Guide Anniversaries - 3rd Quarter (July, August and September) - 2021

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  1. Finesser Senior EQ Bertox

    Guide Anniversaries - 3rd Quarter - 2021
    Please join the Elders and the Personnel Team, in congratulating everyone who celebrated an anniversary in the guide program during the months of July, August & September, 2021!

    15 Years
    Kaukumu - Skyfire & Isle of Refuge - July
    Croakis - Antonia Bayle - August

    14 Years
    Arnuad - Thurgadin - July
    Triansou - Antonia Bayle - July

    13 Years
    Alinta - Thurgadin - August
    Dypsi - Antonia Bayle - September
    Rinala - Maj'Dul - July

    11 Years
    Kaguth - Erollisi Marr - August

    9 Years
    Matille - Drinal - July

    8 Years
    Crystara - Maj'Dul - July
    Saenyer - Bristlebane - Sept

    6 Years
    Yareth - Maj'Dul - Sept

    2 Year
    Badur - Skyfire - July

    1 Year
    Forthright - Drinal - July
    Karliyah - Erollisi Marr - August

    Your service to the Volunteer Guide Program is very deeply appreciated! Congratulations on a job well done!
    NOTE: Anniversaries in the Guide Program are based on a 360 day year.
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  2. Miriele Senior EQ Tunare

    Congratulations everyone. Thank you for all your time given to the Guide program and to our players :)
  3. Riviere SWAT EQ

    Look at all that dedication! Way to go you guys! Thanks for all you do to keep it fun for guides and players! :)
  4. Matille SWAT EQ

    Congratulations to all! Keep up the good work! :cool:
  5. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Wow!! 15 years, enjoyed it and still do!
    Congrats to everyone on their anniversaries and a special congrats to Dypsi, I told you that you needed to join :D;)

  6. Dypsi Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Congrats to all!! Yes Croakis you were right! Thanks for emcouraging me to join. I am honored to be a part of this wonderful program!
  7. Zendel Senior EQ Firiona

    Congratulations everyone!!