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    I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.

    Oh wait... yes I can! ;)

    Right, so here's a few things for you to look forward to the next couple of days. And remember, you'll never hear one of us repeating gossip... so you better be sure and listen close the first time!
    • Tuesday, March 1st around 11 am PST (2 pm EST / 7 pm UTC) - A battle cry has been sounded at the gates of Kael Drakkel! Clan Stormshield challenges all comers to prove their mettle against the mighty Kromzek. Meet their representative in the Eastern Wastes on the Walk of Glory! (Note: this quest is not repeatable.)
    • Tuesday, March 1st around 4 pm PST (7 pm EST / 12 am UTC) - Rargnir Marrspear, having regained his strength, will be making another appearance at Cardin Ward in the Obol Plains. The "news" he has received has been troubling, and he's seeking even more adventurers than ever to heed his cry. (Note: this quest is not repeatable.)
    • Thursday, March 3rd, around Midnight PST (3 am EST / 8 am UTC) - Clan Stormshield has rallied against their Kromzek foes and is sending out another member of their hardy clan to seek out more brave and hale heroes who wish to delve into the giants' stronghold. They've advanced into Outer Kael, so please note that only well-seasoned adventurers will be able to meet with this one. (Note: this quest is not repeatable.)
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    Thank you so much ^.^
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    Can you clarify the time on this one. 4 pm PST is 7 pm EST and 12am UTC. So just curious if the pst time is correct, or the est & utc times are correct.
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    Nope, fixing post now. Had a last-minute change there, and I'm glad you guys noticed!

    CORRECT TIME NOW POSTED HERE. - Tuesday, March 1st around 4 pm PST (7 pm EST / 12 am UTC) - Rargnir Marrspear, having regained his strength, will be making another appearance at Cardin Ward in the Obol Plains. The "news" he has received has been troubling, and he's seeking even more adventurers than ever to heed his cry. (Note: this quest is not repeatable.)
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    Finally! I'm setting my alarms for those times now.
    Thank you!!

    /happy dance
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    If you have an eye for interior design, a new resident of the city of New Halas needs your help! Meet with the novice decorator on Friday, March 4th around 11 am PST (2 pm EST / 7 pm UTC) to find out more.
  7. Elyshka Well-Known Member

    The Weekend Outlook:

    So, I've been eavesdropping snooping around investigating a few rumors that you may find interesting. Here are a few tidbits of gossip for this weekend:
    • (Don't forget!) Friday, March 4th around 11 am PST (2 pm EST / 7 pm UTC) - A novice decorator needs your help in New Halas.
    • Friday, March 4th around 5 pm PST (8 pm EST / [5 Mar] 1 am UTC) - It's Brew Day, and the ale is flowing, but how well do you know ale? A dwarven brewer plans to put your palate to the test in the Fens of Nathsar. (Safe location for little ones!)
    • Sunday, March 6th around Noon PST (3 pm EST / 8 pm UTC) - A sculptor with a very curious sense of style is seeking assistants in Antonica.
    • Sunday, March 6th around 2 pm PST (5 pm EST / 10 pm UTC) - A minstrel will be regaling travelers with tales of yesteryear in Greater Faydark.
    • Sunday, March 6th around 6 pm PST (9 pm EST / [7 Mar] 2 am UTC) - A gnomish inventor seems to have misplaced something very important in the Withered Lands. (Note: Day/time change. Silly gnomes.)
    (Please note: all dates and times are subject to change without notice due to real life mishaps, mayhem, and squirrels in the attic. Notice will be given whenever possible if there will be a delay or cancellation. All rights reserved. Offer void where prohibited (particularly in The Baubbleshire, Mystic Lake, and the Dark Side of Luclin.)
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  8. Targ New Member

    Thank you,

    Not just Elyshka, but the entire Guide team for all that went into organizing, supporting, and aiding our raid force in it's time of emotional need. It's the good folk that volunteer their time to helping others, even in a video game, that make special memories.

