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    Looking for Volunteer Guides!

    We are always looking for players who want to do more or experience a new adventure in their EQ, EQII or VG lives!

    Q: How do I become a Guide?
    A: The application is available at here on the forums. Please look at your application and submit your answers to Please note that there are guide requirements that must be met if you wish to apply.
    • You are 18 years of age or older.
    • You have an active EverQuest, EverQuest II, or Vanguard Account.
    • You have reached the 20th level with at least two characters in the program that want to join. For Vanguard, the minimum level is 10.
    • You wish to volunteer your time to the Volunteer Guide Program.
    • Your Station account registration is up to date and includes a valid email address.
      If accepted, you will abide by the Policies and Procedures set forth by Sony Online Entertainment and the Volunteer Guide Program.
      There is a small quiz as well as some questions to test your Role-playing ability. Each application is graded, and those with passing grades are then contacted to join the Guide Program at that time.

    Guide Program Facebook Page
    The Volunteer Guides have their own Facebook Page! Screenshots of Guide Events, upcoming Guide News and our Guide Application link can be found on our Facebook Page!

    If you've never visited our Facebook page, either Go Here or search for the Guide Program in your search engine on Facebook and friend us!


    Dear Fenny:
    by: Fenhir

    Dear Fenny,

    I am so confused! I keep hearing Guide Event here, or GM event there. I've even had a few people say I need to talk to a CSR. It's maddening I tell you! Who is who and what do you do?

    Curiously Confused

    Dear Confused,

    That is a very good question and one I often hear. I'll try to explain what each one does, and what the difference is.

    A Guide comes in 4 ranks. Apprentice, Guide, Senior and Elder. Guides are player volunteers who donate their spare time to help build on the already immersive environment that exists in Norrath/Telon. Guides are famous for their green names and their Guild Tags (Chosen Guides of Norrath, Guides of the Shattered Lands, Crimson Fellowship - EQ, EQ2, Vanguard respectively).

    Guides are frequently seen in the world doing role play sessions where we go out and meet and greet the players, or doing various quests. I hear a lot of players say "Guides are rare spawns" which to me is incredibly funny because nine times out of ten that player was at one of our events the previous week.

    Now you may be thinking, "wait a second, you mean I've interacted with you and didn't even know it?". That is exactly what I am saying. Guides take on many different appearances based on what quest we are running. It's not uncommon for us to be a little white fluffy bunny one day, then a fire breathing dragon the very next. You may recall that silly Skeleton Lord that keeps popping up trying to invade Norrath, or the little Riddlemaster running around asking questions. That would be a Guide playing as that character.

    Here are a few pictures of Guides doing their quests!

    This is from EQ2 - Freeport Server


    This one is from the EverQuest server Povar


    You mean that giant green dragon is a Guide? Yes I do! As are all the drakes you see floating around in the picture as well! So now that you've seen what a Guide can do, lets talk about what they can not do.
    • Answer Petitions
    • Reimburse Lost Items
    • Most Customer Service
    • Character Flags
    • Guild Issues
    • Server Transfers
    We are all familiar with the saying "with great power comes great responsibility". This is also true here. CSR's or GM's as they are also called are SOE employees who work tirelessly to provide us with customer service. These dedicated people respond to our petitions, reimburse our items, unstick our characters/corpses, deal with our account billing issues etc. This might also explain why they get paid the big bucks by SOE while Guides are strictly volunteers.

    I hope this helps clear up any confusion. So remember the next time you see some thing out of the norm accompanied with some yellow text, it's probably a Guide event trying to lure you into our next surprise adventure!


    Dear Fenny,

    I have recently joined the Guide Program and I'm a new Apprentice! There is so much to learn and I don't know where to start! Can you please give me some advice?

    Abashed Apprentice

    Greetings Abashed,

    This is a very challenging question as each Senior does things differently. The best advice I can give you is read the material you are sent, and if you have any questions ask for clarification. One thing all of us Seniors have in common is that we love questions. It shows us that you are learning and taking the material we send you seriously.

