some dailies and weeklies - adds to the fun (destroy a tent at a location !! Shoot 100 windows lol - don't mind me dude - not shooting at you - just enjoy seeing glass fly )
  9. kdot Member

    I think it is good where it's at tbh because you should want to put the time and effort into the game in order to unlock the greater things in my opinion.
  10. AlhpaBravos Member

    Effort and time is worth it when the challenges are fun and thoughtful. Shooting a hundred windows or running over lamp posts is going to get boring fast, especially if repeated. Its also much easier to level up on premium battle pass because of the xtra experience points and access to more weekly challenges which are locked off for just regular users.
    Anyway, i created this thread just before s3 dropped where you only had daily challenges. Daybreak have now added weekly challenges to, so it will be a bit easier to hit 100 now over next 3 months.