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    thank you- now to figure out where New Hamas is. or do you mean New Halas?
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    Gotta love auto correct on my Kindle. Should have been new halas
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    figured that when i googled New Hamas lol. awesome though Kellin. we are looking forward to today on the docks of New Halas
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    question. When going to New Halas to set up my toons for today, i am offered 1 or 2. should we pick 1? when there are several instances of a place, which one will the guide be in?
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    guess the answer was always choose the first one. i got the quest on all of my highest mains. thank you so very much. the rest can do it next year
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    Tuesday, November 3rd
    Lickketh has such sweet, well behaved children. All darling little dragons too. For a troll, Lickketh has many admirers which is why she needs to do a few errands in the forest. But, she can't take her kids. What to do? She thinks for several hours then ... call on the visitors in Nektulos Forest!! ... Indeed, she will ask protective adventures to come look after her sweethearts for her.

    Are YOU willing to look after Lickketh's sweet kids while she's off doing her errands? Meet her in Nektulos Forest at 6:00pm (PST) on the southern shore of Blackwater Lake.

    Don't worry ... it will probably be a very peaceful, quiet time.
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    The Night Mare, by Norika

    (For the Players of Maj'Dul, who wanted their own copies)

    Well, here is how it began...... Once there was a king, a very dark and proud king. He was a cruel king, wise in the ways of torture and causing fear in the hearts of all who dealt with him. But now he had no kingdom, as his kingdom had been torn from him in the Shattering.

    He wandered the new lands, looking for a new home, but all turned him away on seeing his tormented face so full of anger and scorn. He wandered long years, unimaginably long years, until he came to a barren mountain. On the mountaintop stood the finest horse he had ever laid eyes on.

    Read More ... (open)
    She looked at him with fierce red eyes, and pawed her hoof into the stone, sending sparks flying. Her mane rippled like shadows across the dark waters of a still sea. He climbed the mountain as quickly and as quietly as he could, trying not to frighten her off. He crested the top of the mountain and approached her carefully, longing to pet her sable side. She danced away from him and tossed her head as if to say, "You'll never have anything to do with me!"

    Sadly, the King lowered his hand. Nothing in any world had ever touched his heart and mind quite like this beautiful Mare. She flicked her tail of shadow at him and ran away down the mountainside, heedless of the speed and danger. Her hooves struck lightning from the stone, and thunder rolled in response.

    He sighed as the rain came down, pouring over him in drenching waves. He sat down, weary to the bone and soul now. He realized that his search was fruitless. He was homeless, friendless, subjectless. He slipped into a deep sleep, shivering and cold on the mountain. He began to dream as he sat there.

    Images broke like falling snowflakes... one after the other.... He saw himself running after the Mare... endlessly running. He called to her.... He pleaded with her.... He searched for food for her. He searched for water for her, a place for her to shelter from the storm.
    He felt as if all he would do in the world was take care of her if she would only come to him.

    Finally, exhausted even in his dream, he sank wearily down to the cold stone at the top of the mountain, whipped by rain and wind. His sleep deepened. He passed where few people go, into the borderlands between death and life. When he realized, even in his dream, that he was indeed dying of cold and hunger and exposure, he merely sighed. With his last breath, he only murmured, "I would have loved you and taken care of you."

    With that last breath... he entered the realm of Dreams and Nightmares.
    He woke gradually in warm sunlight and gentle breezes, to feel a gentle nudging at his arm. The fiery eyes regarded him gently and a soft whicker greeted him. One hoof struck lightly at the ground, and he turned his head to see a loaf of warm bread and a decanter of wine. He sat up suddenly, realizing that the Mare was taking care of him. He gratefully ate the bread and drank the wine. He regained his strength and stood, the Mare supporting him with his arm around her neck.