    Strive to resist being shy we were all Apprentices once just like you are now. The only person that gets hurt when you are shy is yourself. A lot of Apprentices are highly intimidated by their Seniors, however we are normal people and players of the game just like yourself. Now what's so scary about that? ....unless you are a Gnome on my server! *cackles* I'm just kidding!

    Try to reach out to others on your server for help and for advice. Who knows, you may even make a good friend or a questing buddy! There are a lot of great people in the Program and I personally have made a ton of wonderful memories and special friends. I am sure you will do the same, so get out there and start making your own memories!

    May your Guiding Torch forever burn bright!

    Guide Interview: Apprentice Guide Somerled
    by: Fenhir


    1. What is your full Guide Avatar name? Why did you pick it, does it hold a special meaning to you?

    Somerled the Scampish One.. The name Somerled is a Viking name for Summer Traveler. As I don’t like the winter and could weather too much. The snow gets caught in the hair on my feet. Scampish One is because I am a bit mischievous and can be jokester. I love goofy around with people, whether at their expense or mine.

    2. What is the Race/Class of your Guide Avatar?

    Halfing Ranger… That’s right I am cupid !

    3. How long have you been in the Guide Program?

    Only a few weeks.

    4. What do you love about the Guide Program?

    Everything!!! But the grass is always greener, and I am still in the Honeymoon phase I am sure. I really enjoy the other guides and how they welcomed me with open arms. It is a lot of fun to run from zone to zone Role Playing with our friends in Norrath, though some of them give the impression that an Apprentice Guide is not yet worthy of their time or words, not sure they realize I am holding Sandwiches, Cookies and Milk, and they are missing out on great food and even better company.

    5. You have just joined the Guide Program and spent a few days on server. Can you tell me what it’s like?

    In a word Overwhelming! Okay, that didn’t do it justice. There is a lot to digest very quickly, and not sure about others, but I am constantly scared of screwing something up. Luckily I have a great group of Guides+ on the server who help me understand what is expected and support me if I do make those rookie noob mistakes. Are you excited? OMG YES… this has been so much fun so far, and I am not even a Guide yet. The role playing has been a blast, and I look forward to being able to lead quests, and help out the players once I am a full guide.

    6. If you could use one word to describe your Guide persona, what would it be?


    7. What is your favorite Guide Quest?

    Well, I am but a wee Apprentice and have yet to get to that phase in my training. However, I have read through them and I can tell I will really enjoy Shrouded Slaughter.

    8. If you had to pick one Class to play, which class would it be? Why?

    Enchanter – What other class lets you be whatever you want to be, and control just about everything around you. Have you ever seen how much fun a bored Enchanter has with those in his group?

    9. What was the main incentive that made you decide to take the plunge and apply to join the Guide Program?

    All the Cookies and Milk I could ever want. Not sure there was a main incentive. I saw something about the program while poking through the forums, and thought it sounded like a good idea. Funny how in RL. I saw something about the Army while in the Navy and thought changing branches would be a good idea too.. Seemed to believe the grass was greener, but learned very quickly is we just the uniforms.

    10. What is one of the funniest things you have ever seen while online Guiding?

    The funniest thing up to this point is actually what I didn’t see. As you know as an Apprentice there isn’t much for us to do but wonder around seeking out adventurers to chat with. So there I was coming from the Moors in Crescent Reach when I bumped into a small fellow on the bridge. He was kind enough to pardon me, and we got to chatting. I asked what brings you out to this great city, and he stated he was helping the locals in town, and he and his group of friends had a few quests. Puzzled as I didn’t pass anyone else on the way to the bridge, and none were running behind him, I asked if he was sure he had friends. He assured me once again he was questing with some friends. I took a minute to scan the area for what could possibly be a friend, if even by mistake, still just him and I, for as far as one could see. I pulled out my Guide Scope and scanned the horizon, still nothing. I returned my gaze to his young eyes, and let him know that it would be okay. I told him stories of how I too once had invisible friends while growing up, and we shared many great adventures. He was delighted to know he was at some level normal, and ran off to continue he quests.

