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  1. Ninwa Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    Monday 15th July a gnome named Phire Wurcs seeks help with one of his experiments. He'll be in The Commonlands at 11:00am Pacific / 7:00pm UK / 20:00 EU / 21:00 Moscow time
  2. Katamarrant Guest

    Hmmmm !! Never says never :p!

    Have a look to (there are others one) :

    this one is in date of 04/09/2019

    Promise I will take care of posting a note in this forum next time I will run "The Nebulous Newsies" quest
  3. Riversongs New Member

    Sorry for the confusion... I had missed the in-game announcement for the last one.
    I'm new to this server and having a blast here. :)
    Very excited you are bringing the event back, < happy dance> I really appreciate the guide events, you guys are great!
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  4. Riversongs New Member

    I would love to see the quests, A Tinkerer's Clockwork Catalog and The Tome of Tinkering on this server.
    Pretty please with honey and sugar on top ;)
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  5. Katamarrant Guest

    Do you dream of detonating Lesser Faydark? Blitzklang the gnome is dreaming exactly like you :) Maybe you could help him on 07/23/2019 at about 9:00 AM PDT / 04:00 PM BST / (18h00 Paris Time) / 19h00 moskow in Steamfont Mountains. If you don't, no worries, you will be able to ask him about The Tinkerer Clockwork Catalog :p
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  6. Zartayn New Member

    Still waiting for news about the Newsies or Guides Guide quests appearing on Thurgadin :)
    Thank you in advance :)
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  7. Marae New Member

    I second that interest in Newsies and the Guides Guide quests, plus I want to thank you for the two guide quests during Tinkerfest! I managed to catch both of them. Great fun!
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  8. Zartayn New Member

    Just now Guide event called out - Celestial Guides Guide quest, go meet Guide at Spires in Moors.
  9. Riversongs New Member

    I have a love for wolves. I wonder if there is one I could have for my very own? One that i could pet... I would love to hunt one down. ;)
  10. Riversongs New Member

    I wish I would have not missed this one. In need of a bigger bag. :-D
  11. July Blue New Member

    I am also sorry I missed this. I saw the posting a day late; I had checked the forum earlier in the morning before the quest was announced.
  12. Katamarrant Guest

    Want a map for Thalumbra ? This will happen today 08/19/2019 in Kelethin in Greater Faydark (ask for Tixwell Flipvolt) at (approx.) 09:00 AM PDT / 04:00 PM BST / 18h00 Paris Time / 19h00 Moskow
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  13. Riversongs New Member

    Thank you so very much for coming out today and for posting to let us know where to find you. :)
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  14. Zartayn New Member

    Very nice to be able to catch the quest today - thank you :)
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  15. Zartayn New Member

    Guide quest for the Celestial Guides Guide is being offered right now at spires in Moors.
  16. Riversongs New Member

    Oh no not again :( I'm so sorry I missed this quest again. Please can you post when you will run this again? I really want to get a bigger bag on this server. Still watching for the "The Nebulous Newsies" quest.
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  17. July Blue New Member

    OMG me too! I checked in the morning, but that was before it was announced. Second time that's happened to me! And I missed the Thalumbra map quest, too. :( This is just not my week for catching guide quests, I guess.
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  18. Katamarrant Guest

    Mindsender will be looking for help regarding lost spirits in Obol Plains (Cardin Ward) on Monday the 08/26/2019 at 10:00 AM PDT / 05:00 PM BST / (18h00 Paris Time) / 19h00 moskow
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  19. Riversongs New Member

    Doing a happy dance... thank you so much! :D I'll see you there. :cool:
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  20. Riversongs New Member

    Was checking the time for this event and looks like there is a one hr difference for PDT time then the others, will check at 9am just in case as the others all are for the same time,

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