    The King looked around from his vantage point and was mystified.
    Homes, villages, fields, buildings, cities.... All wavered and flickered in and out of perspective in this land of Dreams and Nightmares. He walked on down the mountain, wonderingly, into a town. The mare walked proudly beside him, head tossing and midnight mane dancing in the breeze. The people turned, caught sight of him, and bowed, smiling. The guards saluted him. Children ran up to him and hugged him, and dangled gleefully from his hands.

    The king could make no sense of this, feeling completely unnerved and haunted by the welcomes of the people. “It must be a nightmare!” he finally cried out in desperation, dashing into the shop of a weapons merchant. He snatched up a small dagger and sliced his palm deeply with the tip. Blood ran freely as the king stared in amazement. “This is real?” he asked, turning to the merchant. “What is the meaning of this?"

    The merchant called out the door, “Bring a healer! The King is hurt!” The merchant led the king to a chair and even as he sat the king down, a woman came swiftly in, assessed the wound instantly, and kneeling before him, bound his hand with herbs and clean linen, saying words of wisdom and healing. The healer looked at the king’s shocked face and said, “Sire, we can explain.”

    The merchant nodded, and said, "My dear King, we have been waiting for you so long. The world of Dreams and Nightmares has been without a ruler since the Shattering."

    The healer continued softly, “Only the Night Mare can choose a worthy one to rule over the kingdom, as it must be one who understands the horrors of the mind and heart, and one who has realized that they must care for all.”

    The merchant gestured to the half-open door, where the Night Mare stood keeping watch over her Dearest. “See, Sire? She has chosen you. In doing so, she has chosen one who will send dreams and nightmares to people wisely, to teach them and to give them hope.”

    The healer finished the binding of linens and spells and added gently, “One who will know how far to scare the people, but not to take it so far that they die. You.”

    The king got up and went to the Night Mare, who nickered softly at his touch on her neck. The king considered all this in amazement, thoughtfully stroking the Mare's mane. He turned and gave the healer a thank you bow, and nodded to the merchant. “I accept.”

    The merchant ran out in the street, shouting, “The King accepts! The King accepts! We have a rightful King again!” At this, the Night Mare tugged the King out of the shop and nudged the King toward her side. He gently placed his hands on her back, testing her. She merely turned her head toward the far castle and shifted her hooves as if ready to take him there. The king leaped gracefully onto the Night Mare’s back as streamers floated from high windows, bugles blared, and people shouted their hurrahs. The king who brought so much suffering and suffered so much himself, had become wise enough to rule the Land of Dreams and Nightmares!

    /em smiles and closes her notebook.

    And thus ends the story. But one more word….

    The Wise King rules there still, and if you have dreams or night mares.... you know who is responsible!
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    thank you
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    Excuse me Ma'am:

    As duly appointed representative of the Norrathian Estate Library on the Maj'Dul server, might I request of you as author of a player made book that may be placed within the library? in fact, I am thinking of making a dedicated Guides' Stories alcove.

    Thank you kindly for your consideration.
  10. Norika Policy Team Member

    Hi there, Ceyarrecks! Goodness, a book lover, after my own heart.

    Well, as it happens, you can simply take that story, copy it, and put it in a notebook!

    Unless we Guides are given special permission for some of the big party events, like Frostfell or Crown Ball Events, we cannot copy the stories and put them in books for you. But this way you can have a copy.
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    Ma'am, per our conversation, and if that be the official policy, I will relent.
    I just would like to re-emphasis that it would really be great if You put the text into a book yourself, so it can be SoandsoBook by Norika.
    as opposed to by anyoneelse01.
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    because of the holidays coming up - i am moving the block party to the 3rd sunday of the month so this month will be on the 22nd at the docks in new halas. remember that this party is for giving away stuff like backpacks to people who need them. bring anything you like including fireworks and pumpkins and let's have some fun.
    I will be bringing thick bearskin backpacks - 46 slot - for anyone needing them
    Nov 22, 2 pm pacific time, New Halas Docks. Maj'dul Block Party

    of course we hope someone among the guides will come. we look forward to continuing this fun tradition.
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    Ceya, just make a note with the title - as told by
  14. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Active Member

    with slight embellishment and clarification, I present:

    of Oceangreen's Lands by Norika

    ...on the misty and dark shores of Blackwater Lake, deep within Nektulos Forest, a yarn is spun,...