    11. Who do you look up to in the Guide Program?

    So far Sharesia (my Senior) has been a great mentor. I look to her with many questions, and she has shown great patience with my silly questions and rookie mistakes. Is there a certain person that inspires you? Still too early to pin that one down, however the guides who have come before have laid a pretty awesome trail, and I hope I can follow their footsteps.

    12. Walk me through how you felt when you opened your email and read the email inviting you to join the Guide Program.

    If I may be so bold.. The first thing I felt was Pride. I was proud that a group of my peers would look upon me with such respect as to invite me to this time honored group. Then I was a bit anxious. I mean, it’s one thing to receive an invitation based on an application you has a few days to respond to, a completely different thing to be standing in front of your Seniors and other guides trying to role play and keep up with every they are doing. Then of course there is always the fear they won’t like my fuzzy feet.

    13. Please share a special moment with us that happened while you were in the program.

    Alas, and the highlight of my journey so far. I completed Asherah's quest in Sunset Home. *** WOW *** What an honor to not only be allowed to take part in that quest, but to be a part of such a great group of people (The Guides). I think we should all repeat that quest every few months to remind us of the awesome shoes we must fill in our roles as Guides. I am humbled by the experience, and eager to follow in the footsteps of those before me. May I bring Honor to their names!

    14. Why are there no hairballs all around Norrath with all the Kerrans running about?

    Well that is simple, we have the Gnomes sweep them up.

    15. If you could have one super power, what would it be?

    Hide/Sneak like the rouges Why? Would love to be able to sneak up on all the real evil people in the world (you know the ones who slaughter whole races, paralyze cities with fear, hurt children and women), and rid the planet of them.

    16. Who would win in a fight? Bristlebane or Brell?

    Bristlebane of course.

    17. What is your favorite zone in EQ?

    Not so sure I can pin down one zone, however I do really enjoy all of Underfoot. I know most don’t like it, but I think it fosters grouping and has some pretty tough quests in it that make you think about the mechanics of the group.

    18. What was the first Massive Multiplayer Online Game you played?

    EQ.. I have tried a couple others, but I just keep coming home.

    19. Tell me something most people don't know about you.

    I have been very blessed in life. I came from a poor family, but the military provided a way for me to get my degrees, become successful and have a wonderful family of my own.

    20. When you aren’t Guiding, what are you most likely to be doing?

    GeoCaching, Umpiring Baseball, Hanging out with the family.

    21. What are some of your goals in the Guide Program? What do you hope to achieve?

    To try and catch the returning players and remind them why they came back to the game. Of course if you attempt this in Mines of Glooming Deep it’s like herding cats.

    Making the Grade
    by: Fenhir


    Every once in a while a great event occurs within the Guide Program. During this event, the best and brightest of the Guide Program step forward and answer the calling. This event is known as Senior Nominations.

    Senior Nominations is the process in which Guides are nominated either by Senior Guides, or by self-nomination. Once you are chosen and if you are accepted, then you begin the rigorous training that prepares you for being a Senior Guide in the world of Norrath or Telon. This training spans a few months and covers various aspects of the Guide Program. If you are curious about what those aspects are, then feel free to apply and we might share a few of our secrets with you.

    A few months ago nominations went out, and the new candidates for senior status were selected. I was lucky enough to catch up with one of them and talk to them about this process. Guide Neenoh formerly of the Tunare server has served the Program and the players of Tunare with honor and distinction since 2009. Neenoh was then nominated a few months ago when she answered the call and rose up to attend training.

