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    Any way you can make tomorrow's event an hour later? I only ask because I changed my customers deliveries based on the info I had and have a delivery at that time. My customer is pretty understanding but I don't want to put him in that situation. Let me know. I understand if you can't though.
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    Wow, Thunder, not only are you leading on EMarr, you've got the top point count compared to EVERY server? Is there a title for that, too? Something like Thunderkiks the Mightier Mighty? :D
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  4. Foozen Guide EQ Erollisi

    The Days of Test are coming to a close, it has been a great month of competition!

    Thursday July 30th at 5 pm Pacific The final event of the Days of Test will take place to be immediately followed by the closing ceremonies.

    Hope to see everyone tomorrow night!
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  5. Mystiaria Guest

    I would like to say thank you Erollisi Marr for a great Festival of Might, you all were great...=) I look forward to seeing you all next year and all of the time in between...=)
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    Hey there Emarr!! The first big event of August is going to be hot. Hope to see ya there thursday August 6 at 7 pm PST...=)
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    Hey there Emarr, I haven't forgotten ya, think a quest fest is about due for all of you too. Keep an eye out for that yellow text....=)
  8. Foozen Guide EQ Erollisi

    The winter season has come, trees are being decorated and all are merry. But, You sense a dark presence manifesting itself in Norrath! You best be prepared for this.
  9. Foozen Guide EQ Erollisi

    Come one come all, the time has come to decorate a Frostfell tree. Keep an eye out in Plane of Knowledge shortly!
  10. Foozen Guide EQ Erollisi

    Good Morning Players of Erollisi Marr! I will be visiting at least twice today to test you in the Days of Arts. Be ready for an event in the next couple hours and one later on this afternoon.
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  11. Foozen Guide EQ Erollisi

    Another Days of Arts Test will be starting shortly be ready!
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  12. Foozen Guide EQ Erollisi

    Keep an eye out today, you will be tested on your Days of Arts skills twice. Once will be coming in a couple hours from now and one in the early after noon.
  13. Foozen Guide EQ Erollisi

    One event down for today and one to go to complete a run though of all of the testing events.
    I will make my best attempt to re-run all the quests this week for those who may have missed some of the events, so stay tuned for that info

    Also, this just in.
    The Days of the Arts Closing Ceremony
    After a month of effort from everyone who participated the closing ceremony will be held at:
    5pm pst. on Saturday 1/30/16
  14. Foozen Guide EQ Erollisi

    Days of Arts quest starting shortly
  15. Foozen Guide EQ Erollisi

    There might be a Days of Arts test or two later on this afternoon, keep any eye out everyone.
  16. Foozen Guide EQ Erollisi

    Looking forward to seeing you all tonight for the Days of Arts Closing Ceremony at 5pm PST!
    Everyone is welcome and will receive goodies, and those who participated in the quests this month will receive their final rewards.
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    Huzzah! Very excited Barbarian running in circles right now!
  18. Foozen Guide EQ Erollisi

    I hear tell of someone collecting old knowledge, to what end I do not know. The rumor is that they will make an appearance today at around 4pm PST in the Plane of Knowledge perhaps you should inquire.
  19. Foozen Guide EQ Erollisi

    I saw the strangest thing this morning. It was a gnome, but she was much shorter than the average gnome. She started to ask me for help, but I punted her before she could tell me what was wrong. She scurried off muttering something about trying to find help in the Plane of Knowledge tonight at around 4pm PST.
  20. Foozen Guide EQ Erollisi

    I spotted a rather drunken dwarf wandering around Butcherblock Mountains, once I approached him he fell flat on his face and passed out. I think he will be out cold till about 4pm PST today, when i'm sure he will be looking for more brew.