    The screech of seagulls, the jostling and creaking of the boat's ropes and wood fade into the din as Sevton stroked his chin thoughtfully as he read the captain's report. Sevton tapped the paper with his claw.
    Captain Alakar Maerorem gulped a bit, thinking the kerran looked rather ferocious. Alakar shifted nervously.
    Sevton tapped the paper again. "You say you were sailing on the Royal Sea Phoenix when you spotted the heir apparent on the Corsair ship?"

    Nicci Nikara Leona, the very elaborately coiffed and gowned, Nini, as she had been called since childhood, looked over at her unkempt twin, Lidia Cara Antoria with distaste. "Cannot you ever stay clean and neat, Lira?" Lira dangled a dagger over her knee, which was thrown over the arm of the chair. She purrrrrrrred at her twin with a hint of distaste as well. "You know I run this ship, Nini." Lira tossed her curls back and said, "Only because the Overrrlord lurrrrves you!"

    The first mate poked his head into the Captain's room and said, "Sir. Ship on the starboard side sighted."
    Lira snarled at the unfortunate first mate. "Sorry, Ma'am!" He shouted and ducked away before her claws could snag him. Nini sniffed and said, "You promised to take me home." Lira nodded shortly, "And I will." She gracefully sauntered to the deck, nodding to her faithful crew. Taking the spy glass, she curled her lip over her sharp teeth. She realized it was the Royal Sea Phoenix and growled. Her claws raked the railings... all she wanted was her freedom, not to be promised to some Tom in partnership......

    She saw through the spy glass the form of the noble and handsome Kerran who was her intended, well, not HER intended, but the one she was promised to. "Fragor, you dog!" She snarled. "You should not have followed me!" She dashed downstairs and hustled her twin up on deck, and set the life boat into the water.
    She set one of her crew into the boat to row her twin to the Phoenix.

    "Now. You tell Fragor Thomas O'Malley you are me! Can you handle that Nini!?"
    Nini just rolled her eyes at her twin. "SURRRRRRRR......."

    Nini makes it to the boat and boards like the princess she is. "Fragor Thomas O'Malley...... A pleasure to see you again," she purrs. Frago bows low over her paw and gives it a chaste kiss. Fragor seeks his lover's recognition in the beautiful female's eyes; "Do you remember when we chased the dragonling to the mountain?"
    Nini giggled, "Of course I do! We simply clawed the poor thing to pieces!" She tapped Fragor Thomas O'Malley with her paw, flirtatiously. Fragor narrowed his marvelous green eyes and motioned to one of his crew members. Fragor sighed as he glanced toward the Corsair ship, wondering who else was there. "Please, mate, if you will, introduce the fair maiden to Torvair, he should be standing in the bow with his fine whiskers streaming back."
    Nini sighed as she caught her first glimpse of the rakish Torvair. "He was every Kerran girl's dream!"
    Black fur, glistening in the sunlight, ears perked and alert, eyes the deepest of emerald green, whiskers trimmed.
    He watched as Torvair and Nini nuzzled together in conversation.... snippets of, "Oh! You met so-and-so...." And "Please let Rinalda know that her quiche is wonderful the next time you see her...." Fragor smiled to himself, "they seem to be a good match, eh?"

    A flash of light from the Corsair ship caught Fragor's eye, and was followed by the sound of cannon fire. One of the deckhands yelled, "They fired a chest at us?!"

    The chest landed in the water beside the Phoenix and without even thinking twice, Fragor dove into the water, thinking perhaps a bomb was hidden in the now floating chest. He expertly snapped open the lock in a frenzy, determined to protect his ship and the people on it. Inside he found a locket with the inscription "OCEANGREEN."

