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  1. Ellru Guide EQ2 Skyfire

    Hello Skyfire!

    I just heard that a very important and busy elf will be looking for help in Frostfang Sea this evening,
    Thursday Feb 7th around 6:30 PM PST.
    Please stop by and help her out.
    Disclaimer: Please remember that actors for these events are players just like you who volunteer their time in the Volunteer Event Guide Program and for this reason the event may be canceled or delayed without notice.
  2. Aerymar New Member

    Anything possibly happening monday? my only day Off I can participate. I'd like to get the holiday quest that is guide given.
  3. Luna New Member

    i was wondering if u could do the guide quest Erollisi's Messenger =) perhaps on the weekend or monday would be lovely!! ty so much for all u do=))
  4. Shailow Guide EQ2 Skyfire

    I just heard ......
    Saturday, February 23
    5am pst in Kylong Plains
    there will be someone looking for help surveying the Celestial Realms.
    If you have not had the opportunity, please meet her in Taren's Grasp.
    This opportunity can only be offered once per person.
  5. Krizani New Member

    Woot! I'll be there for sure! Thanks!
  6. Occam New Member

    Any chance someone can offer "Kael or be Kael'd" soon? I've been trying to tick it off my quests for years now and I've always missed it. And thanks for everything you do, you all are awesome! :)
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  7. Kaukumu Senior EQ2 Skyfire

    Oh I heard the Coldain will be out in Eastern Waste-
    Tonight (Monday, March 4) around 7 pm pst.

    Those Coldain have a Giant problem. Maybe you all could help them.
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  8. Kaukumu Senior EQ2 Skyfire

    Hopefully you can find those Coldain tonight on your day off Aerymar!
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  9. Kaukumu Senior EQ2 Skyfire

    I think you might be interested in the Coldain's Giant Problem tonight Occam! I hope you can make it.
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  10. Aerymar New Member

    Bugger. No, I was crafting and working on HQ i didn't even check the boards. My fault. Thank you trying though :( Keep up the good work all.
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  11. Occam New Member

    Nooooo!!!! I ended up with a work crisis and wasn't finished with the issue until after 9pm pst. :(

    I generally check here every morning. If it's not too much to ask, please offer it again soon! :)
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  12. Kaukumu Senior EQ2 Skyfire

    OH Occam and Aerymar!
    I'm sorry to hear you missed it.
    I'll talk to the Coldain and see if they might be able to come out again sometime soon.

    Other news-
    I hear a little dragon or two might be sneaking out of their house and looking for some adventurers to share a story. Monday night March 11 around 7pm pst.

    If you see them, say "Hi" to me for me.
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  13. Occam New Member

    Thank you, Kaukumu!
    Keep an eye out for Mohel, my main. :)
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  14. Aerymar New Member

    Which zone shall we be looking for these dragons?
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  15. Zarathustra New Member

    I, too, would love to see 'Kael or Kael'd' being offered again soon. Any updates on when we may see this quest? Thank you!
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  16. Aerymar New Member

    The REALLY annoying part is I was there..... then the cats decided run around and stepped on the power strip turning it off...
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  17. Adrastus New Member

    Hi there! Any chance any of the guides will be forgetful enough to leave the guide hall area open any time soon? I would love to speak to some of the merchants in there again soon! ;)
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  18. Jyde New Member

    Any librarians planning on handing out the exploration quest in the Library during the double status week?
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  19. Croggle New Member

    Yes please!
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  20. Hash New Member

    Any chance we can get the guide for "Guide's Guide" quest to reappear while 2 x Status is going? Thanks a bunch!
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