[TLE] Some Requests!

Discussion in 'News and Discussion' started by Juni, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Juni New Member

    Could we please PLEASE! get the Guide foods and shinies on TLE? my Half Elf needs her Hot Pink Hold Gear! The apperance stuff just dosnt suit her.

    Also some of the None Quest log Events? i know some fo the Quest that put in our logs are too high. but the ones that are like Go gather 5 of this that and the other thing please shoudlnt be an issue sense not alot of exp is givin.

    My Kitchen Needs a Few rolling Pins. The Trolls keep stealing the cookies and the Spoon i have just dosnt do enough Damage.

    Thanks so much!
  2. Juni New Member

    okay seems you've already been handing out the shinies and I've just missed the guides.

    But i still Needs my Rolling Pins!!!
  3. DragonTayl New Member

    I wanted to take a moment and thank a guide who has been coming to TLE over the last few weeks. It's generally quiet - I don't know if that's because there are fewer guides who qualify for Stormhold, or just the general nature of things. In any case, please come on over sometimes, we like the guides!

    Also, I was curious if there were some older quests that could be revisited, things that could in fact be run on Stormhold?

    Finally - can a guide award a suffix or prefix title?
  4. Tarlof Senior EQ Firiona

    On EQ side of the TLP\TLE, there's tools to do a lot of our activities that we normally have available...

    We just have to go thru the process of making sure everything not only works with TLP servers (while they're time locked, some abilities are turned off, a lot of zones haven't been opened, and rewards, we have to be careful with, as to stay within those guidelines), then we have to go thru normal channels on approvals before they can make it there...

    ON EQ2 side, the process works similar, but the EQ2 team has to make sure what will and will not work before they can submit anything for those servers, for approval...

    However, all I can say is, we are listening, and we have been looking at a few things for TLP \ TLE.

    Did I answer the question you asked? No... I'm not sure on EQ2 side... But, on EQ side, it has been looked at, and there are things being discussed... I'm just not allowed to say, as until anything gets finalized and approved, it's gotta be kept a total secret as things can and usually do change by the time it gets shown to everyone...
  5. Keiona Senior EQ2 Skyfire

    Glad you enjoy our visits. We enjoy visiting with you guys. The bosses always look at how things are going and evaluate the addition of quest and such on both EQ and EQ2 so who knows what will happen in the future.

    As for titles and such we arent able to do so for you sorry.
  6. Leonitas Member

    are guides not allowed on test server? could we get a newsies npc or something? that would be amazing! :D
  7. Rynara Moderator

    Sorry, there are no Guides on Test :(