Favorite Guide Event Ornamentations!?

Discussion in 'News and Discussion' started by SilvHoshiEQBB, May 13, 2015.

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  1. SilvHoshiEQBB New Member

    So, I figured I would start up a fun lil post and maybe get some other peoples' opinions.

    *Disclaimer: I am not a guide, and everything in this post is just my opinion as a player for fun. I have no power on how ornaments are decided/awarded but I was told that they[guides] always enjoy feedback!*

    Here is a copy/paste of them with the lil icons so you can get a general idea. My understanding is that the reason they have "wand" at the end of each item name is because it's the item which summons your ornamentation reward. So, while technically these would be guide-only, the items they produce are player ornaments. This was the most easily compiled list I could find. (Please correct me, guides, if that is incorrect).

    Here is a direct link to Alla of all the currently categorized "award" ornaments: http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/npc.html?id=48988
    [IMG] All-Purpose Sword Wand

    [IMG] Bertoxxulous Shield Wand
    [IMG] Broken Bottle Wand
    [IMG] Coconut Husk Wand
    [IMG] Creepy Doll Wand
    [IMG] Crossbow Wand
    [IMG] Dain Shield Wand
    [IMG] Dark Elven Bastard Sword Wand
    [IMG] Dark Elven Broadsword Wand
    [IMG] Dead Tree Branch Wand
    [IMG] Drumstick Wand
    [IMG] Elven Broadsword Wand
    [IMG] Elven Longsword Wand
    [IMG] Elven Scimitar Wand
    [IMG] Elven Spear Wand
    [IMG] Elven Sword Wand
    [IMG] Fennin Ro Shield Wand
    [IMG] Griffin Sword Wand
    [IMG] Holy Sword Wand
    [IMG] Karana Shield Wand
    [IMG] Luclin Shield Wand
    [IMG] Mithaniel Marr Shield Wand
    [IMG] Rallos Zek Shield Wand
    [IMG] Saryrn Council Shield Wand
    [IMG] Shar Vahl Shield Wand
    [IMG] Silver Fork Wand
    [IMG] Silver Knife Wand
    [IMG] Silver Spoon Wand
    [IMG] Solusek Ro Shield Wand
    [IMG] Tallon Zek Shield Wand
    [IMG] Tarew Marr Shield Wand
    [IMG] Terris-Thule Shield Wand
    [IMG] The Rathe Shield Wand
    [IMG] The Tribunal Council Shield Wand
    [IMG] Toothed Dirk Wand
    [IMG] Unfinished Bo Staff Wand
    [IMG] Vallon Zek Shield Wand
    [IMG] Wildflower Bouqet Wand
    [IMG] Xegony Shield Wand
    [IMG] Zebuxoruk Shield Wand
    Some questions to those of you who participate in guide events:
    • What is/are your favorite 1h ornament you have received?
    • What is/are your favorite shield ornament you have received?
    • What is your least favorite ornament you have received?
    • Out of the current list, what would be your *top* few favorites you'd like to get if they were the last ornaments EVER?:p
    • Last, what ornament graphic would you like to see added that isn't part of the list or in the marketplace?
    Of course, I'd love to hear guide answers too... and maybe even some input on what players seem to like the most/least ;) Not that we don't appreciate EVERYTHING and all your hard work!
  2. SilvHoshiEQBB New Member

    Guess I'll answer my own questionnaire to get this rolling!

    1. My favorite 1h ornament I've gotten is probably the dead tree branch. It's just silly and fun. Although, I don't have the biggest selection of 1h ornaments so I may have a different opinion otherwise.

    2. My favorite shield is a toss up of Karana / Terris Thule Shield Ornaments; hard to match my outfit though. Again, missing a ton of these!

    3. I think the least favorite ornament I've received/seen has been the Coconut Husk. It just looks... not right. :eek:

    4. For 1h that I'd love to get would be Creepy Doll. I was slack and missed it a few times this past year though. For shield, I'm a huge POP fan and have been wanting to get a Xegony Shield or Tarew Marr Shield.

    5. Some cool future items IMO would be more older graphics stuff from PoP/GoD/OoW probably. Some you can make via pottery but that's lacking quite a few!
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  3. Phrovo New Member

    1. I use the Dead Tree Branch when I dual wield and the All-Purpose Sword when I am using a 2-hander. However, when I finally get my hands on an Unfinished Bo Staff I think that I will switch between them for 2-hander ;)

    2. I rarely use a shield since I am a monk, but when I do I use the Tarew Marr shield for my no-ratio set that I use so that I don't riposte (oddly it matches the Salt Water Cannon) and might look neat when I finally get a set of Arx ornaments (still waiting!)

