Should female dwarves have beards or not?

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  1. Amnerys Well-Known Member

    Want to hear what members of the EQN team think? Check out the Round Table Response video:

    Not able to see the embedded video? Click this link to go directly to the Round Table response on YouTube.
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  2. DngrMse Active Member

    This decision should be left up to the players. If the player wants her, or his female dwarf to be bearded, they should be free to choose either way. Some will go with the beard, some won't. It looks as if EQN is going to be a killer game either way.
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  3. TheEnigma New Member

    Absolutely not. That's disgusting.
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  4. Skeaser Member

    I say make it a choice. I understand some people don't like it but it always irks me when it's not even an option.
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  5. TheBBP Member

    I am all for choice.
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  6. Clementine Member

    My personal choice is that I don't like a hairy face on my female characters, but I also strongly believe that everyone should have their options the way they want them, as much as it's within the developers power.
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  7. Anj Member

    ALL DWARVES NEED BEARDS! Even if microscopic.
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  8. Nolrog Member

    All proper female dwarves have beards. It's part of the race. Just look at Brasse, she makes an excellent female dwarf.
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  9. Nillaien New Member

    Freedom of choice! Dwarf wives have almost always had beards in lore (take your pick) but I do agree it is not visually appealing.
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  10. DngrMse Active Member

    Just to hammer this home....EQN is a sandbox game. No one should be forced to create a character that adheres to the norms of other games. If it's decided that female dwarves be created with beard, add the option of removing it via game play, through quests, and/or crafted items. Ditto for other physical racial attributes.
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  11. Athyr Member

    Male and female dwarves wear their beards as a matter of pride! To be without one is a major shame to themselves and their clan.
    Yes! They should have beards.
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  12. Orotiagito New Member

    Optional, but whats the point in making specific sex at this point? People make dwarfs for beards and a coarse looking character. Who in the world wants to play a female dwarf?
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  13. Merketh New Member

    optional and up to the player.
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  14. Keluian Member

    Choice is far better than no choice. but if beards, the ability to style them needs to be far greater than it has been in the past. facial hair has always been a slim option in most MMO's including EQ
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  15. Malus New Member

    I believe female dwarves should not have facial hair as to appeal to the female players. Swag
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  16. Caitlyn New Member

    Give 'em the option! Anyone bothered by bearded ladies need not play one :)
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  17. Thunndar Well-Known Member

    I say make it optional
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  18. Hope Active Member

    It should definitely be optional.
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  19. Sweetdeal New Member

    I say it is optional because female dwarf often not look good with a beard :)
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  20. Fate Member

    I'd like beards to be an option for female Dwarves. I'd like to see multiple styles too, as I remember when I played a female Dwarf Berserker in EQ I only one beard, which wasn't really what I wanted, but it fit the character better than no beard at all.

    I would want it to be an option though as I don't think all Dwarf females should be required to have beards, especially since it'd likely turn off a lot of players from making a female Dwarf.
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