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  1. Perditta Guide EQ Povar

    Spring is finally spreading across Norrath. Warm winter clothes are being stored away and more seasonal pieces are coming out. Of course, for those adventurers with a good eye for style, spring is also the time for fresh, new ideas -- different colors and patterns, fabrics, silhouettes, and, of course, accessories, accessories, accessories!

    Sunday, 7 May 2017, will find a couple of Norrathians searching for help in updating their wardrobes. Around 1:30pm PDT, a young woman will be packing away her old, dark green items and asking for assistance in setting up for spring. Our young, verdant fashionista has experienced a bit of a snag. She'll be along tomorrow, early afternoon instead.

    Sometime around 3:30pm PDT, a pirate fashionista has set her sights on being the most fabulously dressed person to sail the seas of Norrath. Don't think "refined" and "exquisite." For her, More MORE MORE! is Good BETTER BEST!
  2. Berling Guide EQ Povar


    Please join us this Sunday at Noon PDT (7PM GMT) for the Opening Ceremonies! It will be immediately followed by one of the Tests which are worth Festival of Might points!

    New to the Festival of Might? Players will participate in events we run throughout the month and will be awarded points for placing in each event. At the end of the month those with the most points will earn unique rewards.

    Sunday July 9th, 12pm PDT.
  3. Perditta Guide EQ Povar

    Thursday, 13 July 2017, around 9pm PDT, another Test for the Festival of Might Days of Tests will be held. This time, I will be looking for some Mighty Crafters! Keep your eyes and ears open in Guild Lobby, the Plane of Knowledge, Crescent Reach, the General Chat Channel, as well as our very own "FoMight" channel for more information.

    Because of the wealth of crafting stations for every Craft, as well as the many vendors there, the quest will be held in the main building of Crescent Reach.
  4. Berling Guide EQ Povar

    Please join us tomorrow, Sunday, for a test of wits at 3pm PT.
  5. Berling Guide EQ Povar

    Please join us tomorrow, Sunday, at Noon Pacific Time for another Test of Wits.

    Brush up on your Norrath trivia in the mean time!
  6. Berling Guide EQ Povar

    Please join us this SATURDAY 2:15pm PDT for our FINAL major Test of Might event which will then be immediately (more or less) followed by the CLOSING CEREMONIES where those with the most Festival of Might points accumulated over the month will be announced as the winners (and if they are on, rewarded).

    Saturday, July 29th, 2:15pm PDT
  7. Berling Guide EQ Povar

    The FESTIVAL OF MIGHT starts anew this SUNDAY at 11am PST.
  8. Berling Guide EQ Povar

    Please join us this Saturday at Noon PST for another major event in the Festival of Might.
  9. Berling Guide EQ Povar

    2pm PST today we'll have a small FoMight event. Should be a fast one
  10. Berling Guide EQ Povar

    Another small FoMight event tonight at about 6:30pm PST.
  11. Berling Guide EQ Povar

    At Noon PST this Saturday we'll have another major Festival of Might event. If anything comes up where we can't run it we'll run multiple of the smaller events instead.
  12. Berling Guide EQ Povar

    For those that check here, at 1pm PST a small Festival Might event will be run.
  13. Berling Guide EQ Povar

    In 2 hours at 3:30pm PT another small Festival of Might event will be run.
  14. Berling Guide EQ Povar

    Another Festival of Might event this Tuesday at 6:30pm PT.
  15. Sokki New Member

    I heard Rumors of a Carnival coming to town. Is there any update on when that will be happening?
  16. Finesser Senior EQ Bertox

    Hello Sokki, thank you for posting. We are unsure when this may happen at this time, we will certainly make every attempt to post here first ahead of time.
  17. Sokki New Member

    Thank you for the Update!! I'll keep an eye out for any announcements.
  18. Finesser Senior EQ Bertox

    The Festival of Fright Fall Carnival is coming to Povar! Look for the yellow text announcing the event around 5pm PST on Friday, October 19th.
  19. Berling Guide EQ Povar

    Festival Of Might starts today at 10:30am PT!
  20. Berling Guide EQ Povar

    1pm PT for more Festival of Might.