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Discussion in 'EverQuest II Guide Events' started by Ninwa, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. dippydav New Member

    fanx was getting a lil confused
  2. Sylunee Senior EQ2 Valor

    it`s our job to guide you.... even through the chaotic timezones, if necessary :D
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  3. Ninwa Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    Tomorrow, Sunday June 26th, a Dhalgar named Gadhron Steelbend has found his way to Greater Faydark. Find him near the portal to Thalumbra in Kelethin! He'll be there around 5:00am Pacific / 1:00pm UK / 14:00 EU / 15:00 Moscow
  4. Katamarrant Guest

    Monday the 27th of June, at around 8:00am Pacific / 4:00pm UK / 17:00 EU / 18:00 Moscow an absentminded inventor named Gnarrant Tinkerspark will need help finding his lost schematics. You'll find him in the New Combine Foothold in the Withered Lands
  5. Katamarrant Guest

    Due to login server unable to connect, Gnarrant Tinkerspark will search for helping on an other date. Sorry :(
  6. dippydav New Member

    when will a guide come on for the guides guide to thalumbra please
  7. Katamarrant Guest

    There was one on sunday afternoon, Keep on line, there will surely be another this week :)
  8. dippydav New Member

    any word when someone will be on with the guides guide quest please i know the was 1 last sunday but i missed it please realy want to start the quest
  9. Ninwa Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    Today, Sunday July 3rd, a Dhalgar named Gadhron Steelbend has found his way to Greater Faydark. Find him near the portal to Thalumbra in Kelethin! He'll be there around 1:00pm Pacific / 9:00pm UK / 22:00 EU / 23:00 Moscow
  10. dippydav New Member

    cant beleive i missed it didnt see it posted till the next day
  11. Vuurvink New Member

    Ugh, ditto here Dippydav.. I checked on Sunday morning and apperently just missed the post :( Now I'm a very sad little druidess!

    eta: I actually have this thread added to my watched threads but didn't get a notification of updates.. odd?
  12. Katamarrant Guest

    you do not want any more to miss an event ? it's very, very easy :

    click on your name at the top of the current page, this open a menu, choose : contact details mark the check box just in front of : "Receive email when a new conversation message is received". Check that you gave a good eMail adress while you registered your account and that the mails coming from daybreak games to this email address are not sent to your spam directory then wait ...

    each time a guide will create a new message to tell everybody there will be a quest running at mm/dd/yyyy you'll receive an email to inform you
  13. tommotley New Member

    I have done all those things and never receive emails or notices. I miss these events every week. Usually by only an hour or so. It's hard to check this site constantly. I know you are volunteers, but it would be helpful if we had more notice.
    Thanks for all you do :)
  14. Katamarrant Guest

    Want to help Queen Antonia ? Shanley Truesteele will be waiting on you in Antonica on 07/06/2016 around 08:00 AM PDT / 04:00 PM BST / 17h00 Paris Time / 18h00 Moskow
  15. dippydav New Member

    i do check daily i must have just missed the post lol plus i was raiding at the time lol would there be any more coming soon
  16. Ansom New Member

    Is hard to believe.. but i have lost all the new guide quest time windows.. :(

    Seems i have the same tommotley problem. Got only one mail from the system (email sent with 2h delay, and was the guide during the double sp event). Is very strange because the alert on the eq2 official forum work fine.. :oops:
  17. dippydav New Member

    hi can someone please tell me when the next guides guide to thalumbra quest will be handed out please
  18. Katamarrant Guest

    Wednesday 07/17/2016 at about 8:00 AM PDT/ 04:00 PM BST/17h00 Paris Time/18h00 Moscow, Flourpaws which is not a ratonga one (you can be sure of that) will search for help in New Halas. Can he expect on you ?
  19. Ninwa Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    Tomorrow, Thursday July 14th, a Kerran hunter named Kocheera seeks help near the lighthouse in Antonica. He'll be there around 10:00am Pacific / 6:00pm UK / 19:00 EU / 20:00 Moscow
  20. dippydav New Member

    hi i dont mean to keep posting but please could we have a guides guide to thalumbra quest sometime on the week end i have missed 2 now 1st i was in work 2nd i was on raid lol please realy want to do the quest i will pay if i have to lol in food and drink that is