What's your favorite small race?

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  1. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    Want to hear what members of the EQN team think? Check out the Round Table Response video:

    Not able to see the embedded video? Click this link to go directly to the Round Table response on YouTube.
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  2. Aezhir Member

    Definitely Halflings even being common, I really like the appearance of them in general, mainly female models, I think with the style of characters presented in Everquest Next, the halflings will be very cool.
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  3. Fiever Member

    nvm it's updated right
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  4. Dago-hon Member

    Half lings
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  5. Haels New Member

    Dwarves are being discriminated against here!
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  6. Mae IsMean New Member

    HALFLING HALFLING HALFLING! They're my preferred race. Small enough to be cute, big enough to avoid being punted (leave that to gnomes!). And who can resist the chubby little guys?
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  7. Xakiel New Member

    No love for Frogloks?
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  8. Mae IsMean New Member

    Nah, dwarves are already part of the game, pretty sure that's why they're not included.
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  9. Sinnaps New Member

    No love for the Gnolls? this poll is racist..... jk jk but seriously why not Gnolls?
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  10. Thumbs_Up Dave New Member

    Frog locks where a fun race to unlock in EQ 2, I was lucky enough to be in the guild that unlocked them on our server.
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  11. Chanaluss of Kylong New Member

    i love frogloks, so thats my vote. That said, Arasai technically couldnt exist in EQNext as they were, right?
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  12. Rishika New Member

    Arasai and to a lesser extent Fae if you want a reason there wings give them some unique movement potential really hoping they make it as playable. A gnome is just a halfling that someone left out in the sun way to long, plus they are a very unattractive race to look at while I murder. All the other races are cute though.
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  13. Stupidog New Member

    Poor Frogloks. :( Love them!
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  14. chillz New Member

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  15. Vildainn Member

    I had to go with gnome but I do agree its odd Dwarves was not on the list.

    The only race I was not a big fan of was Ratonga. For some reason I could not grasp their well being in the game world. Gnome punting will "always" be classic and should become a mini game LOL!! Fae /Arasai along with Frogloks are definitely some fun races as well.

    I still remember making a comic strip on my guild webpage pretending to raise funds so more fable would drop from our raids instead of legendary. I went to Qeynos and took screenshots of tons of frogloks in there town and went back to Neriak in my house. I setup a shop and photo shopped froglok legs get em while their hot!! Good times!!!
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  16. Fiever Member

    have to agree, Would love to see some unique type of movement system for them.
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  17. Tiamat Member

    I'm with my wife on Arasai being my favorite of that group the movements are intriguing. Then I would take froglok's then a tie for ratonga's and halfling's and way way way in dead last is gnome's. Remember friends don't let Friends play gnome's
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  18. Barathos Member

    We should be able to vote on this topic at LEAST 3 times.

    I love my halflings, gnomes, and faes. ^_^
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  19. Fek Member

    I played a Halfling in EQ so I have have some fondness for them. They are small, drunken, gluttonous, smarmy little buggers. Great to laugh with and at.
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  20. rabb1t Active Member

    Why can I not vote for two! :(
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