    He drags the chest up on the boat with the help of the ropes that the crew let down. When the chest lands with a thump on the deck, it breaks. The small map engraved on the locket is of Oceangreen, with a small dragonling clasping the lock. As Fragor is holding this locket, Nini -- the clean and kempt one --- saunters by "Oh! What are you doing with Lira's locket?" She asks. Fragor smiles deep in his heart and clutches the locket in his paw.

    He directs the boat to travel at all speed to land and seeks any mention of Oceangreen, and hires divers to scan the ocean floor.

    While retiring to her favorite tree, high in the hills of Oceangreen's lands, Lira thought -- "Finally I got rid of that prissy Nini, and she and that Torvair are happily setting up home. But will my time ever come?" She dangles the dagger again along her knee, then carves L and F inside a heart on the tree.

    Suddenly her throat constricts as a fine thin rope cuts off her breath. The stinging she felt through her fur instantly told her the rope has poison imbedded in it; her breath shortens.

    She thought wildly..... "Stupid me, stupid, stupid me... NEVER let yourself get distracted thinking of what you cannot have!" As the poison works into her bloodstream she relaxes. She slumps in the assassin's arms. He drags her down out of the tree and puts her on a fine bay mare. The assassin slaps the mare to get her to start running home. Lira breathes as slowly as she can, knowing that panic will only exacerbate the effect of the poison.

    "Ah, the hireling did his job well!" exclaims the gruff and raspy voice. Lira listens hard. She keeps her breathing slow and calm, and doesn't give in to panic. The voice of Grimm Ruunf Orcmin Beastbane, the Fifth.
    He exclaims in a loud rumble: "Now, Fragor will HAVE to give me his lands and title!" Lira's heart sank.....
    Her thoughts race, "How could such a handsome, brave, and good Kerran love such a ragamuffin as she?"

    In one day's time, Fragor came politely to Grimm's home. "You wished to see me, Grimm?" he asked. "Indeed I do," the Orc snickered. "I have something you desire." Fragor shrugged; not wanting to reveal any weakness towards the Orc. There was only one thing he desired, but he had no idea where to find her.

    "Right through there." Grimm motioned to a heavy red velvet curtain.

    As Fragor sniffed, using his ranger-honed senses, and listened with ears that could hear a cricket on the other side of Nektulos. He heard slow, uneven breathing, and knew that was the effect of poison. As he started quickly toward the curtain and throw it open to one side, revealing his beloved Lira.

    Grimm stopped him with a sword at his neck. "You get her. IF- - You give me your lands, your money, your title, everything."

    From the bench where she lay, Lira gasped out, "Don't do it, Fragor!" Grimm turned his head, "She,... she shouldn't even be alive! How?!?!?!?!!" he screamed." In that second, Fragor disarmed Grimm's sword and held the point to Grimm's throat. "Tell me one good reason I should not kill you NOW." Lira gently pulled herself up on the curtain and smiled triumphantly. Grimm's eye bugged out at her, the other covered with a patch.

    "Li,.. Lira,.. are all right?" Fragor asked. "Of course!" She exclaimed happily, fending off Orcs with her daggers. Fragor and Lira dashed and smashed, Giving the Orcs a "talking-to" that they would remember for the rest of their now very short lives. And when all was said and done, Lira stood at the top of the stairs. Blood streaked all over her outfit. She wiped her dagger off on her sleeve and gave Fragor such a grin that he thought his heart would literally melt. He came up the steps to her and took her in his arms and simply kissed her with all the love he had for her.

