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  1. Grembly Guide EQ Erollisi

    Come join my friend tonight around 4pm pacific and hear a tale of a legendary Artisan, as we continue to celebrates the tradeskills, crafts, and art of Norrath. Keep an eye and ear open around the plane of Knowledge, hope to see you there!

    did i say 4pm... Um... hm... so sorry, make that 5pm, due to um... unforeseen goblins. So sorry for any inconviences those goblins may have caused
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  2. Grembly Guide EQ Erollisi

    Oh noes!!!! one of my dear gnome friends seems to have found himself in a bit of trouble. Keep your eyes and ears open tomorrow (around 4pm Pac).

    (once again we seem to be experiencing some technomologicamal differences, so will be postponing the approximate starting time to 4:30pm pac)
  3. Karliyah Guide EQ Erollisi

    If you hear a siren calling to you on Sunday 2/7, say around 12 noon pacific, it is likely my friend who will be coming to dry land in order to tell the tale of lovelorn Sillsia the Bewitching.
  4. Grembly Guide EQ Erollisi

    Hi there, do you like liking things? Do you like the daily quest giver Franklin Teek? Or in this case, maybe dislike him? I heard a certain Troll lass will be around the Plane of Knowledge later today, around 3pm pacific, looking for a little help in impressing Franklin Teek. Keep your eyes and ears open! and Happy Erollisi Week!
  5. Grembly Guide EQ Erollisi

    Hello again Emarr-the nameless! I just had a good conversation with a friend of mine and they said, "meow meow meow meow ((in the pok), meow meow meow meow ((tomorrow, 2/16)) meow meow meow, purr... hissssssssss, rawr, meow meow ((around 5pm pacific))." so... "meow meow meow"
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  6. Grembly Guide EQ Erollisi

    Has anyone else noticed the smell of honey in Crescent reach? Be there around 4pm pacific later today (2/22/21) And see if someone, or something has noticed as well.
  7. Karliyah Guide EQ Erollisi

    My girl Onysi is looking for love in all the wrong places.. the Plane of Knowledge. Could someone help her out?
  8. Karliyah Guide EQ Erollisi

    The warders of the Grand Library require assistance tonight at 6pm pacific time. Make sure to bring some bag space!
  9. Karliyah Guide EQ Erollisi

    Ugh, why is is so hard to get a decent ale around PoK? There's an angry dwarf in PoK looking for some harmless revenge tonight at 8 pacific if you're down.
  10. Karliyah Guide EQ Erollisi

    Beer run! 8pm pacific. Tonight.