Takish Competition: Winners and Honorable Mentions

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    The winners have been announced! You can find albums of both the winners and the honorable mentions on the Landmark Facebook page.

    Here is a complete list:


    Andelos The Edge of Ruin
    Ansgar Meditation sanctuary
    Ansgar Fountain of the Mourning Moon
    Arazons Takish Provincial Administration
    Artista Takish Light Bearer
    Arywinn Lunar Park Fountain
    Arywinn Fountain of Stars (2 versions)
    Arywinn Bridge of Protection
    Arywinn Mélamar Community Building
    Ashlyn Takish Plaza (2 versions)
    Aushraum Takish Sewer with Boss Room
    Butchywuff Takish Botanical
    Cailette Takish Tower
    Cailette Takish Monument
    Candela Crystal Gazebo of the Ancients
    Carnila Takish Sewer Grand Hall
    Cools Takish Fortress
    CraftyPig Takish Bridge & Modular Pieces
    CraftyPig Takish Energy Conduit (pristine)
    CraftyPig Takish Energy Conduit (ruined)
    daGELLO Takish Three Cornered Building
    daGELLO Takish Four Cornered Building
    daGELLO Takish Teleport Hub (pristine)
    daGELLO Takish Teleport Hub (ice destroyed versions)
    Dagnal Takish Wealthy Residence
    Dalinsia Takish Magician Tower
    Dalinsia Sewer rooms & pipes
    Dalinsia Takish Military Watchtower
    Dalinsia Takish Seaside Gazebo
    Darckwar Takish Temple
    Darckwar Takish sewer pieces
    Dhara Takish Outpost with Guard Towers
    Dhara Takish Modular Wall Set
    Dharimor Takish Statues
    Endru Takish Market
    Endru Takish Market Stalls
    Fazz Takish Border Checkpoint (pristine)
    Fazz Takish Border Checkpoint (ruined)
    Feolan Temple of the Stars
    Fiorn Takish Underground Museum
    Fugazied Takish Building
    Fugazied Takish Modular Crypt Room
    Fugazied Modular Sewer
    Gabriael Takish Magical Water Fountain
    Gaerwyn Takish Bridge (pristine and ruined)
    Georgi4 Temple Takish
    Georgi4 Cave Sorcerer
    Ginsan Takish Ruin
    Ginsan Takish Pristine Pieces
    Ginsan Takish Statue
    Hanna Takish Fountain
    Helie Takish Tower
    Infinity of Light Takish Design and Floor Sampler
    Inskius Statues of the Takish Elders
    Jadam Defensive military Takish Outpost
    Jadam Takish Medium Shop
    Jadam Another Takish Simple House
    Jadam Sewer boss Room
    Jadam Takish Simple House Rehabilitated by Kerrans
    Jadam Modular Sewar and Rooms
    Jadam Tiles for Takish Sewer
    Jadam An Abandoned Takish House
    Jadam Apothicarium
    Jarnila Sewer Pieces
    Jarnila Sewer Connecting Pieces
    Jarnila Sewer Grand Hall
    Jayle Takish Gazebo Pristine
    Jayle Takish Gazebo Repurposed
    Jayle Takish Sewer Guard Station
    Kosomok The Undermarket
    Kosomok Modular Sewer Pieces
    Kosomok Takish Bridge pieces
    Kutter Takish Sewer Shrine with Torture Chamber
    LadyKathleen Takish Temple
    Magvadis Sewer Underwater Passage
    MAMAxJen Royal Palace Garden
    Marinus Takish Sewar
    Metacor Takish Water Containment (sewer)
    Murren Takish Pavilion
    Murren Takish Tower
    Nerdal Gazebo (2 versions)
    Niborande Takish Elven Garrison
    Nobwinkle Takish Furniture
    Odessya Takish Forge (2 versions)
    Ogresnot Takish Building
    Ogresnot Takish ruined statue
    Orandir Takish fountain
    Phoenix Lesser Takish Noble's Observatory
    Portavar Takish Bridge
    Rengerel Takish/Combine Sewer Tile
    Rengerel Takish Marketplace
    Risenstrike Takish Building
    Risenstrike Takish Bridge
    Risenstrike Takish Gazebos
    Sairyss Takish Grand Statue Monument
    Silfren Takish Burial Chamber
    SpiderOz Modular Pier/Jetty
    Taltos Takish Observatory
    Tenma Takish Thing
    Thrift Takish Furniture
    Verjigorm Takish Gazebo Pristine and ruined versions
    Verjigorm Takish Gazebo Ruined versions
    Verlin Takish Building
    Voila Takish 2 elf warrior statues
    Yarnila Takish Qeynos Sewer
    Zimnel Takish Energy Supply
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  2. RadarX Administrator

    Honorable Mentions

    Alyiahna Takish Ruins
    Bakuryu Takish build
    Bakuryu Takish Scroll
    Daepadar Elemental Arcanum
    Denianna Takish Ruin
    Dragonsage Takish Female Statue
    Graysilk Takish Ruin
    Graysilk Takish Main Tower
    Grimmstone Takish Portal Tower
    Huebert Kelebert Forest Observatory Tower
    Ivanka Takish Ship
    Jars Dragon Cove
    Laozee Takish Laozees Takish Ruins
    Luminosity Ancient Observatory
    Mirasha Grand Crypt
    Mirasha Twin Towers
    Murren Takish Birthday Cake
    Ogresnot Takish colossus
    Pantera Fountain of Infinity
    Punkrok Takish Empire Gazebo
    Randin Takish Tower
    Runededge Small Takish Bridge
    Ruriko Ramps and Stairs
    Shariyel Takish Build
    Voila elf lovers
    Voxelle Modular misc
    Voxelmancy Takner the golden dragon
    Zimnel Takish Meditation Plaza
    Zimnel Takish Crown Foundation
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