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  1. Foozen Guide EQ Erollisi

    Are you a fan of Ale and death?....who isn't!?!
    Tonight there will be a drunken brawl in the arena and all are welcome.
    Come chug some ale and punch some people in the face!
    Oh, and get some great prizes if you are one of the last ones standing!
    Grab your favorite drinking mug and be ready to meet us in the arena tonight at 5pm PST
  2. Foozen Guide EQ Erollisi

    I met a Halfling today saying she had a wand that needed repaired, I know nothing of wands and sent her to the Plane of Knowledge to seek help. She said she would look for assistance around 4pm pst tonight......A Halfling using a wand what could go wrong.
  3. Foozen Guide EQ Erollisi

    Hear ye Hear ye! The Festival of Crowns returns yet again. A grand tribute is planned to gift to the King of Felwithe to thank him for protecting over his lands and his people.

    You are invited to join in the hunt for the most grand items for our king:
    Today, Saturday 6/4/16 at 4pm PST
  4. Lanma New Member

    I had fun on that event! Raced Journeyman Fisherman Jeanbaptiste Friend of Felwithe, Prophet of the Dunes for the Iron crown in Old Seblis. He won the crown but I undead up with most points :D. Thanks to the Guides for that event.
  5. Mystiaria Guest

    Hey Erollisi Marr it is that time of year again for the Days of Tests, keep your eyes and ears open for the opening ceremonies sometime this week!!
  6. Ardynn New Member

    Good day Guides
    Why are there never any guide events on Emarr?
  7. Ardynn New Member

    No response? Are there any guides on Emarr anymore?
  8. Rynara Moderator

    Yes there are Guides on Emarr and there are Guide events run. The Guides are not required to advertise here however I will ask if they will please try to when they can.
  9. Ardynn New Member

    Thank you Rynara. I never seem see any in game announcements so I perhaps I am just not catching a guide online. It would be great if there were announcements here so I could plan on being online to attend. Again, Thank you for your response.
  10. Gathrodor Guest

    There is the faint smell of decay lingering in the Plane of Knowledge, Might want to see what you can find!
    [8/25/2017 @ 1800 PDT]
  11. Riviere SWAT EQ

    Greetings Erollisi Marr!

    Word has it there's a new sheriff in Rivervale and he's looking for some fresh new recruits! If you are looking for work you might want to check it out this coming Wednesday, September 13th @ around 8pm PT. Hope to see you there :)
  12. Riviere SWAT EQ

    Looking for work? There is a farmer who's quite proud of his new contraption ready to hire helpers! Keep an eye out for him, he usually shows up around 6pm and he'll be making an appearance tonight Friday 9/15.
  13. Riviere SWAT EQ

    *****Apologies for not being able to run this! The server decided to crash us right when we were getting started. This will be rescheduled for Friday, Sept. 29th at 5 pm PT****

    Due to unforseen circumstances we had to change the time of this event to 5pm.

    There's a farmer is distress over his lost horse! Hopefully he can find some assistance from the good citizens of EMarr! Look for him around 6pm PT on Wednesday, September 27th. He'll be looking for your help!
  14. Riviere SWAT EQ

    Lets try this again ;)

    There is a rather twisted soul trying to assemble a creature of the dark persuasion. She will need the help of some hardy adventurers to help with the pieces to her malevolent puzzle. Watch for her Wednesday, October 11th around 6pm PT. She will be soliciting your help!
  15. Riviere SWAT EQ

    Greeting EMarr!

    Look for an arena event around 6pm tonight! It's that time of year for mashing monsters! ;)
  16. Riviere SWAT EQ

    It's the Festival of the Hearth and everyone is preparing for Feasting Day! It 's a time of sharing and giving, and we're hoping that the EMarr adventurers are feeling some of that generosity and will lend a hand at around 5:30 pm PT, Saturday (11/4)
  17. Riviere SWAT EQ

    We are going to have a Fishing Tournament this evening! It's a bit unique from the ones we have done before, so grab your poles and bait and watch for us around 5pm PT tonight, Saturday, 11/11. Hope to see you there! :)
  18. Riviere SWAT EQ

    Hail, adventurers! The Elves of the Faydark request your assistance tonight (11/16) around 5pm! We'll be watching for you :)
  19. Riviere SWAT EQ

    Greeting EMarr!
    Each year one kind soul is assigned the duty of overseeing the collections for the food drive. It is conducted to ensure that all the families in Norrath are sure to have a nice meal for Feasting Day. However, there are some shady characters afoot that are trying to waylay some of the harvest for their own profit! Oh no!

    If you can help please meet us Tuesday, 11/21 @ 8 PM PT. We hope to see you there!

    Please note time changed to 8PM PT
  20. Riviere SWAT EQ

    Hail, adventurers! The Elves of the Faydark request your assistance in a hunt. Please join us Wednesday, November 29th @ 6pm PT. Hope to see you there! ;)