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  1. Fyuri Active Member

    thank you so very much
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  2. Chisato New Member

    There was a very nice Kerra named Purrlita in Obol Plans today. I want to say thank you to her for the time she spent with us. But even more than that, I would like to try to express my gratitude for her kindness.

    You see, I had closed my kitty's tail in the door, and the tip of it came off. I was heartbroken, but the vet said that he would be fine. Once he got his medicine, he was resting, so I came to the game to try to distract myself. I didn't know there was a Guide giving out the Newsies, but someone said there was. I told Purrlita how happy I was to see her. I told her how much it meant to me that you Guides do such wonderful things for us players, and that it was such a happy circumstance to see her. I told her about my kitty and she reassured me that the vet was right, and she had a similar kitty with a crooked tail! :) Her kindness unbroke my heart.

    Please. Believe that you touch our lives. You do. I know you all don't get anything for Guiding, but please know that you made a big difference today... and every day. Thank you.
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  3. Rosyposy Member

    Thank you SO much for newsies today! I leveled my friend's guild from 27 up to 40. Woohoo!
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  4. Fyuri Active Member

    thank you so very much for the newsies quest. it was really appreciated by all who came out- especially me
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  5. Xander New Member

    my emphasis.

    I would like to say on behalf of the guides (being a former EQ guide) that it is posts like this, and the /tells we get, that THIS is why we Guide. Being able to lift the spirits of someone, brighten someone's day, to just make their EQ and EQII experiences so much more enjoyable is all the "pay" that we need. Believe me folks, if my eyesight was not so bad and my overall health was not so poor I would be begging to be a member of the Guide program again (this time on EQII!).

    Maybe after my surgery on Wednesday! We will "see". Pun intended.

    And Christo, I hope your kitty heals up nicely and you have many more years to enjoy each others company/. And PLEASE, continue to come to Norrath and enjoy yourself!
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  6. Keiona Senior EQ2 Skyfire

    We would be glad to have you Xander or any one else who wishes to apply!

    And yes it is very rewarding when we hear that we have been able to brighten some ones day and make it better.
    And I hope poor kitty continues to get better,
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  7. Garidan Guide EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    Rumor has it that some necromancers will be in Commonlands this Wednesday around 10pm PST (10/26/16).
    They may be in need of some ... materials ... for new pets. Perhaps some of you can assist them?

    *Please remember that actors for these events are players just like you who volunteer their time in the Volunteer Event Guide Program and for this reason the event may be canceled or delayed without notice.*
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  8. Fyuri Active Member

    i do hope all goes well with your surgery. it would be nice to see you guide again. i used to love seeing guides on eq1 and really love seeing them as well on eq2.
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  9. Fyuri Active Member

    hoping your baby recovers quickly. i was missing one of mine tonight - found him hidden in the cabinet- after going to the door several times to call him lol.
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  10. Fyuri Active Member

    thank you
  11. Fyuri Active Member

    please post all of the guide events here. the chat is often full of chatter and we don't listen to it most of the time. if we know a guide is coming out, we will turn it on. otherwise your quest offers will be missed by those of us who don't want to subject ourselves to the banter of chat.
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  12. Dinendall Elder Guide

    I hear our friend Halden may need your help today in and around Frostfang Sea - look out for him around 2pm PST.

    EDIT - Halden got held up, the raft didnt make it and the snowflurrys on the plains kept him from New Halas.. he'll be there by 3pm PST

    Remember to adjust if you put your clocks back last night!

    Guide Event Disclaimer:
    Please remember that the actors for these events are players just like you who volunteer their time in the Volunteer Guide Program and events may be canceled or delayed without notice. In the event of a delayed or cancelled event, we will make every effort to inform you of the cancellation or delay, All quoted times are in PST (Pacific Time)
  13. Rosyposy Member

    Aww, bummer... didn't see this in time to attend. :( BTW, the time changes NEXT weekend, on Nov. 6.
  14. Dinendall Elder Guide

    Remember Rosyposy - use the Watch Thread.. you'll get emails when we post (if you're not already!)

    Europe's clocks changed this weekend!
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  15. Fyuri Active Member

    what you have to do is come in almost every other day and hit like on something. even if you choose to "watch thread", you will not get notices in your email if you don't regularly come in to post or like
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    Oh, yeah.... I DO use the watch thread. I also check this forum several times a day. Thanks for letting me know about Europe... the US is apparently a week behind!
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  17. Keiona Senior EQ2 Skyfire

    Please remember that not all quest will be posted here. Often a guide will decide they have time to run a quest and do so on spur of the moment. so just remember to keep an eye on game chat too. Most often the advertizements in game chat will staet with [Guide Event] to make it easir to see.
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  18. Rosyposy Member

    I do NOT watch General chat. There is very little of value in it. Please, guides, if you are able to do so, use Broadcast instead of General chat; the tone lets one know to check it out. Thanks!! I love guide quests!
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  19. Fyuri Active Member

    i don't think they can use broadcast. the devs did us a great disservice when they discontinued the guide channel. we have asked them to put it back, but they haven't responded. maybe if enough people asked they would. i don't listen to the chatter in chat either. sometimes i will if i know a guide is coming on, but to just watch it hoping to catch a quest is something i don't really have time for.

    often i am not in the game when the guides show up. however, if i know a quest is coming, i make it a point to try to be in the game. with my health issues, i take long breaks so not posting here makes it harder to keep up with.

    and yes, a spur of the moment quest is one of those things that if you are on and watching, you will get it. if not, too bad. not much the guides can do about it.
  20. Rosyposy Member

    Guides have used broadcast in the past, Fyuri, that's why I asked... I, too, appreciate prior knowledge here so I can plan to attend guide quests. :cool:
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