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  1. Cloudrat New Member

    So quick I missed it:) hope there will be another event for newsies and guide's guide before the double status goes away:)
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  2. Ninwa Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    Later today, Sunday 28th August, a Dhalgar named Gadhron Steelbend has found his way to Greater Faydark. Find him near the portal to Thalumbra in Kelethin! He'll be there around 11:00am Pacific / 7:00pm UK / 20:00 EU / 21:00 Moscow
  3. Lateana New Member

    Thanks you!
  4. Emberstorm New Member

    Hello, Guides of Norrath. I was wondering if you will ever give us the Kael or be Kael'd quest again? I'd die for the Visage of Kael. Wild arasai fan here... Please? ^^
  5. Katamarrant Guest

    Kael or be Kaeled is one of the quests that have been archived and can not be run anymore (for the moment). Sorry you'll have to find an other Visage :(
  6. Katamarrant Guest

    Next Thursday on 09/15/2016, at around 5:00am Pacific / 1:00pm UK / 14:00 EU / 15:00 Moscow an absentminded inventor named Gnarrant Tinkerspark will need help in order to find his lost schematics. You'll find him in the New Combine Foothold in the Withered Lands
  7. Katamarrant Guest

    Mindsender will be looking for help regarding lost spirits in Obol Plains on Wednesday 10/12/2016 at 9:00 AM PDT / 05:00 PM BST / (18h00 Paris Time) / 19h00 moskow
  8. Nready New Member

    Thanks Katamarrant

    Look forward to getting my new Character getting the The Nebulous Newsies quest at 5pm BST tomorrow.
  9. Nready New Member

    Dohh don't you get fed up of real life spoiling your fun... Missed it..
    Never mind hope it comes back on soon...
  10. tommotley New Member

    Any chance for a Newsie with double status going on...PLEEESE :) Seems I missed the last one.
  11. Katamarrant Guest

    Sure there will be a full week for newsies and for a guide's guide.

    Stay tuned !!
  12. Katamarrant Guest

    Tomorrow on Sunday (10/23/2016) Tixwell Flipvolt will be in Kelethin around 08:00 AM PDT / 04:00 PM BST / 17h00 Paris Time / 18h00 Moskow to help you find your way through Thalumbra
  13. tommotley New Member

    So would that be 5:00 AM EST? Cry :( I know we are all over the map...can you have another Newsie this week? I am on EST time in the U.S. and 5:00 am isn't gonna work :p
  14. Katamarrant Guest

    if I'm not totally lost in time conversion, 17h00 Paris time is 4:00 PM London Time and EST time (Eastern Standard Time) unless I am mistaken is 5 hours ahead from BST so 4:00 PM BST is 11:00 AM EST ...

    may be am I totally wrong ?
  15. tommotley New Member

    What is PDT? Thinking that is Pacific time. Maybe not.
  16. tommotley New Member

    I was looking at 8:00am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) which is 3 hours later than EST 8:00amPDT=5:00amEST.
  17. Katamarrant Guest

    I left the Kelethin place exactly at the moment you post your message so I do not understand at what time you came, surely we have a problem to meet I was exactly on the time I said and the 175 players who came to meet me during the 1 hour I remained in Kelethin can confirm it

    sorry if we missed, will try to redo it this week once again
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  18. Ocarinah Member

    My friend and I showed up a couple minutes early (8 am PDT) to the portal to Thalumbra and saw you there. It was so packed it was hard to see you but the feather was definitely there *giggles*. Both of us were able to obtain the quest and Building's brother and sister were able to as well. Building was in area until around 8:45 am PDT and saw that you were still there with bunch of people around you. Guessing your count might be low since we were grouped together and all of us get the quest even if only one is offered the quest. I am sure we weren't alone in the grouping department.

    Thank you for all that you do! Very much appreciated.
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  19. tommotley New Member

    Thank you Kat, so sorry I missed yesterday :( I just got the times mixed up...I won't do that again!!! You do a great job and we all appreciate it!
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  20. Katamarrant Guest

    no worries, I was by myself often wrong with time zones :)