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  1. Atourina New Member

    I spoke with a wonderful guide the other day on the docks of Frostfang and mentioned that I was constructing a town and that if the guides were willing, they would be more than welcome to use it for events. It isn't quite finished yet but it should be done by the end of next week. -fingers crossed- It is listed under Atourina in Qeynos. It's the Tenebrous Tangle Island. If the guides would like to use it, just send me a tell and I'll show you around.
  2. Bellandu Senior EQ2 Antonia

    Wednesday, June 10 around 4pm pacific in Antonica near the North Qeynos gates..... Look for a frazzled gnome needing some assistance. I wonder what he is making this time.
  3. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Thursday 6-11 around 4:30pm in Greater Faydark... a ghostly orc will be seeking some revenge on those responsible!:eek:

    More Soon!:rolleyes:
  4. Ocarinah Member

    I know someone that really really wanted to do this event but missed it. Is there any way one of you can do this event again but later in the evening? Thanks much!
  5. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Ocarinah, I will pass on the request and when I do hear something.... I will be sure to pass it on here;)

    Thanks! :D
  6. Ocarinah Member

    Thank you much Croakis :D
  7. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Coming on Thursday 6-18 around 4:30pm pacific in Thundering Steppes... someone will be looking for help with their......o_O "pets"... bring a flame proof suit from what I hear...;)

    More Soon!!:rolleyes:
  8. Bluanna New Member

    Will the Guide be giving out the Newsies Quest anytime soon,Please with sugar on top oh and a cherry too :)
  9. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Bluanna said:
    I will let you know if I hear of rumors of it making its return... ;) nothing on the immediate front.. :oops: however... that said...
    Coming Thursday 6-25 around 4:30pm pacific... if you are a Halfling.. or another of the errr...o_O height challenged folks.. :cool: I would stay clear of the Enchanted Lands!;) Rumor has it some hungry hungry trolls will be on the prowl!!:eek:

    Also coming on Saturday around 7pm in Greater Faydark... I have heard that mystical orc will once more be seeking revenge!:eek:

    More Soon!:rolleyes:
  10. Bellandu Senior EQ2 Antonia

    There has been a request for the quest that gives the shrink item. If anyone is able to do this please do so.
  11. Peacce New Member

    And one that gives us and enlarge item, or the Giant illusion too.
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  12. Bellandu Senior EQ2 Antonia

    It is time for another storytime session with Senior Guide Bellandu. As usual, Sunday afternoon at 1pm pacific near the Lighthouse in Antonica. Hope to see you there. Sorry for such short notice but just remember, it is every Sunday afternoon..
  13. Atourina New Member

    Sadly I have been sick lately so I missed it. But on a happier note, my village should be done by the end of the week. Perhaps storytime could be hosted there once?
  14. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Coming this Thursday (7/9/15) to a Commonlands near you, a errrr... ummmm... o_O *mighty* emperor who is seeking to enlighten their errr...:oops: *subjects*. Be sure to be there and honor your emperor around 4:30pm pacific!!:D

    More Soon!:rolleyes:
  15. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    The emperor being a bit addled of mind.. failed to show up on Thursday night as promised. :( I do have it on good authority that the emperor will be in the Commonlands on 7-16 around 4:30pm pacific to greet and let everyone see his ...... o_O errrrr.... *magnificence*.. :confused:

    More Soon!:rolleyes:
  16. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Fear not... even with the news about the.... o_O errr... delay... I have it on good authority that the emperor WILL be making his appearance as soon as the ship arrives!! :rolleyes: That should be no more than an hour from now... So be sure to be there to see your emperor!! :D
  17. Atourina New Member

    -Sits patiently by the boat, reading a book-
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  18. Ocarinah Member

    Crocea wanted me to thank Norika for a wonderful afternoon on the docks of Butcherblock! She is very glad she has a new friend. And to Lachion for the tour of his beautiful guild hall, Hand of the Oracle.

  19. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Be on the lookout this Thursday 7-23 around 4:30pm in Steamfont... a gnome will looking for help to bring back some clockworks that have gone amok!!:eek: Seems like where there is a gnome... can not be a clockwork far behind!:p

    More Soon!!:rolleyes:
  20. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    On Thursday 7-29 around 4:30pm pacific in Butcherblock... a leap of faith!:rolleyes: Can you hit the target? o_O
    *hops off giggling to himself*:p

    More Soon!:rolleyes: