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    Looking for Volunteer Guides!
    We are always looking for players who want to do more or experience a new adventure in their EQ, EQII lives!
    Q: How do I become a Guide?
    A: The application is available here on the forums. Please look at your application and submit your answers to Please note that there are guide requirements that must be met if you wish to apply.
    • You are 18 years of age or older.
    • You have an active EverQuest or EverQuestII account.
    • You have reached the 20th level with at least two characters in the game that you want to join.
    • You wish to volunteer your time to the Volunteer Guide Program.
    • Your Station account registration is up to date and includes a valid email address.
      If accepted, you will abide by the Policies and Procedures set forth by Sony Online Entertainment and the Volunteer Guide Program.
      There is a small quiz as well as some questions to test your Role-playing ability. Each application is graded, and those with passing grades are then contacted to join the Guide Program at that time.

    Guide Program Facebook Page
    The Volunteer Guides have their own Facebook Page! Screenshots of Guide Events, upcoming Guide News and our Guide Application link can be found on our Facebook Page!

    If you've never visited our Facebook page, either Go Here or search for the Guide Program in your search engine on Facebook and friend us!


    Dear Fenny:
    by: Fenhir

    Dear Fenny,

    I was recently at a Guide event and I received a Xegony Shield ornamentation and I'm a rogue! The shield is no trade so it just sits in my bags and rots. Can I get something I can actually use?!

    Serious Stealther

    Dear Serious,

    First thank you for your question, and secondly I hope you thoroughly enjoyed the Guide event that awarded the shield ornamentation. To answer your question, sadly you cannot be given another ornamentation. The deity shields are meant to be extremely rare and in most cases they are only given out once a year.

    But fear not! You may notice the ornamentations we give out are also marked Heirloom. You can simply put the ornamentation in your shared bank and trade it to a character that can use it. Also don't forget if you see an ornamentation or a prize you really like, log on another character and see if you can do the quest again. I especially highly recommend thanking the Guide running the quest and asking if they can do it again for you. We always love to hear your feedback and know that you really valued not only our time and the ornamentation, but the quest and the fun associated with it.


    Dear Fenny,

    Hulloz dere. Mez nam be Slobb an eyz be da meenest an oogliest barsher en da swamp. Mez hurd bout dis Feestahvul o Myte an mez tink yuz shud gib mez tips to winz! Eyez ben tranin hard an mez tink mez deserb dis!

    Da Slobb from Grobb

    Dear Slobb,

    You had me at "hulloz"! How could I possibly pass up helping such an amazing speaker of the trollish dialect! The Festival of Might is MANY events spread out differently depending on where you call home, so it's impossible for me to give you specific help. However in the spirit of brotherhood I've compiled some general tips that should help lead you to victory!

    Winning Festival of Might
    1. Practice Running (I suggest chasing after some Gnomes to get into shape)
    2. Practice Swimming (It will wash off the mud, but sacrifices must be made)
    3. Strength Training (Find a willing or unwilling Dwarf and practice tossing him/her about to build up your muscles)
    4. Diet (Exercise will only get you so far, a proper diet is also a key. Perhaps lay off the ale a bit and try switching to a higher protein diet (Frogloks or Fish should work perfectly))
    5. Study! (This may be the hardest one for a Troll, but there are a lot of lore/trivia questions)
    6. Endurance (The running and swimming will get you so far, but for certain tasks patience and will power will be your main ally. My advice - go visit your mother-in-law)
    7. Awareness (Get in contact and stay in contact with your server's Guide Team. Also stay in the channel set up for this event and keep an eye on the forums. I highly recommend going for ANY yellow text you see pop up on your screen)

    Would you like Fenny to chime in on your questions? Just leave a comment below and we'll make sure he sees them and tries to answer them in the next edition of the Guide Gazette!


    Festival of Might:
    by: Fenhir

    Once a year an event comes along so epic, so majestic that it could arguably be called one of Norrath's greatest moments. My friends I'm talking about the Festival of Might. Many refer to it as "the Olympics of Norrath" which I think is a fair description. The Olympics just have a bit more pomp and circumstance and we have ..... well Ogres and Trolls!