    Lira broke the kiss after awhile, and asked, "Would you really have given up your lands for me?" Fragor nodded. Then she suddenly bounced to the side, eluding his grasp, threw up her hands and yelled "we did it!"
    Lira did just that and Fragor fell over laughing. That is one thing I love about you! Your spirit! Happily they joined paws and settled that they would indeed be a pair! Nini is happy with Torvair, and Lira has her Fragor!"
    {edit: missed line from original text}
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  15. Norika Policy Team Member

    Oh so happy..... for some reason, my logging activity stopped at 6:31 PM PT tonight....and I lost the story as a result. I was just sitting here mourning, as you all did a magnificent job of coaching me when I got stuck... and SQUEEEEE!!! It's here. You all can share it, other guides can read it here.... you have made me very very happy. BIG sigh of relief. BIG BIG sigh of relief.

    And if possible, could you list all the people that were there? I always try to give credit to the ones who participated.... to memorialize you all's contributions.

    Hugs to you, thank you for the post.
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  16. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Active Member

    as you wish.

    Here is list of active participants:

  17. Fyuri Active Member

    Great job Ceyarrecks - now we need to get Norika to come see the boat that was in the story. Norika, Ceya owns the Royal Sea Phoenix and Maeorem is his captain as well as a toon - the toon was named for the captain i think. - there is a history involved and a tour and the story fit so well i couldn't help but lead you to it. this is perfect for the library and for the boat. and you did so well at telling it. you are an awesome story-teller. the way you involve the audience is a great gift

    also i have the complete logs if you need them. i uploaded them to the facebook group and can email them if you would like

    but there was one part left out that would make the ending make more sense.

    Norika:Norika\/a says, "Lira broke the kiss after awhile, and asked," Would you really have given up your lands for me?""

    (1446607723)[Tue Nov 03 21:28:43 2015] You (Aerfren) say, "then she suddenly bounced to the side, eluding his grasp, threw up her hands and yelled "we did it""
    (1446607724)[Tue Nov 03 21:28:44 2015] \aPC 1132470 Norika:Norika\/a says, "Fragor nodded."
    (1446607738)[Tue Nov 03 21:28:58 2015] \aPC 1064955 Honeyblossom:Honeyblossom\/a says, "wow"
    (1446607745)[Tue Nov 03 21:29:05 2015] \aPC 1132470 Norika:Norika\/a says, "Lira did just that and Fragor fell over laughing."
    (1446607749)[Tue Nov 03 21:29:09 2015] \aPC 991536 Malblack:Malblack\/a says, "dang, better man than me"
    (1446607752)[Tue Nov 03 21:29:12 2015] You say, "lol"
    (1446607757)[Tue Nov 03 21:29:17 2015] \aPC 1132470 Norika:Norika\/a says, "That is one thing I love about you! Your spirit!"
    (1446607773)[Tue Nov 03 21:29:33 2015] You say, "good story- i loved it"
    (1446607774)[Tue Nov 03 21:29:34 2015] \aPC 1132470 Norika:Norika\/a says, "Happily they joined paws and settled that they would indeed be a pair!"
    (1446607774)[Tue Nov 03 21:29:34 2015] \aPC 1178979 Rondalar:Rondalar\/a says, "and your smelly sister"
    (1446607781)[Tue Nov 03 21:29:41 2015] You say, "glad i logged it all"
    (1446607792)[Tue Nov 03 21:29:52 2015] \aPC 1132470 Norika:Norika\/a says, "Nini is happy with Torvair, and Lira has her Fragor!"
    (1446607798)[Tue Nov 03 21:29:58 2015] \aPC 1029350 Aerynn:Aerynn\/a says, "Awesome :)"
    (1446607803)[Tue Nov 03 21:30:03 2015] Norika bows to Calcaneus with a flourish.
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    Is there a chance to get "My Creepy Catalog" guide quest this year?
  19. Fyuri Active Member

    they gave it twice during the NOTD - but now the Hero's festival is almost here - in two days. What i want to know, is there something special we can have during the Hero's festival? Like a guide quest that is usually around during that time?
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    due to several requests, the block party is being moved to the Isle of Mara docks. so Nov 22, 2 pm pst, Isle of Mara docks