    When I asked Neenoh what it was like to get that anticipated letter indicating she had been selected, she explained to me that the emotions were more than she could have ever expected. “I just couldn’t believe it, I was super-duper excited!” she said.

    Next I decided to get a bit nosey and ask about the training. Neenoh promptly replied to my question “The training has been hard, but completely worth it. The most difficult part for me has been combing through manuals and rattling my brain for long forgotten answers.” Training? Fun? Surely this Wood Elf has hugged the wrong tree right? Apparently Neenoh sensed my skepticism and quickly added “I encourage all Guides dreaming of one day being a Senior to take the plunge. We need more qualified, wonderful and spiffy Seniors.”

    When I asked Neenoh about her plans for the future she gave a knowing grin and said “I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of people by being on different servers. So I’ve learned a good bit of what to do and what not to do. I look forward and bringing my experience with me where ever I go.” I nodded quietly and scribbled on my parchment and she continued by saying “I look forward to working with my Co-Senior and the Guide staff on the server I’m assigned, and hopefully to integrate myself into their family. I also look forward to promoting roleplay and even hosting some X quests to spread some more titles on the server.”

    As I wrapped up the interview Neenoh strolled off into the sunset. Where will her future take her? Only the wise Elders know that. It brings a smile to my face to see one so humble and confident ready to face the challenge of being a Senior Guide. I have a feeling there is a bright future out there for Neenoh. And one thing this old reporter knows for certain is that where ever she goes, that server will be the better for it.

    Candle in the Window
    by: Fenhir

    The Volunteer Guide Program is a proud and tight-knit family. We have our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. We even have the Grandmothers who talk your ear off, or the Uncle that does something embarrassing at the exact wrong time. For better or for worse we are a family and a family we are all grateful to be a part of.

    We see new faces join our ranks regularly, and old faces who we have known for years depart. Every time there is always the thrill of meeting another new person, and the stinging loss of losing another close friend. As with any crazy family we have our special customs and traditions, and it would be my privilege to share one of my favorite with you.

    The term “Candle in the window” is a phrase we use often in the Guide Program when one retires. It originated back in the colonial days and even farther back for other cultures. It signifies family, love, loyalty and security. However it may also be used to show a loved one the way back home to their family. The latter is the most common for us, as we deeply miss our friends and ever want them to return.

    Just recently most of the Guide Program and Permafrost players probably learned that Senior Guide Heirloom was retiring from the Guide Program. For people that didn’t know Heirloom she was an amazing woman. She started guiding in 2002 and has served on Permafrost, Brell Serilis, Xev, Lucan D`Lere and Stromm.

    I don’t think anyone would have ever expected that this little Halfling would make such an impact in the Guide Program and in our hearts. She worked tirelessly for the Program and volunteered even more time to help on various Program Teams and around Norrath in general. She even stepped up to be a Senior Trainer and help train generations of promising Guides and mold them into Senior Guides.

    The next time you are in EverQuest 2 and you are roleplaying with a Guide, if they hand you Heirloom’s Heavy Duty Toe Guard smile and think of her. She was one of a kind and Norrath will be a lesser place without her presence.

    *lights a candle and places it in the window*
    On behalf of all of the Guides – we will miss you Heirloom.

    Did you know?

    The Guide Program was introduced in around August of 1998 while the EverQuest game was in Beta?

    Guide Event Announcements:

    Did you know that we occasionally advertise our events ahead of time? Sometimes we advertise them on our Guide Program Facebook, or on the SOE Game forums. If you were ever interested in knowing ahead of time when our events are, check out the follow sites!

    EverQuest Guide Announcements
    EverQuest II Guide Announcements
    Vanguard Guide Announcements
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  2. Ryleth Well-Known Member

    A journey from Apprentice to Retirement, this has got to be one of our best editions yet!