    Thank you again for all of your help, support, and kindness.
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  9. Elyshka Well-Known Member

    *hugs* You all will remain in our thoughts during the difficult times ahead.
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  10. Dalharill Guide EQ2 Halls of Fate

    Thank you again for allowing us to participate. It was truly inspiring to see the affection had for your fallen comrade.
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  11. Norika Policy Team Member

    Echoing Dalharil's words completely. Heartfelt thanks.
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    Is it possible to get the quest "Kael or be Kael'ed" in the mix at some point. It would be awesome!!
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    Oh, I'm sure that someone from the Stormshield clan will be passing through some time in the near future. Is there a particular time of day/week that you'd be interested, so we can pass along that information to them?
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    Lovers of lore, lend me your ears... urm, eyes? Hey, look! *holds up brightly colored sign*

    • Minstrel Violynne Loresinger, of the famed Loresinger clan, will be holding a repeat performance of last week's tale for those who missed it on Saturday, March 12th at 11 am PST (2 pm EST / 7 pm UTC) in the Greater Faydark.
    • If you've already been regaled and are on tenterhooks waiting for more, the next chapter will be revealed in the Commonlands later that day, Saturday, March 12th at 1:30 pm PST (4:30 pm EST / 9:30 pm UTC).

    Please note that the tale will begin approximately ten minutes after the start time, so be sure to come early and get a good seat, so you don't miss a thing!
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    I am open to try any time. Late or early, mid day it wont matter. I know I wont be alone for this...
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    Once again my poor timing hits -- I won't be able to attend these events. Hope all goes well!
  17. Elyshka Well-Known Member

    Due to other exciting entertainment currently ongoing in Norrath, Violynne will be postponing her tale until 4 pm PST (7 pm EST / [13 Mar] Midnight am UTC). Sorry about the short notice, but she hopes that you're enjoying spending time with Norika and Adradron in Antonica! :)
  18. Elyshka Well-Known Member

    It looks to be shaping up to be a busy Monday! Be on the lookout for the following folks in need of some assistance:
    • Monday, March 14th around 11 am PDT (2 pm EDT / 6 pm UTC) - The hardy Coldain warriors of the Stormshield clan will be seeking brave heroes to face the challenges within the Kromzek stronghold of Kael Drakkel in the Eastern Wastes. (Note: This task is not repeatable.)
    • Monday, March 14th around Noon PDT (3 pm EDT / 7 pm UTC) - A halfling bard, who's a bit of a butterfingers, will be needing some skilled help in the Commonlands.
    (All times listed are Pacific time[unless noted]. As always, all dates/times are subject to change without notice due to Real Life Events (tm) such as accidents, bad weather, extreme napping contests, and attacks by rabid boll weevils. Notice will be given in advance whenever possible. Your patience (and good humor) are greatly appreciated. Thank you, drive thru!)
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  19. Norika Policy Team Member

    “Quit Posturing” co-creators: Adradron, Berenia, Deltork, Kallein, Kheldors, Lindablair, Lunamysti, Sparkleyes, Sugarme, Xepha, Insistence, Noetic, Qochaquesne, Vinnzent, and Norika

    Kalleth D'Morte stood pondering the vast ocean. He saw no sign of the ship that would come to take him away.

    He fingered the blade hidden in his cape, his bloodied cape.... He was not sorry he had killed the human. NO human was going to stand in the way of him getting what he wanted.

    His keen ears heard the soft footfalls of Lancelot as the knight walked around the Tower of Oracles.
    Read More (open)
    Kalleth turned. "You wouldn't happen to know anything about the ship, would you... ‘friend’?" he asked, emphasizing the last word sardonically.

    Lancelot leaned up against the stone of the tower and shrugged.

    Kalleth drew his blade out a bit and stalked over to Lancelot. Kalleth looked at the open, honest face of Lancelot and thought to himself, "He needs to grow up!"

    Lancelot held his position and kept a smile on his face. Kalleth leaned over and with Freebloodspeed held his blade to Lancelot's neck.

    Lancelot spat on the ground and growled, "I dare you." This was a distraction that Kalleth wasn't prepared for and with lightning speed, Lancelot whipped around Kalleth and had his own blade toKalleth's neck.

    Before Kalleth could even react, Lancelot drove his knee into Kalleth's and forced him to the ground.

    Kalleth just chuckled softly to himself. He thought his plate armor would protect him, but with a sharp intake of breath, he felt Lancelot's blade pierce the weak link.

