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  1. Rosyposy Member

    Thanks so much for the newsies quest today! I was able to pick it up on all my Thurgadin toons.
  2. aphonsus New Member

    Was this an error in the date? No one was there...
  3. Alinta Guide EQ2 Valor

    There was indeed someone there and Grindsmaul was lucky enough to get some great help.

    On Thursday the 21st May around 5:00 Pacific (5:00am)/ 12:00GMT there will be a Prince seeking assistance in Antonica near North Qeynos gates.
  4. Ninwa Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    On Thursday May 21st a Froglok named Lillyhop will be near the wizard spires in the Moors of Ykesha handing out maps to Luclin. She'll be there around 12:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm UK / 21:00 EU / 22:00pm Moscow time
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  5. Riversongs New Member

    oh where oh where can my Lillyhop be? :-D lots of us are looking for you.
  6. aphonsus New Member

    Was someone there? Didn't see anyone.
  7. Alinta Guide EQ2 Valor

    On Thursday the 28st May around 5:00 Pacific (5:00am)/ 12:00GMT there will be a two researchers Alstair and Helgaa seeking assistance in Frostfang near the Docks area. I am sure there is mush to be learned!
  8. Flatline New Member

    Any hope for a run of any of

    Guides to the Celestial realms
    Luclin Event (Maps)

    In the near future?

    Thanks in advance!
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  9. Gryger SWAT EQ2

    Across the wilds of Norrath, the call goes out!
    Boldest of the bold, bravest of the brave... Do you dare enter Kael Drakkel to answer the challenge of the Stormshield Clan?
    This Wednesday (06/24 @ 1200 PDT / 2000 BST) Krunjir Stormshield will be in the Eastern Wastes, offering this challenge to the bravest souls of Norrath! Come one, come all, complete the quest for your "larger than life" reward! :eek:

    DISCLAIMER Only Level 90+ can enter Kael Drakkel, although you may accept the quest, you will not be allowed to enter. Also, this quest can only be offered once to each character. Once you have completed it, you cannot take this quest again.

    *Please remember that actors for these events are players just like you who volunteer their time in the Volunteer Event Guide Program and for this reason the event may be canceled or delayed without notice.*
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