Tribute toons for fallen friends

Discussion in 'News and Discussion' started by Nenyah Evenstar, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. Nenyah Evenstar New Member

    I wasn't sure where to send this to or if there is anything like what I am asking or if you even understand what I am asking! My friend Nikki (Toon name was Nenyah Evenstar and she was on Stromm) died after a 3 year battle with cancer. I will post her obituary at the bottom = (. Anyhow, I decided to make a tribute toon for her on Mangler because she loved this game so much... And tbh I loved her too and miss her dearly. I know Guide players have "Tribute toons" in CShome but I wasn't sure if players have anything set up like that? If so, I didn't know how to go about nominating her for something like that. Or is there a title I can buy for the toon I am leveling for her? I Looked through all of them but I didn't see anything suitable. Yall might not even be able to help in this but I wanted to just reach out and see. Thank you so much for any guidance you can give me on this. If there is a title available that I just overlooked, please let me know as I am happy to pay for it.
    Drive by hugs are always welcome too!

  2. Rynara Moderator

    Nenyah, I am very sorry to hear about your friend. I am unaware of any tribute toons or titles for players however that would fall under Daybreak's umbrella. I would suggest you maybe contact a Dev or put in a ticket to ask for their guidance.

    Again sorry for your loss
  3. Wylloe Guide EQ2 Halls of Fate

    This is just a suggestion that requires no ticket. A good friend passed away and to honor him, I made a memorial by decorating one of my smaller prestige homes to honor that toon. It even helped me with my grieving process in acceptance of their passing. I put portals to it so other friends can go there and remember that player. It will stay and be open to all until the server comes down. Hope this helps. {{{}}}
  4. Yareth SWAT EQ2

    I did something similar to Wylloe's suggestion when one of my friends passed. We created a space that had a mannequin in it of our friend's character. Sometimes, I still visit his place and talk to him. It helps a lot.