    Absolutely love being a member of this program!!!
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  4. Miriele Senior EQ Tunare

    I am so proud to be a part of the guide program!!! This was an excellent edition, thank you!
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  5. Elyshka Senior EQ2 Halls of Fate

    *tosses confetti made of teensy tiny cookies*
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  6. Encanto Senior EQ2 Skyfire

    Great edition of the Gazette!

    Being Neenoh's Senior in EQ2, I have to do a little bragging about her: I can definitely attest to Neenoh's hard work. Neenoh has been our Training Coordinator on Freeport in EverQuest II for a while and that is without doubt the hardest and most demanding of the Guide Coordinator positions. It requires a lot of time and dedication to do the job right. As a testimony to her skills; we have gone 4 of our last 4 Apprentices earning their full Guide status! You will make a wonderful Senior should our Elders grant your promotion! :)
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  7. Elyshka Senior EQ2 Halls of Fate

    Neenoh is totally a superstar!
  8. Neenoh Member

    Why, thank you deary! *big giant goofy smile* :p
  9. Penthesalea SWAT EQ2

    My first time reading one of these articles and I thought it was great! And I am one of the appies with Neenoh's help made guide status. I loved training with her! Good luck making senior guide! And if they move you from Freeport you will be missed!
  10. Fenhir Well-Known Member

    Glad you guys like the Gazette episode so much. We worked really hard on it and I think it's one of our best yet.

    I keep hoping I'll spy a potential Dear Fenny question or two *grins*
  11. Dinendall SWAT EQ2

    Great edition!

    Good interview Neenoh!

    and HUGE hugs to Heirloom
  12. Tallann SWAT EQ2

    Dear Fenny,

    How do you come up with the questions for your Dear Fenny column?


    A Potential 'Dear Fenny' Question
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    Oh, I really like this forum. What a cool gazette! What a neat place to connect with Everquest 2 guides!

    Tallann, I see that you are a guide for Permafrost. Maybe you can help me out. I would love to be able to find out what is going with guide stuff in Permafrost. I would love to find out about guide events on my server and be able to chat with guides. What would be the best place to do that? I see some forum threads for other servers here but not Permafrost. There is a quest with a mushroom cap that I keep hearing about from my friends but I keep missing it. :(
    I hope you can direct me to the right place.
    Shakacon of Permafrost
  14. Ryleth Well-Known Member

    Hey there Shakacon!

    You may want to check out the Guide & Player Events forum - I know there are some spoilers on when Guides will be online there!!

    Thanks for checking us out, have you thought about being a Guide? We'd love to have more Guides around Norrath and Telon!
  15. Shakacon New Member

    Thank you Ryleth, I will check it out. I don't think I have enough time to commit to guiding since I am a guild leader and taking care of my guildies and running events for them keeps me busy. :D Thanks for the encouragement though.
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  17. Tallann SWAT EQ2

    Hello, Shakacon! I see that Ryleth has already pointed you in the direction of the Guide and Player Events forum. I was going to encourage you to post your request there as well (just to cover all of your bases, so to speak), but I see that you've already done so, which is great. We always welcome requests, and I'm sure that someone will be able to accommodate yours in the near future, so don't forget to check back for new posts on that thread!

    I will stress, though, that not all events are advertised ahead of time -- some are impromptu, so even if that thread isn't always buzzing with news, you should still keep your eyes peeled for strange new adventures being offered on your server!

    Good luck with your search for that fashionable mushroom hat! I'm sure that you will wear it well once it is in your possession.
  18. Genoth Guide EQ Drinal

    I loved this edition! Nicely done guys!
  19. Norika SWAT EQ2

    I had so much fun reading this! You all did a great job.

    Dear Fenny,

    How come when I hail this NPC with a feather over his head, he won't give me a quest? Is this some sort of dev joke or something? And how come when I bring my friends back the next day, he isn't there? I think the devs have it out for me. Please tell me I am not crazy.

    A Perplexed Adventurer
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    I am sure Fenny will be using this in our next Gazette! We welcome more of your reader questions so our "Fenny" can answer them!!!