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  1. Ryleth Well-Known Member

    Greetings Erollisi Marr!

    The Guides of EMarr may use this thread to alert you to upcoming planned Guide Events being hosted on EMarr. If you want to be in the loop 24 hours a day. 7 days a week, click "Watch Thread" on the right-hand side of the thread, just above the body of the first post. You will receive emails/alerts any time a new post is made to that thread!

    Guide Event Disclaimer:
    Please remember that the actors for these events are players just like you who volunteer their time in the Volunteer Guide Program and events may be canceled or delayed without notice. In the event of a delayed or cancelled event, we will make every effort to inform you or the cancellation or delay.

    All times shown are considered Pacific Time unless otherwise stated.

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  2. Fenhir Well-Known Member

    Earlier this month I hinted about a few big surprises we had in store for you on Erollisi Marr, and here's a big one!

    Wednesday April 29th at 5:30pm Pacific - Sylvertan will return to Norrath to take you on a shrouded adventure through another dangerous dungeon. Hopefully 5:30pm dodges most raid schedules and allows everyone the chance to come out in force to meet the vampire's newest challenge!
  3. Lorilei New Member

    Hellz YEAH!
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  4. Crystilla New Member

    Lori, you missed infiltrating Drinal with me Wednesday night *evil cackle*
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  5. Lorilei New Member

    I know. I was working, and I didn't want to spoil the surprise when for when it happened on our server. But now I'll be working when it happens on our server. /melts into a puddle of tears
  6. Sheex New Member

    You're both welcome to sever transfer away from TypoMarr at any time, preferably to Fen's home server!
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  7. Crystilla New Member

    Think we already trumped you on that Sheex. Fen's a dark elf so his home server is where his god is located. AKA Innoruuk which is now called Erollisi Marr.

    Now ... if Fen would like to race change, there's a nice potion in the marketplace for that. :)
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  8. Lorilei New Member

    No, Fenhir cannot change race! It would TOTALLY mess with the performance piece I wrote about him for the Talent Show! (yes, it's all about me ;) )
  9. Fenhir Well-Known Member

    LOL you guys are too much! Lori you and Sheex missed it at Memory Lane. Sylvertan got an achievement for Dark Elf Slaying..... I hung my head in shame!
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  10. Crystilla New Member

    (times are central)

    [Wed Apr 29 20:18:30 2015] Sylvertan has completed achievement: Dark Elf Antonican, Please!
    [Wed Apr 29 20:18:43 2015] You tell your raid, 'HAHA too fitting there my liege'
    [Wed Apr 29 20:18:54 2015] Sylvertan tells the raid, 'Worst achievement EVER!'
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  11. Lorilei New Member

    Oh, Fenhir, Firiona is SO happy with you!!
  12. Fenhir Well-Known Member


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  13. Myrdra the Trickster New Member

    Requesting more piratey events!!! Yarrrrr!:D
  14. Fenhir Well-Known Member

    Avast ye scurvy land lubber! Ye be gettin' more pirate events than ye bargain for says I! Ye jus' be keepin' yer eyes open an be lookin' fer that yellow text er that [Guide Event] tag!
  15. Fenhir Well-Known Member

    Yo ho! Yo ho! It's scavenging time!

    May 10th at 5pm Pacific we will be having a pirate pier party!

    Ye will be needin' to bring yer best pirate garb, a couple o' big bags to carry all yer plunder away with an a keen mind because we have a whale of a challenge for ye!
  16. Lorilei New Member

    You should host this scavenger hunt on Drinal first. Just sayin' ;)
  17. LadyEvan New Member

    the 10th is mothers day.......:(. that means i cant play spy
  18. Lorilei New Member

    I created this piece for the EMarr talent show and was asked to post it. I needed to make a few revisions and polish a few rough spots, but here it finally is:

    Fenhir's Fate

    Please pardon and forgive the way this *cough* humble *cough* bard says words.
    After traveling far and wide, I have come to understand
    that people say the words differently, even in the same land.
    Lorilei takes a sip of wine to moisten her throat.
    Lorilei begins to tap out a steady rhythm on her drum. PRRRrrrrrum tum tum Brrrrumpty tum

