Antonia Bayle Guide Events

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  1. Kinyoubi Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Monday evening, August 3, at 4 bells PDT ...

    Obol Plains ...

    Help of a Nebulous sort is desperately needed!
  2. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Your help is needed Thursday 8-6-15 in Enchanted Lands!!:oops: A poor family of frogloks has nothing to eat! :eek: You simply must help them out, they will be near the docks around 4:30pm pacific scrounging for morsels, don't let them starve...:(

    More Soon!:rolleyes:
  3. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    On this thursday... 8-13 around 4:30 pacific in Antonica I hear that a farmer with some lil piggies and some chores needs some help!:D

    More Soon!:rolleyes:
  4. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Coming up this Thursday 8-20 in Darklight Woods, around 4:30 pm pacific...:oops: be on the lookout for some insanity!!:eek:

    More Soon! :rolleyes:
  5. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Coming up on Thursday 8-27 in Nektulos Forest around 4:30pm pacific... its time for a scavenger hunt!:eek:

    More Soon!:rolleyes:
  6. Kinyoubi Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Saturday evening, September 5th, around 6:30 Pacific time ...

    The balance of the Ethernere is threatened, and Naylie Del A'News is our only key to this mystery ...

    Come to the Obol Plains and help!
  7. Iuvili New Member

    Bah, I missed it. :(

    Any idea, when it will roll around again?
  8. Iuvili New Member

    Great communication skills. Thank you very much!
  9. Ocarinah Member

    The guides are volunteers (as in players not dbg staff) so let's be nice. As far as I know the Newsies event can only happen once a month. Whenever they actually know that there is an event planned they post here for us Usually they don't have much advanced notice. Forgive them if they cannot reply back immediately to your every request.
  10. Squeecha Elder Guide

    Until the Guides for a server schedule it again, they really may not know when it will be run again. Once they do, then I'm sure they'll let as many know as possible.
  11. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Ahhh.... Newsies... the amazing thing about this quest is that every time it has been offered, the outpouring is quite extensive.
    It has been THE most popular quest, for many reasons, and we do try to accommodate as many folks as we can, both in frequency and times. I will do my best to forewarn when that hunter returns to the plains, as Ocarinah hinted at, early warning is sometimes like predicting the weather!
  12. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Coming Thursday 9-17 around 4:30pm pacific in Thundering Steppes, I hear there will be some fire-breathers needing some "guidance".....:oops:

    More Soon!:rolleyes:
  13. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    This just in!:eek:
    A family of frogloks has been spotted near the docks in Enchanted Lands seeking help after being burned out of their home!:oops:
    They need your help!:( Find them near the docks on Thursday 9-24 around 4:30pm pacific and be sure to bring plenty of bugs!;)

    More Soon! :rolleyes:
  14. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Coming up on Thursday 10-1 around 4:30pm pacific in Antonica be on the lookout for some zombie like creatures!! :eek::eek: They are liable to be looking for braaaainnnnnssssss!!!:confused:

    More Soon!:rolleyes:
  15. Kuulei New Member

    With the double guild experience until the 10th of October, there has been a clamoring for the Newsies quest! If at all possible, it would be wonderful if we could get this guide quest squeezed in a couple times (morning and evening), Thank you in advance!
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  16. Moonpanther New Member

    Yes, it would be awesome to run that quest right now :D..
  17. Zlily New Member

    Yes Please!! /hugz
  18. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    I have passed on the request, as soon as I have something to report I will let you know. Keep your eyes open here for news!;)

    More Soon! :rolleyes:
  19. Ocarinah Member

  20. Kinyoubi Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Wednesday evening, October 7th, around 7:00 pm Pacific time in the Obol Plains, we beg you to answer the call of the Ethernere as it cries out for balance.

    Please come and help!
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