    So you may be wondering, what is the Festival of Might? The Festival of Might is a month long tournament that takes place during the month of July only on EverQuest. Contests are held all across Norrath at random times and random locations testing your ability in knowledge, trivia, fishing, running, swimming etc. The general idea is to accrue points over the month and have the highest point total by the end of the month.

    There are many ways to win points and there are even two tiers of contests. The smaller events give out lower point values typically 5 points, 10 points and 15 points for third, second and first place respectively. The larger events can give out points ranging from 20 points all the way up to 50 points. So for this reason it's important to try and attend as many as possible and secure a maximum amount of points for yourself.

    Why is this particular event so popular? Competition and bragging rights! Most servers have a public leader board which displays exactly who is in what place and by how many points. Imagine being able to say to your server "Yup, I'm in first place by 50 points!" Not to mention the winner of the entire tournament gets one of the most coveted titles in all of Norrath. Many seasoned players count the days until this tournament rolls around, I have met many myself who spend the entire year training and readying themselves for this very event.

    Okay so a raid geared out player is going to sweep this thing and it'll go to the normal super guild on my server, why should I even bother? That my friend is my favorite part! This is one of the few times where a level 1 has an equal a shot of winning as a level 100. Gear and levels are completely irrelevant as there is zero combat. You may have a few extra mobs chasing after you in the foot race, but hey we all need a little running incentive right? Also I shouldn't forget to mention that we also have special rewards for just trying to compete. What special rewards? You'll just have to come see, but I promise you'll kick yourself for an entire year if you don't come find out!

    The Festival of Might promptly kicks off July 1st and will end Thursday July 31st. When your server decides to run the opening/closing ceremonies or any events in between is completely up to them and will be 100% at random. I highly advise you to get in contact with your server's guide staff to learn more. Also keep an eye on the EQ Player Forums as many servers use this as a platform to advertise the bigger events.

    I look forward to seeing you at the games! Have fun and play fair! /salute


    Froggy Fun:
    by: Fenhir

    What is your full Guide name?
    • Senior Guide Ninwa. I’ve never adopted a surname.

    What Race/Class is your Guide Avatar?
    • I’m a Froglok Paladin.

    What is the meaning behind your Guide name? Why did you pick it?
    • Ninwa means blue in Quenya (one of Tolkien’s Elvish languages). Ninwa was found as a tadpole orphan and raised by Elves in Castleview Hamlet. They named her, obviously not being very original. She is blue, like the frogs in Oakmyst Forest.

    What fashion accessory would you want for your Guide Avatar? Why?
    • A cool green beetle carapace as shield Ninwa can carry around on her back. She can tell stories how she defeated the giant beetle and after eating it she had a craftsman turn the carapace into that shield for her.

    When did you start Guiding? What server did you start on?
    • I started guiding on Runnyeye, one of the two EU servers back then. That was in May 2009.

    Do you ever get annoyed with everyone trying to eat your legs?
    • I do, but I am a blue frog, I am poisonous. So I usually point that out to people.

    What is your favorite zone in the game?
    • Oakmyst Forest, because it feels like home. Another favourite place of mine, but where Ninwa can’t go is Vasty Deep: The Conservatory. It’s simply stunning.

    What moment in the Guide Program meant the most to you? Tell us a bit about it.
    • I was a Guide on Splitpaw and had to leave to attend Senior Training on Permafrost. There was an older American lady playing on Splitpaw that loved decorating and she used to invite me to her homes or guildhalls. I did a session to say goodbye and she was on and invited me to her New Halas home. It was decorated lovely as always with a lush garden. She was very sad to see me go and it was a very memorable goodbye visit.

    If you could redecorate any zone, which zone would it be and what would you do with it?
    • Obviously, there are not enough frog ponds in Norrath. There’s clearly one missing in Lavastorm, besides lava, it could have some warm water springs… perfect for frogs!

