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  1. Grembly Guide EQ Erollisi

    Are you feeling helpful? Like sorting through junk? Then there will be someone in the Plane of Tranquility on Monday, 8/17, around 2pm Pacific, that will be in need of help!
  2. Riviere SWAT EQ

    Greeting EMarr!
    The great Fire Warden himself has decreed there shall be a tournament in honor of the Days of Light! We hope you will join us for a fun Arena event Thursday, August 27th @ 6 pm PT!
  3. Karliyah Guide EQ Erollisi

    I heard that my friend's husband has been running around on her. I say we do something about it. I know a guy.. (that's you..) Look for my friend in PoK tomorrow 9/3 around 8pm Pacific time.
  4. Grembly Guide EQ Erollisi

    I overheard a rumor, something about a Strange Gelatinous Ooze hanging around Crescent reach. They say it's looking for... something... take a look around Crescent reach tonight (9-2-20), around 7pm pacific.
  5. Karliyah Guide EQ Erollisi

    Come hear a tale of Captain Oakwind and Huntsman Tanner, Faydark's Champions! Look for Kinulen near the Priest of Discord in Greater Faydark on Thursday 9/17 around 7pm pacific time.
  6. Grembly Guide EQ Erollisi

    YAAAARRRR!!!!! Ahoy there ya Scallywags. This Saturday, the 19th of September, be talk like a pirate day. Of course we be celebratin' it good an' proper 'ere are Erollisi Marr! Keep yer eyes peeled and yer ears open around the plane o' knowledge there be three good ol' quests planned. Look for a washed up member o' a pirate crew wanderin' the plane of knowledge around noon pacific for the first quest o' the day!
  7. Karliyah Guide EQ Erollisi

    If you're around PoK on Friday 9/25 at 8pm Pacific, keep an eye out for a young lady looking for help gathering some ingredients.
  8. Riviere SWAT EQ

    Hail EMarr!
    It's happened again! Raddish, the hapless steed, has wandered off and got himself captured by evil goblins! We are going to be asking for your help to rescue Raddish today (Thursday, 9/24) at around 7 pm PT. Hope to see you there!
  9. Grembly Guide EQ Erollisi

    Hey Erollisi Marr - The Nameless,

    Do you like prizes? (YES!) Do you like Spooky fun? (YES!) Do you like walking through Kithicor forest at night, tripping over a branch, getting bitten by a zombie and spending an eternity chasing that one annoying orc that is always just slightly out of reach? (Hopefully No, because odds are, that won't happen, again). If you answered yes to two of those, then we have a some fun planned for you! if you answered yes to all three... well... you can still come have fun too! It's Carnival time! Frightening carnival, to be more specific. Keep an eye out for the announcement around 4pm pacific tomorrow, Wednesday 10/14/20.
  10. Grembly Guide EQ Erollisi

    I am sorry to say, that the Carnival scheduled for today, 10/14/20, has been postponed, will update here when we are able to reschedule it. Thank you for understanding
  11. Karliyah Guide EQ Erollisi

    Keep an eye out for a big game hunter in PoK on Thursday, Oct 22 around 4pm Pacific time. I heard he's looking to expand his trophy collection. Maybe you could get in on the action!
  12. Karliyah Guide EQ Erollisi

    Have you ever met a paladin who's too scared (or maybe too smart) to duel a wizard? Meet Evaardia in PoK on Wednesday 10/28 around 4pm Pacific time to hear how it turns out.
  13. Grembly Guide EQ Erollisi

    Attention Hunters of Erollisi Marr-the Nameless. The King's feast is fast approaching, and Captain Oakwind needs your assistance. Keep an eye out for a call to arms today (Saturday 11/7/20) around 4pm Pacific, and be ready to head to the Greater Faydark.
  14. Grembly Guide EQ Erollisi

    Hello again citizens of Erollisi Marr. The elves of Faydark find themselves in need of assistance once more. Keep an eye out for the call for aid around 7pm pacific tomorrow, Saturday 11/14, and be ready to travel!
  15. Karliyah Guide EQ Erollisi

    A young sorceress needs your help tonight (11/19)! Watch for an announcement around 4pm Pacific time.
  16. Grembly Guide EQ Erollisi

    Hello again Emarr. Rumors abound that a survivor is looking for the evil Alchemist who was experimenting with lycanthropy, and is looking for adventureres to help him. Keep an eye out for his call for aide tonight 12/2, in the Plane of Knowledge, around 7pm pacific.
  17. Grembly Guide EQ Erollisi


    The Gigglegibber goblins in the pok might just be looking for some help, keep an eye out and an ear open in the pok tomorrow, tuesday 12/15/20 around 3pm pacific!

  18. Grembly Guide EQ Erollisi

    Ohhhhhhh Dashing through the snow,
    Running from a bear
    Hope I don't get eaten by that Giant over there!
    Oh Jingle Gnomes Jingle Gnomes, Jingle all the way,
    Oh what fun it is to be, not a meal to day!!!

    Anybody else ready for a break from the hunting, and from big nasty monsters trying to eat you? How about a CARNIVAL! We are trying to bring the winter Funderland carnival to Erollisi Marr this saturday, starting around 1pm. Keep an eye out for the alert, and in general chat! Come win some fun prizes! and Be nice to a gnome!
  19. Grembly Guide EQ Erollisi

    Attention Emarr, a good friend of mine is an avid hunter and collector to hunting trophies. we will be in the Plane of Knowledge tomorrow, Tuesday 12-28, around 2pm pacific with a test for all who call themselves adventurers.
  20. Karliyah Guide EQ Erollisi

    Hail, adventurers! Keep an eye out for a mysterious animal roaming around the Plane of Knowledge tomorrow 12/31 around 4pm Pacific. Please be wary, it is unknown whether this creature is feral or domicile.

    Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances this is being postponed until 8PM PT tonight. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.