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  1. Ninwa Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    Greetings Thurgadin!

    The Guides of Thurgadin may use this thread to alert you to upcoming planned Guide Events being hosted on Thurgadin. If you want to be in the loop 24 hours a day. 7 days a week, click "Watch Thread" on the right-hand side of the thread, just above the body of the first post. You will receive emails/alerts any time a new post is made to that thread!

    Guide Event Disclaimer:
    Please remember that the actors for these events are players just like you who volunteer their time in the Volunteer Guide Program and events may be canceled or delayed without notice. In the event of a delayed or cancelled event, we will make every effort to inform you of the cancellation or delay.

    All times shown are considered Pacific Time unless otherwise stated.

    Interested in joining the Volunteer Guide Program?
  2. Iuvili New Member

    Hiya Ninwa!


    Nice of you to add the new server so quickly :) Who will clear out the server list in this forum?...:p
  3. Gratouillis New Member

    Hi here !
    Thanks a lot Ninwa to be so active !!!
    I come from Storms, some new players on this server have never seen a guide.
    I hope we will be a lot of to follow you in new adventures and quests !!!
  4. Katamarrant Guest

    it seems MindSender will be waiting for some kind of help in Obol Plains on Monday 04/25/2016 around 01:01 PM (BST) 14h00 (French & German Time)
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  5. Iuvili New Member

    /dances a jig

    My clan is ready! :D
  6. Rosena New Member

    A huge thank you to MindSender for being so patient and kind to share the Newsies quest for over 1 1/2 hours! It must have been a very exhausting job.*sends finest dwarven ale and lots of jumjum pies to MindSender*
  7. Iuvili New Member

    Thank you, Mindsender! What a chaos that was! I will never understand why so many people act so inconsiderate and stupid.
  8. Mahlana New Member

    oh noooo, i missed :(
  9. clpyeatte New Member

    Me toooo, I am so sad!
  10. clpyeatte New Member

    Please do again soon, PLEASE.
  11. Katamarrant Guest

    there will surely be other meetings in Obol Plains, this week or ... next week : stay in alert ;)
  12. clpyeatte New Member

    Thank you! Will be watching this thread daily, (hmm maybe hourly). :)
  13. Ninwa Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    Nainook Spiritseeker is looking for help regarding a lost spirit in Cardin Ward, Obol Plains later today. She will be there around 11:00am Pacific / 7:00pm UK / 20:00 CEST / 9:00pm Moscow time.
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  14. clpyeatte New Member

    (sigh) Can not believe you came and I didn't. You are very good to us unfortunately I was out most of the day but I will continue to watch and hope to see you soon. Thank you for making a second trip so quickly and forgive my absence, it wasn't a purpose.
  15. clpyeatte New Member

    Don't mind me I am still just grumbling. Darn real life for interfering with my game play!
  16. Ninwa Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    Aww, *gives a big hug* you'll catch one of us soon!
  17. clpyeatte New Member

    (big hug right back) Sure gonna try. Thank you for the encouraging words.
  18. Katamarrant Guest

    Mindsender will be looking for help in Obol Plains on Monday 05/02/2016 at 02:01 PM (BST) 15h00 (CET)
  19. clpyeatte New Member

    Thank you. The whole clan is waiting for your arrival up on Obol plains. :cool:
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  20. clpyeatte New Member

    Opps. guess you did not mean 2:01 pacific standard time.