Antonia Bayle Guide Events

Discussion in 'EverQuest II Guide Events' started by Ryleth, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. Bellandu Senior EQ2 Antonia

    We will see about getting those Status quests run sometime soon.
  2. Bellandu Senior EQ2 Antonia

    Tuesday, April 5 at 6pm pdt

    Come to Antonica and meet the hunters outside of Blackburrow if you are brave enough and willing to hunt gnolls. There have been a few too many these days.
  3. Leafa New Member

    I miss your amazing events constantly, but I love when the stars align and I get to share in them.
    Just dropping by to say 'thank you' for your generosity and fun!
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  4. Bellandu Senior EQ2 Antonia

    Tuesday, April 12 at 5pm pdt

    Meet some hunters outside of the North Qeynos gates. They are preparing for a hunt but are in need of assistance before venturing forth.
  5. Toree Apprentice EQ2 Antonia

    Thursday April 14, 2022 at 12:00 pm noon PT
    Fungoid Fascination!
    Word has recently reached this young researcher that there are fungoids over by Pilgrims' Landing in Frostfang Sea. Come and meet Helgga. She would love to research some fungoids.
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  6. Bellandu Senior EQ2 Antonia

    Tuesday, April 19 at 5pm pdt

    It's time to challenge yourself and others yet again. Come to the Thundering Steppes and try your hand at the races and win a new mount! Come to the docks and speak with the race starter.
  7. Toree Apprentice EQ2 Antonia

    Friday, April 22 at 11:00 am pdt

    Oh my! Do I ever need help this time. I am supposed to bring the fish for the spring is here celebration. Fish is the main dish and I haven't had a bite all day. Please, grab your fishing pole and come to the docks in Thundering Steppes.
  8. Tetder New Member

    I would like to request Nebulous Newsies quest, I am new and need that large bag.
    Perhaps even the Quest for the mount for VOV also. I know it is asking a lot but thank you for all you do.
  9. Bellandu Senior EQ2 Antonia

    Will see about running Nebulous Newsies sometime this week or weekend.
  10. Bellandu Senior EQ2 Antonia

    Tuesday, April 26 at 5pm pdt in Qeynos

    A ratonga has been seen outside of the North Qeynos entrance in need of some assistance with an experiment she is working on.
  11. Bellandu Senior EQ2 Antonia

    Tuesday, May 3 at 4pm pdt

    Starting today and in the future all Tuesday guide quests will be at 4pm pacific instead of 5pm. This is to make it easier for players that raid on Tuesday evenings. Today's quest will be in the Enchanted Lands.
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  12. Shyanne Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Thursday 05/05/2022, 4:00 PM PST

    New lands call for new adventures...come and see me in Teren's Grasp of Kylong Plains.
  13. clleo Member

    whats name for myrist guide event? i need it on a few toons lol
  14. Rattophaxe New Member

    I think that one is "Guides Guide to the Celestial Realms".

    Any chance of Guide's Guide to Luclin sometime soon? Pretty please :)
  15. Bellandu Senior EQ2 Antonia

    Will try to run both as time allows in near future. Thanks for letting us know which ones are needed.
  16. Bellandu Senior EQ2 Antonia

    Tuesday, May 10 at 4pm pdt

    Come to the Thundering Steppes docks. It is now time again to try your racing skills. What will it be? Purple? Gold? or something else? Come challenge your friends or yourself to set a new record! All levels welcome to try!
  17. Lissandra SWAT EQ

    I heard there is supposed to be a group of dwarves needing your assistance
    Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 4pm PDT (6pm CST, 7pm EST and 12am GMT) in Greater Faydark.

    They were mumbling something about ale and out of ingredients?
  18. Toree Apprentice EQ2 Antonia

    Thursday May 19, 2022 at 5:00 pm pacific time. Obol Plains

    The troubled cries of the lost spirit grow more desperate. If you are hardy enough to brave the wilds of the Phantom Sea, meet me in Obol Plains to lend your aid to my cause. Come all you brave ones.
    This quest is a one time quest for each character.
  19. Rattophaxe New Member

    I'm not great with timezones,but am I correct in calculating that this was posted only 4 hours before the event?
  20. chrissyb New Member

    7 hours rat
    how come site made me sign up again?
    And thank you for yesterday