2020 Festival of Might General Information & Leaderboards

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    Greetings Norrathians,

    Each year, we celebrate the Festival of Might with various quests that include point values. The Festival of Might lasts the entire month of July. This festival will test your wits, your strength, your speed, your crafting abilities, and your stamina to endure such a long festival!

    Quests that are included in the Festival of Might series will be announced in each servers "Festival of Might" channel (**Please note: Due to availability of channels, not all servers use the same channel for this festival; however, the most commonly used channel is FMight. Please contact one of your server guides to find out what your channel is).

    General Information:
    The Festival of Might activities will be held in various locations throughout Norrath during the month. Events and their locations will be announced just prior to the event. (It is suggested to check your server Guide Event Announcement section as well as the FMight** channel for advance notice).

    We apologize that we cannot give you a set schedule. The FMight** channel will remain active throughout the month and will be used to announce any activity regarding the Festival of Might.

    There are many events planned for the coming weeks. We hope you are able to participate in them. These events will test your abilities in not only contests of might, but also in speed, swimming, world knowledge, and other areas.

    It is strongly recommended that if you participate in multiple events that you do so with the SAME character. Scores for different characters on the same account will not be added together.

    Throughout the month, winners in each individual event will receive points for winning, and the three overall point-holders will be announced at the end of the Festival of Might.

    The overall winner of the festival will receive a title displaying their achievement, so participate in as many events as possible. All events are free and only require your participation.

    You may use the following shortcut to refer to this post: tinyurl.com/2020FOM

    Leader Boards:
    Participating servers may post their overall point listings as a reply to this post. The reply will include the server name at the top and any participating player points within that post.

    Good luck and enjoy the festivities!

    Quick Index to Server Specific Leadership Boards:
    Please note that not all Guide servers participate in the Festival of Might.
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    Bristlebane - Updated ~ 20:31 pm 7/9/20
    60 - Ganrn
    35 - Zurrill
    25 - Roarii
    10 - Skyshroudarcher
    10 - Iinase
    5 - Tommce
    5 - Ganm
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    Erollisi Marr - Updated ~ 20:35 7/9/20
    64 - Deeleerious
    50 - Jordis
    40 - Corekis
    30 - Valdain
    25 - Sazzee
    10 - Gellenote
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    Tunare - Updated 7/8/20 @546pm PDT

    Explicit 40
    Luithien 25
    Meydoosa 15
    Nirruno 15
    Herran 5
    Sebelious 5