To what degree should players be able to change the appearance of armor?

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  1. Amnerys Well-Known Member

    Want to hear what members of the EQN team think? Check out the Round Table Response video:

    Not able to see the embedded video? Click this link to go directly to the Round Table response on YouTube.
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  2. TheEnigma New Member

    "Transmogrification" is cool, and changing of colors would be nice.
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  3. Skeaser Member

    It should at least be the same class of armor (plate, cloth, chain, leather etc) that way I at least have an idea of what they're about...that's assuming classes still work the way we think they do. :)
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  4. Orotiagito New Member

    I like the fact that you can maybe alter the appearance of your equipped items! To a certain extent of course, I wouldn't want to see Wizards running around in mail or plate! Add restrictions! Remember that your main followers are avid classic EQ players and I understand the need to make a more modern game to appeal to the market. We like restrictions and difficulty in Everquest!
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  5. zeksee New Member

    Full creation abilities so that it can work with dungeon maker if they add it in.
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  6. Anj Member

    My opinion is that colour customization should be available, but should not be able to change the shape!
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  7. Clementine Member

    I like that I could potentially change the look and style of armor, but I also want some of it to be in the devs hands since after all, they're paid to create this world so they must have much better ideas than me -- I would prefer to be able to tweak some styles. I think it could be fun if we could have some form of designing our own pieces though.
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  8. Mortikai_the_Bard New Member

    I think you should be able to change the color and that's it, I always hated transmorg in wow, your gear is part of your trophy of what you have earned in game, some looks better, some looks worse, on eq1 I remember going way out of my way to get a pair of boots that matched the rest of my outfit lol.
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  9. SuBw00FeR New Member

    Needs to be at least dyeable. Would be cool to add sections of armor pieces though, like cloth piece draping over on wizards robes etc.
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  10. Caitlyn New Member

    I did love having prismatic dyes in EQ1, although I also enjoyed the challenge of getting a neat looking set together with transmogrification in other games. I agree with keeping armor types consistent for the sake of clarity, but I want to be colorful too!
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  11. Teknikz New Member

    The armor class should be noticeable but other than that let us customize as much as possible!
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  12. Merketh New Member

    option 2 for me.
  13. Nocturne Member

    I agree with you 100%.
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  14. Medjai New Member

    Color change is fine, but I want to be able to know what someone is wearing by the shape / design.
    Agree that I do not want to see wizards in Plate etc.
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  15. Athyr Member

    Armor and/or appearance has mainly been about it being a form of a status symbol. Why work extremely hard to get "Uber Plate of Awesomeness" and it looks a certain way...but someone comes around and just copies the look of the piece and then appearance doesn't mean anything anymore.
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  16. Malus New Member

    I think we should only be able to add limited accents to the armor, and add color.
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  17. Rencey Member

    Pretty much this. Lets identify our characters, but lets not make it super absurd (like running around in nothing but underwear)
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  18. Cerzi New Member

    I miss the days where items were as much trophies as they were stats-enhancers and cosmetics. I want my gear to express my accomplishments in the game world, and for items in the world to have continuity. The sword that drops from that dragon deep under the world looks like *that*, and wielding it tells everyone that you've killed that dragon.

    Let people express their artistic side with dyes and maybe modifications of sorts, but legendary items should be recognizable and should tell a story of that player's journey.
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  19. Yensu Member

    ^ - This system should be the only system
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  20. KitsuneWise New Member

    I would submit that armor classes should always remain identifiable. No Wizards in plate mail in less they somehow acquired the skill to "use" the plate mail.

    With headgear however, some extra freedom should be given potentially. But that's in the "details".
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