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Discussion in 'EverQuest Guide Events' started by Ryleth, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. Hisstoria Guide EQ Xegony

    We will run a fun quest event today around 6 pm pacific. Come join the fun.
  2. Hisstoria Guide EQ Xegony

    We will have some haunted fun tonight around 6 pm pacific. Bring your friends... you may need them...
  3. Matille Well-Known Member

    Join us on Thursday, October 18, around 6 pm pst, for an old-fashioned scavenger hunt with a spooky flair! It is getting close to Halloween, folks! Let's have some fun!

    Watch for the yellow text announcing the start of the event.
  4. Atacil New Member

    Hope all of you had a nice holiday season! Any chance we will have some more events on Xegony in the near future? We never did manage to find that carnival :)
  5. Matille Well-Known Member

    Hello Atacil!

    I apologize for not running this event in December. I had trouble getting enough people together to run the quest,
    but it looks like some things have improved.

    I am currently working on scheduling with my guides and some SWAT team members. The quest requires 3+ guides so it takes a little coordination to see who is free and on what date.

    I should be able to post the event in a day or so with a confirmed date and time.

    Take care and we will see you soon! :)
  6. Matille Well-Known Member

    Hello Xegony!

    Please join us on Sunday, January 27, 2019, around 5 pm pt, for some winter fun! Remember those tickets you were given from the Festival of Might? Well, you will finally have a chance to use them, plus earn more tickets for attending and competing in our event.

    Be sure you have plenty of extra bag space because you will definitely need it!!

    Watch for the yellow text announcing the start of the event. Hope to see you there. Oh! I hope you like competitions! :)
  7. Cragzop New Member

    Are guide events dead on Xegony? I am pretty sure a few have taken place since Mat's last Jan 2019 post … but there doesn't seem to be any record in here about them.

    I know at least one came across on a Sunday night right after raiding and at that point I needed a break.

    I notice we are not mentioned in the Festival thread as a server. Seems a little odd as Xegony is definitely one of the bigger population Live servers.
  8. Riviere SWAT EQ

    Greetings Xegony!
    We are hosting an old fashioned spooky scavenger hunt tonight in honor of Nights of the Dead and Days of the Spirits. If you would like to attend please /join Spooky and meet us in Nektulous Forest at 7pm PT. Be sure to have extra bag space! ;)
  9. Cragzop New Member

    Thanks for starting to announce in here again for Xegony.

    Sorry about this afternoon's event non-start … a few of us who would have gone were on alts but in the middle of a mission. Should have joined channel to let you know we'd be coming.
  10. Riviere SWAT EQ

    Greetings Xegony!
    Krarnpus is back and he's trying to lure players into doing something mischievous and a bit on the evil side. He'll be looking for you around 7:30pm PT tonight, Dec. 10th. Keep an eye out for him if you're feeling just a little bit naughty. ;)
  11. Riviere SWAT EQ

    The Winter Funderland Carnival is coming to Xegony! We hope you can spare a couple hours to spend with us to have fun and win prizes! We will begin the event Tuesday, January 7th at 8pm PT. Hope to see you there! :)