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Discussion in 'EverQuest Guide Events' started by Ryleth, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. Lorilei New Member

    This is really exciting! So many people have a chance at that top title!
    Thanks Fenhir, Poena, Foozen, Mystiaria, and Yerton!
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  2. Fenhir Well-Known Member

    Hello E Marr!

    It has been a VERY busy month and we aren't done yet! The arena battles are over and our champion has been crowned.

    Now onto other news..... The Vampire Dungeon Master Sylvertan will be returning Sunday June 28th @1pm Pacific.

    Also Festival of Might will be starting soon. Make sure you keep an eye on The Leaderboard to see where you are in the standings!
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  3. Lorilei New Member

    Everyone knew anyone could win, but NO ONE saw that ending coming!
    Fantastic showing for the final round. Thank you very much for all the entertainment, Fenhir, Kaguth, Ronlandx, Ryver, Dirazito (sorry I missed your name before!), and Mystiaria!
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  4. Lorilei New Member

    This board is super funky when it comes to letting people edit their messages. And not funky in a good way... :confused:
  5. Fenhir Well-Known Member

    The Festival of Might has officially started on Erollisi Marr! You can visit this link - Leaderboard to check out the current standings.

    We are also using the chat channel "fomight" and highly suggest you /autojoin it. Keep an eye on the channel and these forums because there will be a few chances to score some major points!
  6. Fenhir Well-Known Member

    It's time for the first chance at double points! A possible 60 points will be up for grabs if you are quick enough to capture them!

    Thursday July 9th at 6pm Pacific

    See you there!
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  7. Lorilei New Member

    Few things beat fishin' with Foozen on a Friday night! :D
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  8. Crystilla New Member

    Erollisi Marr will miss you Fenhir.
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  9. Thunderkiks New Member

    I second that. Fenhir will be missed dearly!
  10. Lorilei New Member

    Words cannot express the sorrow I have right now. I wish we could all log on to find that the servers and everything associated with all this went down, and then they came back up with a rollback to before all this mess started. None of the experience gained in the meantime is worth what has happened. RIP Fenhir. :(
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  11. Mystiaria Guest

    *hugs all around
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  12. Crystilla New Member

    *hugs Mystiaria*

    Will be nice seeing you on server when you can make it over here. Just remember, don't let Sheex get all the Drinal Love or that will go to his head.
  13. Mystiaria Guest

    * and Drinal gets to share me...=)
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  14. Mystiaria Guest

    More fomight events to come today, probably in a couple hours...Keep you eyes and ears open. We will see you there...=)
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  15. Thunderkiks New Member

    OK so I can't leave the house then....check!
  16. Foozen Guide EQ Erollisi

    Watch for the possibility of me popping up later tonight also
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  17. Mystiaria Guest

    Put your thinking caps on around 7 pm pst tonight there just may be a big one!!
  18. Mystiaria Guest

    Well Emarr, it is your turn to bring your running shoes and swimming fins...there will be another days of tests event on 7/23 at 6 pm. Hope to see you there...=)
  19. Lorilei New Member

    So there were two events on Friday, one on Monday, and one possibly scheduled for Tuesday, all happening during the time when all 3 times zones are having normal work hours. Any chance some smaller event loving could be scheduled for evenings? :(
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  20. Mystiaria Guest

    Hello Emarr!! Going to give those evening folks some event love starting at 6 pm pst on wednesdau 7-22...=)