    What is your favorite Guide Quest to run?
    • I love lots of quests, so it is hard to choose, but any with Frogloks in them obviously. A Sad Froglok Harvest is one of them, I was so happy when it became part of the permanent quest pool. And adding the little ones as additional characters is perfect! I do love Dragon Storytelling as well, sometimes the story twists the players come up with are hilarious!

    Who do you look up to in the Guide Program?
    • All the members of the Quest Team (honestly), because they write such lovely quests for us. Reading the scripts is great, all that creativity each member poured into it.

    Which Festival do you like the best?
    • Probably Nights of the Dead, because I can run around with an axe in my head and hand out the cinnamon surprise drink that makes you breathe fire. Runner up would be Frostfell, because of the reindeer making wand *grins*

    If you could have one super power, what would it be and how would you use it?
    • Ninwa would want working wings… Guide wings… green feathery ones! She could fly all over Norrath!

    Tell us a little about one of the funniest things you have seen online while guiding.
    • I have the most fun during Nights of the Dead, when players drink their cinnamon surprise for the first time and are startled they actually breathed fire. Or during Frostfell when you can change them into a reindeer. It’s fun to see how they get all giddy with excitement.

    Explain a bit about how you do role play? Do you have any tips?
    • My tip would be to have your own background story to your Guide character, it helps with roleplaying. Giving compliments to players about their mounts or clothing helps too, it’s easy to strike up a conversation that way.

    Who would win in a fight? Innoruuk or Rallos Zek?
    • Erollisi Marr would swoop in and numb both with love.

    After such a long and distinguished Guide Career, what advice can you give for new Apprentices and future Guides?
    • Keep having fun in the game, not only as a guide, but also as a player. Don’t run the same quests, it will get boring and there are enough to choose from to keep things interesting for yourself. But most of all, take initiative… if you want to do a group quest as an apprentice, go and schedule one (well in advance) and invite your team to join you!

    If you could repeatedly kill any NPC in the game to get "revenge" on them. Which NPC would you kill and why?
    • I am a Guide, I do not go around and kill people, nor do I feel the need to get revenge on anyone. Erollisi Marr’s followers don’t do such things.


    Ely's Eats:
    by: Elyshka

    Hail to you once again, dear readers! It's time for another edition of the Guide Gazette, and everyone in Norrath is positively buzzing with excitement! June is here, which means that summer is just around the corner! With preparations underway for the Festival of Might and Tinkerfest in July, workers are scurrying about like bixies in a hive. Naturally, I can never resist poking around wherever there's activity, so I have been traveling around to see if there was any mischief worth investigating.

    Preliminary drafts are underway from Qeynos to Freeport and all points in between for the Festival of Might. The most skilled competitors in the fields of hand-to-hand combat, feats of endurance, daring tests of bravery, and even the swaggering braggarts are getting in on the action in the hopes of representing their city in the upcoming events.

    The gnomes of Gnomeland Security Headquarters in Steamfont have been mashing buttons, rotating spindles, and adjusting all manner of whoosits and ratcheted whatchadoodles. The explosions are currently at a minimum, but good things come to those who wait (or so they say). Everywhere one looks, there's an eager tinker hoisting sacks of cogs or satchels of blueprints, ready to compare notes and trade components with the festival goers arriving next month. Hardworking artisans work day and night, ensuring that every possible detail has been checked and double checked. Just watching it all made me want a nap, and possibly a snack, in no particular order.

    Encouraged by my growling tummy, I sought out Lola and Malken Punwicket, the proprietors of The Ak'Anon Inn. This fine establishment has played host to many travelers seeking refuge on their journeys through the Faydwer and comes highly recommended by Gnodor's Travel Guide. Over a steaming pot of Lola's delicious Steamfont Stew, we discussed several recipes which she had been tinkering with for the upcoming celebrations. One in particular caught my attention -- a white peach smoothie. Juicy summer peaches are one of my absolute favorite things, so I listened with a keen ear while she chattered on about her experiments using a variety of different ingredients to make the perfect cool drink for a sultry day.


