Landmark Build Out Contests (New RT Format)

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  1. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    Blog from Dave Georgeson, Director of Development:

    So launch has been a blast, but where do we go from here?

    We’re putting together a plan. It should roll out very soon so that you can give us feedback. We intend to tell you what we’re doing, and why.

    As a teaser for that plan, let’s talk about the state of the game right now. You can build and you can craft. What’s there is fun, but the systems are not yet fully-fleshed out and there’s a lot more to come.

    While we’re building that “lots more to come”, we want you to push the aspects of the systems we already have in the game. And to let you do that, we’re going to bolster those systems quite a bit so that you can do more.

    We’ll be focusing on communications, rating systems, and ways for you to cooperate with each other on building and harvesting as our first order of business, and that stuff will start appearing to you on a rapid basis. At the same time, we’ll also have folks working on the bigger systems (combat, water, AI, etc.) so that those systems are eventually ready also, but at a slower pace. A detailed list will be presented to you soon!

    We’re also going to start running building contests. Yup. One of the first ideas is a contest for building Landmarks! Yup. We hope that each island hub will have an identifying Landmark with it that makes it easy to tell the islands apart, even between worlds. We’d like it a lot if those identifying features came for you folks, the Alpha team. So would you like your name immortalized on a plaque at a hub? Yes? Okay…then start thinking of your next Landmark!

    Anyway, there’s lots more to come. So stay tuned!

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  2. Bazgrim Member

    I'll be totally honest, pretty much the only reason I've been keeping an eye on Landmark is because of its connection to EQN. The thought that some of the creations will be carried over into the new Norrath is really exciting to me. I say we jump right in! :)
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  3. Musta Surma Member

    I would rather have also free innovation contests also on the list although I understand its not suitable for this list since it would contain all of those. Better to have a structured question. Of those I chose Architecture contest.

    Funny feels almost painfull to handle these landmark questions when you haven't yet been "able" to join up :D.
  4. Talzar of Quellious Active Member

    It seems like EQN is where the community is at. Perhaps there could be an annual contest for EQ/EQ2 homage though. Nostalgia is the reason many have bought the Landmark founders pack and it's the reason many more will buy the Next founders pack without hesitation. Pay tribute to EQ/EQ2 at some level.
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  5. Torpian Member

    Architecture for the new Norrath (EQN)

    This ^^ - EQNL is supposed to be the precursor to EQN, let's see some in-game designs for EQN to inspire us with our building designs for the contest! :)
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  6. Vox_Disciples Well-Known Member

    I am happy with the new format. I think that a great number of us think that way. But as a guild leader I also see it as a great team-building experience (I am so punny).

    I would love to see a lot more contest related to EQ:N rather than others, that being said, I would still want to see other contest in the game. But the majority I would like to see stuff that the players build end up in game and giving us all the chance to win at said contest and get to see our creations in Next.
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  7. Kiry New Member

    I'm not a EQ player, at least in any sense although I just started a character a few weeks ago. So for Landmark players like myself, a homage wouldn't do any good.
    I sort of feel like we don't really have tools for time specific contests, maybe because my imagination isn't the greatest. I feel like I'm still on the basics. ha!
  8. Sethric New Member

    Can't afford EQNL but will sacrifice everything to purchase a EQNext alpha pack
  9. Aazimar Well-Known Member

    Of course I would want to build for EQN! After that, I would choose EQ2/EQ1 homage builds (Kaladim anyone?) and then a general fantasy based build in that order.
  10. Gerret Member

    I think its obvious people would like their creations immortalized and viewed by millions in being part of EQN. I have question about the blog written. When you talk about social aspects / landmarks... Is there going to be areas outside of "claims" that allow for building in larger group collaborations? Guild building areas? Faction building areas? Open building areas?
  11. Nawks New Member

    Since i'm really excited for EQ Next, I would definitely like to see a building contest for the Architecture for the new Norrath.
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  12. Vox_Disciples Well-Known Member

    I for one would love to see the ability to merge claims like husbands and wifes making big claims or friends making claims together. I would also LOVE to see guild claims, I am REALLY hoping for guild claims. Open building areas would be pretty cool too...I think that should be done maybe in one corner of the map though away from the spire so that people don't troll and build big walls and stuff near there to make people mad, and out of the way from other claims.

    But faction building areas? I, personally, wouldn't want to see a faction system inside of Landmark, I see it as a very social and building game nothing like what Next will be.
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  13. rabb1t Active Member

    I expected that they'd all be focused on EQN content to help build up the world quickly. :D

    After EQN's launch I'm sure panning out would help inspire other game world ideas.

    *whisper* make a form of the cute Kobold up top a playable player race.
  14. XenoTekk New Member

    I'm pretty new to EQ in general, so I'm not up on the architecture used in the games. I think it will be pretty interesting to see how the look of the game evolves as players put their own spin on how they feel things could look. I'll probably participate in some of the contests just to see what is possible.
    As far as guild stuff goes, I hope to see guild claims and guild construction options. In particular, I think that iconography for guilds is a part of the social aspect of the game from a guild POV, and being able to construct items and buildings that maintain a particular design aesthetic would be really cool. Did your guild contribute substantially to a rallying call? They could have a pylon or marker that they designed placed at the site to commemorate, along with the other guilds that were involved.
    There is a ton of potential to make your mark in this world, either individually or as part of a group, and those tokens indicate your place in history.

    tl; dr
    Let's make some cool stuff, yo!
  15. Fantomex Member

    Norrath. Give me Norrath. I. Can't. Wait. :D
  16. Spiderkite New Member

    Build a Landmark you say... Way ahead of you.

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  17. Skyguard New Member

    The focus of the contests should be on what Landmark was originally designed: To help build EQN . Once that game launches, I have no problem with doing contests for different things/genres. Please focus on EQN first, that is the priority.
  18. Drakka New Member

    Hopefully we have at least a second claim before any of these building contests start. I don't want to have to pack up my entire claim to make room to build something of a specific "theme".
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  19. Waywardson New Member

    I would love to see us able to create groups, whether that be groups of friends, acquaintances, guilds, etc, and have the developers issue weekly/bi-weekly challenges, where each group has a large claim and can cooperatively build towards that challenge. At the end the developers would look and judge the best.
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  20. XenoTekk New Member

    Klaatu, barada, nikto!
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