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Discussion in 'EverQuest Guide Events' started by Ryleth, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. Geaerin Guide EQ Cazic

    Another Festival of Might event will be held Friday 7/28 around 6:30PM Eastern/3:30PM Pacific. It looks like first place is taken but second and third are still up for grabs. So get those points while you can.

    Geaerin Silverleaf.
  2. Geaerin Guide EQ Cazic

    A Festival of Might event will be held on Sunday around 5:00PM Eastern/ 2:00PM Pacific. This may very well your last chance for those coveted Festival of Might points. I hope to see you all there!!!

    Geaerin Silverleaf.
  3. Tragis Senior EQ Cazic

    Closing ceremony.s of The Festival of Might will be tonight 07/31/2017 around 5 pm pst. We would like to see all who participated show up please..