    Lola mentioned that she'd always wanted to try a peach and cherry combination, but lamented that, while white peaches grow plentifully near the Steamfont Wetlands and surrounding areas, it was practically impossible to get fresh Marr cherries without paying exorbitant broker prices. Fortunately, I keep a stash of dried fruits in my travel satchel (you never know when you might need a snack!), so we set to work on our joint creation! A pinch of this and a dash of that later, we knew that we had a winner.

    Since I also wanted to share this recipe with the provisioners supplying the Festival of Might with healthy treats to keep the contestants fighting fit, Lola and I decided to tweak the recipe just a bit more, so that those we are watching their waistlines could also enjoy a little something sweet. Here is our final, super simple result for you to try at home:


    Did You Know:
    by: Associated Press

    The Guide Program was introduced in around August of 1998 while the EverQuest game was in Beta?

    Guide Event Announcements:

    Did you know that we occasionally advertise our events ahead of time? Sometimes we advertise them on our Guide Program Facebook, or on the SOE Game forums. If you were ever interested in knowing ahead of time when our events are, check out the follow sites!

    EverQuest Guide Announcements
    EverQuest II Guide Announcements
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    First thank you for your question, and secondly I hope you thoroughly enjoyed the Guide event that awarded the shield ornamentation. To answer your question, sadly you cannot be given another ornamentation. The deity shields are meant to be extremely rare and in most cases they are only given out once a year.

    A good reason to ensure they are actually usable by the toon they are given to, not just hopefully by an alt he may or may not have.

    But fear not! You may notice the ornamentations we give out are also marked Heirloom. You can simply put the ornamentation in your shared bank and trade it to a character that can use it. Also don't forget if you see an ornamentation or a prize you really like, log on another character and see if you can do the quest again.

    How do we see what prize will be given before we join in an event?

    I especially highly recommend thanking the Guide running the quest and asking if they can do it again for you.

    Is there a place we can find what guides are assigned to which server? Would an in game email be a viable means of communicating with them once we know who they are?

    We always love to hear your feedback and know that you really valued not only our time and the ornamentation, but the quest and the fun associated with it.
  8. Zieri Senior EQ Xegony

    Greetings Fendy!

    While I'll divert the first pieces of feedback for those who work more directly with the quest rewards, I would like to address the last part of your feedback/request.

    There's no public listing of the Guide population on each server, admittedly. But there are ways to get thanks and feedback to us!

    The easiest way to do so would be to thank them at the time of the event, when they're present. However, we know that's not always possible with busy schedules and that the Guide actor may poof before you get a chance to share your thanks or feedback. It can indeed get crazy during an event! But every Guide who runs a quest takes the feedback they get during the quest and compiles it so we can make the quests and rewards better.

    In EverQuest there's the option of using /guidehelp, which is a queue just for Guides. You can put in thanks, quest/reward feedback, quest/reward requests, wedding requests and more in /guidehelp. This command isn't available in EQ2, unfortunately.

    You also have the option of utilizing these forums or your game's Guide Events forums. They're available on both EQ and EQ2. Often, each server will have their own thread with events listed, and even some discussion back and forth between players and Guides.

    If you don't want it to be so public, there is indeed an email address you can share your thanks/concerns/feedback with: This doesn't go to the direct Guides who assisted you, but rather Guide management, and is a great way to let your feedback be heard.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions. :)
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    As A returning player, I was very happy to have met and voice my opinions to a guide by the name of "Lithyngale"; Being abandoned by players, and finding no "happy home" to return to after being gone for some many years and finally coming back, i was greeted by a very kind, and understanding 'Guide'. I told them that if players were so kind & understanding EQ2 would be a much better place to play. I just wanted to give credit to a nice person/player and thought it due that their good nature be represented on the forums... I quit at lvl 80, came back, and now im kinda lost. Although a certain high-and-mighty guild dumped me, Lithyngale gave me support and insporation !!! I am very pleased and happy by how I was treated!!!!!!!!
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