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    You are about to fill out an application to become a member of the Volunteer Guide Program. By applying, you agree to the following conditions:
    • You are 18 years of age or older.
    • You have an active EverQuest or EverQuest II account
    • You have reached the 20th level with at least two characters in the program that you want to join.
    • You wish to volunteer your time to the Volunteer Guide Program.
    • Your account registration is up to date and includes a valid email address.
    • If accepted, you will abide by the Policies and Procedures set forth by Darkpaw Games and the Volunteer Guide Program.
    To apply, copy the Guide Program Application below, fill in the answers, and then submit the application to

    Good Luck!

    This application will be reviewed and scored by members of the Volunteer Guide Program. Those applicants that score the highest will be contacted via email and invited to join the Guide Program as a Candidate Guide.

    Due to the tremendous number of applications we receive, only those who successfully qualify will be contacted. It may, however, take several weeks for your application to be reviewed, so please be patient.

    Further information will be supplied to you via email if you are accepted to become a member of the Volunteer Guide Program. Please try and answer the scenario questions as if you were a Guide responding to the situation; we are primarily looking at the quality of your responses.

    We understand that you may not know all of the policies and procedures, but please respond to each of the situations using your best judgement. Thank you for taking the time to apply to the Volunteer Guide Program, and we sincerely appreciate your desire to help make the lands of Norrath a better place. Now, let's get to the questions.

    Guide Program Application

    Please include the following:
    • Requested Guide Name:
    • Game you want to Guide on:
    • Something to identify you. One of the following :
      • Forum Handle for your main account
      • Main play character name
    • Your play servers:
    • Contact email address:
    • Your timezone:
    Please do not give us your password. We do not want it.

    Provide an answer to each of the following questions:

    General Information

    Have you ever been a Guide before? (Past Games - EQ Mac, EQOA or a Knight for Vanguard. Current Games – EQ and EQII) If so, please supply name of game as well as your former Guide name or any information that would help us pull your record.

    Are you over the age of 18?
    Why do you want to join the Volunteer Guide Program?
    What qualities and skills do you have that you can offer the Volunteer Guide Program?
    What other experiences have you had in the "massive multiplayer online" game genre?

    What other role-playing games have you played? Please give a few examples of the good and bad points of these games. What in-game quest, event, or dynamic quests have you been involved with? What did you like/dislike about them? What would you do to improve them?

    Game Scenarios

    Please choose four (4) of the following and reply in detail.

    You have been invited to attend the Grand Ball which is a great honor. You get to the gates of the Clerics Guild when you realize that you have misplaced your invitation. At the gates there are several guards checking each invitation. A guard approaches and says "Invitation Please"... How are you getting into the Grand Ball?

    As a hired mercenary, you have been assigned the task of eliminating a high ranking official. As a professional, you keep a secret journal off all your... exploits. Please share a paragraph from your journal regarding this assignment.

    Please give a brief narrative of the life of a play character from your favorite Darkpaw game. (Do not use the actual name of one of your characters.)

    You find yourself lost deep in a dark forest in the middle of nowhere. You are exhausted and hungry and are just about to give up when you notice a bright light just ahead. You continue to walk until you reach a clearing in the woods. In the middle of the clearing you see what appears to be an abandoned tower. Emitting from the very top window of the tower is the brightest light you have ever seen. All of a sudden you are hit with a new wave of energy and...

    You turn a corner from a wooded forest into a clearing only to find yourself surrounded by a horde of Orcs. You know that there are too many to deal with yourself. How would you talk your way out of the situation?

    You are a Shadowknight traveling along a forest path when you happen across a group of Halflings enjoying a Misty Thicket Picnic. Your stomach rumbles ...

    The tavern is crowded. It’s a feast day of some kind and a dirty toothless fellow sits down next to you. He smells of old blood and cheap whiskey. His elbow digs into your ribs as he looks for change in his coin purse. What happens next?

    Please feel free to take time on your application and run it through a spell checker first. The Guides like a good story and would love to hear yours.
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