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Discussion in 'News and Discussion' started by Yinla, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Yinla New Member

    Do all Everquest servers still have guide events?

    I've not seen events on Antonius Bayle for a very long time, years in the case of the Festival of Might and I don't think we ever had a festival with the shield augs. I'm curios do all servers still have active guides holding events?

    If not how is it selected which servers don't have guide events?
  2. Squeecha Elder Guide

    Not -all- servers, as many of the newer or special ruleset ones may not. I would say most of them do..
    However, as activity is on the schedule of the Guides, their available time may not necessarily match any given players'. And with some individuals, their schedules are very changeable, so they may not want to say they will be on at a given time, and then have their availability change.
  3. Yinla New Member

    Can you confirm please that Antonius Bayle still has guides?

    Hoping I have just been unlucky in catching them rather than there not being any. If they are still around I will keep looking for them, if not I will stop wasting my time. :)
  4. Rynara Moderator

    Yes Antonius Bayle does have a Guide presence. I will pass along a request for some advertising of events over there.