    Lancelot pushed the blade a little bit more and wiggled it a little as he said calmly, "You, Kalleth, need to quit posturing and use your head, instead of your ego. Do something actually productive."

    Lancelot continued, "If you weren't so busy protecting your "image," you would get around and talk to people. Ordinary, wonderful, amazing people. Like the smith who made your armor. He happened to tell me he made a mistake the other night when we were jawing over old times in Brell’s Tavern.

    Kalleth smiled grimly, knowing that a metal blade couldn't kill him and twisted suddenly inLancelot's grasp.

    Imagine Kalleth's surprise when he saw the blade. It was of the hardest wood imaginable. Finely honed. Set within a fine bone handle.

    Lancelot just smiled, "You see..... if you wandered among the hardworking folk.... You would know that a master woodworker can take a fallen branch of heartwood from the Elddar Grove, and using sandpaper, heat, and matchless skill .... Can produce a blade as sharp as metal."

    Lancelot's eyes narrowed as Kalleth's widened. So imbued with natural elements and adornments, the blade nearly hummed with power. And the blade sank lower, towards Kalleth's heart.

    Kalleth stuttered.... He had never come on something like this before. "Wh... Wh... Why? Why kill m... m...me?"

    Lancelot had a terrible grin on his face as his eyes flashed. Lancelot laughed, and pulled the blade back just a little... "I have reasons to keep you alive for now, even if you are a fool."

    Just then Joelin, a beautiful swashbuckler with two swords dangling from her belt and a backpack swinging loosely from her hand appeared around the side of the tower. She and her friend Millicent, an exquisitely chain mail-clad mystic, were just wandering about Antonica reminiscing. "Remember this fellow?" Joelin asked, pointing at Scholar Al’Quylar.

    "Oh yes," replied Millicent, "He sent me ALLLLLLLLLLL over Antonica." Millicent scoffed at the mage.

    Joelin nudged Millicent, "Hey, lookit those two gorgeous guys!"

    Lancelot and Kalleth looked over at the two young women.

    "What's going on here?" asked Millicent, her wards up around herself and Joelin.

    Lancelot said, "Just teaching this guy a lesson on getting over himself."

    Lancelot stood up warily and wiped off his blade and put it away. He sure didn't want anyfreeblood remains on it.

    Kalleth leaped up and gracefully bowed, "Good day to you, fair ladies...." as he swept off his pirate hat.

    Joelin just squinched up her face, "Ugh, come on, Millicent, these fellows aren't worth our time."

    The two males looked at each other in surprise as the young women turned their backs on them and sauntered on down the hill to the griffon tower.... And the two guys, so taken with their beauty and independence, forgot their squabble and raced after them.

    Lancelot said, "Excuse me, ladies, please." Millicent turned and shrugged one shoulder. Joelinstopped walking and put her hands on her hips.

    Joelin smiled a very feminine and secret smile. "All right. Tell you what," she said. "You two need to learn a big lesson. You both need to grow up and learn how to treat people with respect and graciousness."

    Millicent stood her ground strongly. "If you like...... We will teach you."

    Well, Lancelot and Kalleth were quite ready to follow those two young women. They followed them right into Halas.

    They had to learn the sarnak dance from Vinnzent, Millicent and Joelin said, because it was so cute! Vinnzent had to spend quite a few days teaching them that. As much as the two men wanted to learn that sweet dance, they really had to work at it. And they learned to courteously ask for a dance, and to treat the lady well while dancing.

    Kalleth and Lancelot also had to learn manners and courtesy, politeness and honesty, said Joelin and Millicent. The men worked hard and practiced day and night, finding out that the ladies in Halas and elsewhere really did appreciate kindness and forthrightness.

    The fellows found out that they had much fun dancing, as they learned to celebrate each moment of music and camaraderie.

    Lancelot and Kalleth learned to ask courteously to have dinner with someone and not be offended if the lady said, “No, thank you,” but truly, not too many women were turning down these gentlemen.

    Soon, Kalleth and Lancelot, Millicent and Joelin all found themselves at the tavern in Halas, eating dinner together, laughing, having a grand time, and making plans to go out adventuring as a group the next day.

    So I leave it to you to figure out if any of them courted! *wink*

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    I'm outside of Kael, been here for 30 min. I hope you all just late ;)