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  1. Katamarrant Guest

    Sorry I misstyped the forum part and reserved the quest for the right hour (only the PDT was misstyped), will check more precisely next time :(
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  2. Cairol New Member

    Hello Guides

    In moment is double Status weekend, can we become on Thurgadin "Guides Guide to the Celestial Realms or Guides Guide to Thalumbra" this day (sunday or monday)

    Onyone one and my toons on Thurgadin was happy
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  3. Katamarrant Guest

    Today (Monday) on 09/02/2019, Septos veda will help you getting a very special map for the Celestial realms land, as there is some rumor that people are still getting a bit lost in this areas :)
    Get date with Septos Veda in Kylong Plains today 09/02/2019 at around 09:00 AM PDT/ 05:00 PM BST / 18h00 Paris Time / 19h00 Moskow
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  4. Cairol New Member

    Hello Katamarrant

    Thanks for nice info, i will meet Septos Veda with my toon in Kylong Plaines
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  5. Riversongs New Member

    Would it be possible to get The Fairy Lantern or maybe the Hunting Contest quest? I really love wolves and would like one for my own. ;)
  6. Zartayn New Member

    Did the guides all leave Thurgadin now ?
  7. Riversongs New Member

    Could we get the Creepy Creatures Catalog quest for the Nights of the Dead event? That would make my night :D
  8. anelvena New Member

    Could we get the Creepy Creatures Catalog quest for the Nights of the Dead event? That would make my Week!
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  9. Katamarrant Guest

    I think I am the only one who left Thurgardin ... I am getting old and am actually very busy with personal projects :( Sorry for everybody I left on Norrath.
    It's time for me for resigning, I spent very pleasant last years with all of you ...

    Go on and enjoy the game he's worth the pain !
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  10. Enertocter Member

    It saddens me to hear you'll be leaving the program Katamarrant, as it's been very fun to join in on the events you host. I'm certain others feel the same as well, so it's gonna feel rather lonely without you in the future. You did a great job herding all us players no matter the language we spoke, which in itself is quite impressive.

    Thank you for the time you've spent with us Katamarrant! I hope your projects will turn out well.
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  11. Tajar New Member

    Hello! Will there be poor lost souls needing helped, or dangerous places needing mapped this double Status week? :)
  12. Dahakon New Member

    Hey was just wondering would any guides be running The Nebulous Newsies Quest on Thurgadin for this weeks double status please
    Would be nice to get it again tks
  13. Sennal New Member

    Just wanted to say a quick 'thank you' to the guides for recent events today (Thur 14th Nov) - came across one event by accident, then found another. Great to see that we have guides still active and hope you had fun with it too! :D
  14. Ninwa Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    Later today, Saturday December 21st, a Froglok named Lillyhop will be near the wizard spires in the Moors of Ykesha handing out maps to Luclin. She'll be there around 11:00am Pacific / 7:00pm UK / 20:00 EU / 9:00pm Moscow time and staying for at least 2 hours!
  15. Whilhelmina New Member

    Hello and Happy Holidays!

    Could it be possible to get another scheduled run of the new Luclin Quest on Thurgadin? Please?
    Thanks in advance.
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  16. Whilhelmina New Member

    I'm told there'll be a Luclin Exploration quest offered at 14:00 GMT tomorrow (4th) in Kylong Plains!

    *does the happy dance*
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  17. Whilhelmina New Member

    Now now now, I hope it wasn't a false rumor :/ 14GMT was supposed to be half an hour ago.
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  18. Whilhelmina New Member

    Yes, he's here! thanks a lot for running this quest!
  19. Tuning New Member

    [Redacted] I was in a bad mood and shouldn't have taken it out on the volunteers. Love you all!
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  20. Ephahia New Member

    I guess I missed these Luclin guide-event … was wondering if there will be another chance?
    Pretty please =)