    3. If you take being able to use into account, definitely the Silver Spoon (although the crossbow is only bow usable but it makes sense!). No idea why it's only able to go into bows. If you're talking about aesthetics, it's a tie between the Broken Bottle and the Coconut Husk. The bottle is too gruesome and the husk is too quirky! They both look odd in their own way. For shields probably the Rallos Zek shield. It looks almost as bad as the Shield of Immaculate Light.

    4. For 1-handers I love a Wildflower Bouqet x2. For 2-handers definitely the Unfinished Bo Staff. I don't use shields much so I don't have much of an opinion there.

    5. The missing Arx weapon ornaments?
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  4. Cyph Guest

    Oh we do, Silv, oh we do!
    We in fact highly appreciate any kind of feedback we get!
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  5. Arcainos New Member

    would love to see the qeynos-esque shield that many guards use in Ethernere, and Dead Hills

    Guard Mathys (the one in between Guard Hambert and Galenth) has a sweet looking shield

    Also, the black acrylia halberd, and many of the current craftable ornaments are awesome - the Obsidian scale ones for example
  6. Arcainos New Member

  7. Lorilei New Member

    What is/are your favorite 1h ornament you have received?
    I love the griffin sword, but the bo staff, creepy doll, and wildflower ornaments are all in my bags, ready for equipping, too!

    What is/are your favorite shield ornament you have received?
    Hands down, it's the Shar Vahl shield. Not sure if that's because it was the FIRST shield I ever got, or because it has the kitty face on it.

    What is your least favorite ornament you have received?
    The coconut was kind of tough to figure out for placing in the guild hall, but I came up with a solution for that.

    Out of the current list, what would be your *top* few favorites you'd like to get if they were the last ornaments EVER?:p
    Dain Shield, Sol Ro Shield, Tribunal Council Shield (You'll see why in my next post)

    Last, what ornament graphic would you like to see added that isn't part of the list or in the marketplace?
    Scimitar of the Mistwalker and/or Scimitar of Seasons please!
  8. Lorilei New Member

    Bragging time! Fenhir and the other EMarr guides spoil us ROTTEN, and WE LOVE IT! Want proof? In the
    <Not Today> guild hall, there is a display of guide ornaments in the grand hall. You're all welcome to come see it - the guild hall is open to the public. What you will find is:
    All-Purpose Sword Wand x12
    Bertoxxulous Shield Wand x3
    Broken Bottle Wand x20
    Coconut Husk Wand x22
    Creepy Doll Wand x11
    Crossbow Wand x15
    Dain Shield Wand x0 :(
    Dark Elven Bastard Sword Wand x20
    Dark Elven Broadsword Wand x4
    Dead Tree Branch Wand x6
    Drumstick Wand x16
    Elven Broadsword Wand x3
    Elven Longsword Wand x3
    Elven Scimitar Wand x6
    Elven Spear Wand x12
    Elven Sword Wand x12
    Fennin Ro Shield Wand x2
    Griffin Sword Wand x3
    Holy Sword Wand x5
    Karana Shield Wand x3
    Luclin Shield Wand x3
    Mithaniel Marr Shield Wand x3
    Rallos Zek Shield Wand x2
    Saryrn Council Shield Wand x3
    Shar Vahl Shield Wand x4
    Silver Fork Wand x12
    Silver Knife Wand x8
    Silver Spoon Wand x19
    Solusek Ro Shield Wand x0 :(
    Tallon Zek Shield Wand x3
    Tarew Marr Shield Wand x3
    Terris-Thule Shield Wand x2
    The Rathe Shield Wand x1
    The Tribunal Council Shield Wand x0 :(
    Toothed Dirk Wand x28
    Unfinished Bo Staff Wand x8
    Vallon Zek Shield Wand x2
    Wildflower Bouqet Wand x24
    Xegony Shield Wand x2
    Zebuxoruk Shield Wand x3
    There would be more, but several repeat items are on toons. There's also a collection of potions, which is so huge that it had to be removed and is currently being relocated to a different house. There are still some in the guild hall, though. (Be sure to check out the bowling alley in the top tier of the grand hall, hehe!)
    :D <3 ALL the guides on EMarr who work so hard to make us happy!!
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