    Upon his entry to the realm, they say that Innoruuk did smirk,
    With evil glint in gleaming eye, he said, “Here’s one to do my work!”
    “He’ll summon minions to his side, enslaving them to do his will,
    He’ll send them out across the world, to cripple, maim, debase, and kill!”
    Bestowing him with powers great, beyond any mere mortal son,
    T’was thus began the training of Fenhir, the evil, chosen one.
    Hardened and honed, molded and shaped, master of weapon and wineskin,
    Teir’Dal trembled when he cackled, and ran in fear when he would grin!
    Lorilei shivers at the thought of messing with Fenhir. Brrrrumpty tum.
    He awed them all, save Lanys T’vil - she watched him with suspicion great.
    “To be supplanted by this man,” she seethed, “will not become my fate!”
    Lorilei shivers even more at the thought of messing with Lanys T’Vil!
    Fenhir was sent beyond the gates to wield his father’s evil might.
    And word came back right quickly that the son was spreading heinous spite.
    The seething ire of Lanys grew with each and every horrid tale.
    Her dreams of Fenhir’s doom crumpled, it seemed that he would never fail.
    Lorilei beats her drum more strongly. BRRRUUUMM TUMM TUMM!
    “He bends the weaklings to his will, while all across the world he roams,”
    They lauded. “Then he forces them to kill the halflings and the gnomes!”
    “He veils himself in false disguise, compelling them with his commands
    “And off they go to do his will - sometimes alone, sometimes in bands!”
    “He takes them to the highest cliffs and makes each jump unto his death!”
    “And charges, “Fight amongst yourselves ‘til only one is drawing breath!’”
    Lorilei narrows her eyes at Fenhir. Brrrrumpty tum.
    Then Lanys screamed, “I’ve heard enough! I’m going to witness for myself”
    “The evil they say Fenhir does – He cannot be this perfect elf!”
    Thus off she flew in ragged rage, a frightful terror to behold:
    But when she found Fenhir, she saw each foul deed was as had been told.
    He charged each peon, “Go and slay. Bring trophies back to serve as proof!”
    Aghast, she stood there frozen, when a whispered voice said, “What a spoof!”
    Then Firiona stepped up to her side and gave Lanys a nod.
    “Your father’s son brings balance to the world! ‘Tis fine, if slightly odd.”
    Before Lanys could think on this, the thralls, they started to return.
    And Fenhir said, “Well done, my friends! Now take the prizes you have earned!”
    Bestowing treasures, food, and drink, rewards were given for each quest.
    His followers said, “Thanks!” “Hooray!” and “Fenhir, you’re the very best!”
    Lorilei beams a smile at Fenhir. Prrrrum tum tum! Prrrrum tum tum!
    In malice foul and fetid, Lanys shrieked, “Fenhir, I have you now!”
    She grabbed him by the scruff of neck, “You will be punished! This I vow!”
    Lorilei whistles at how frightened Fenhir and his followers must have been.
    Lorilei begins to beat a funeral dirge on her drum. TUM. TUM. TUM. TUM.
    At Innoruuk’s feet, he was hurled. Then Lanys made Fenhir’s deeds known -
    Demanding Fenhir’s death! But Innoruuk looked glumly from his throne.
    “My dear Lanys, I learned from you, and vo wing to avoid mistake.”
    “I made Fenhir invulnerable, so his life I cannot take.”
    Then turning to his son, the god, he shook his head in deep sadness.
    “Fenhir, you have forsaken all I taught you, this is sheer madness!”
    Fenhir, he shook most grievously, down to his depths he was sore torn.
    But Innoruuk waved him away. “I’ll deal with you this coming morn.”
    Lorilei begins to beat her drum eerily. Trrrummmm trrrummmm trrrummmm
    From shadows cold, Cazic Thule strode, “He makes them slay my lizardman!”
    The Faceless One crooked wicked claw, “Punish him NOW! This I demand!”
    Then Lanys seized upon the chance to make her dread rival vanish,
    “The answer’s clear,” she snidely spat, then cried, “FENHIR WE MUST BANISH!”
    Eyes wild with fear, Fenhir looked on. The Faceless One nodded assent.
    While Lanys grinned triumphantly, Innoruuk waved his own consent.
    Now fully lost, sad Fenhir knew he couldn’t even say goodbye
    To all the friends he’d leave behind, shackled, he drew a heartfelt sigh.
    Lorilei's eyes brim with tears at the thought of Fenhir's banhisment. Tum. Tum. Tum. Tum.
    A blinding flash tore through the room – T’was Erollisi Marr divine
    And drawing Fenhir to her breast, proclaimed to all, “This one is MINE!”
    Then sadly spake, “My dear Fenhir I cannot save you from your fate.”
    “But you have served me well, my heart. This sentence I shall mitigate.”
    Fenhir was thusly saved in part from doom so darkly abysmal -
    To only spend HALF of his life awaiting death with dread Drinal!
    Lorilei smirks mischievously. Brrum tum tum TUM!

    Lorilei sets aside her drum and takes out her magic lute.
    So, fellow Emarrians, while we do have the chance
    Let’s celebrate Fenhir’s presence! Please, everybody dance!
  19. Fenhir Well-Known Member

    It has been about a month since a certain vampire was spotted, now it's time for his return.

    Wednesday May 27th at ~ 6pm Pacific

    Sylvertan will be returning to Norrath to escort players to another dangerous dungeon. We may be a few minutes early/late on this so please be patient. We hope you are looking forward to this as much as we are. See you at the Shroudkeeper!
  20. Lorilei New Member

    Thanks, Sylvertan! That was a lot of fun!
    Although, for future purposes, I think you really need to take a good hard look at what's going on with your minions!
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