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  1. Elyshka Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    Greetings Selo!

    The Guides of Selo may use this thread to alert you to upcoming planned Guide Events being hosted on Selo. If you want to be in the loop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, click "Watch Thread" on the right-hand side of the thread, just above the body of the first post. You will receive emails/alerts any time a new post is made to that thread!

    Guide Event Disclaimer:
    Please remember that the actors for these events are players just like you who volunteer their time in the Volunteer Guide Program and events may be canceled or delayed without notice. In the event of a delayed or cancelled event, we will make every effort to inform you of the cancellation or delay.

    All times shown are considered Pacific Time unless otherwise stated.

    Interested in joining the Volunteer Guide Program?
  2. Riviere SWAT EQ

    Hail Selos!
    We welcome you to join us for a Spooky Scavenger Hunt this Thursday, October 17th at 6pm PT! Watch for the yellow text that announces the event! We hope to see you there! :)