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  1. Noon New Member

    Sad news, I didn't want to hear it but at least I'm not following a f#cking carrot on a stick anymore. Can't believe I was fool enough to get swept up into the hype back in... What 2013? Then even more foolish to stick around and continue hoping even after all the signs were pointed in this direction.

    Good luck daybreak, consider this once long time loyal fan/player of EQ (all the way back to 1999) and EQ2, officially done with the series. Time to find a game that offers those things you find boring.
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  2. Wolven Member

    This is very sad news indeed.
    I may play landmark now and then but every time that i do, i will feel a great sadness and emptyness inside where my love on the iksar once was.

    Congratulations Daybreak, you have killed an Iksar's dreams of Norrath. I thank you for the memories from eq1, i tried eq2 it was toooo easy and linear (warden was fun, but wow rogue or druid is more fun), i had great hopes for EQN. Dave sold me on at the amazing reveal. So much so that I actually went to the last soe live. I did meet some awesome people in the landmark community and some very cool people also waiting on eqn. Ive invested alot of my money into landmark, and soe cash/daybreak in the hopes that the money would help to keep eqn afloat. Come LM launch ill probally give it all away to newbys when i get the stuff back to make their lives easier.. ive got over a full storage in person and bank of the druidium that i bought, and that was just one resource.. I was planing on spending thousands in next and giving it away to random folks. Looks like ill have that Dark Angel Chapter alot sooner then i was budgeting for. I guess thanks for that.
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  3. Wolven Member

    For those that dont know me here, I am or was Ssisal of the Nathsar Brood, brought up and raised by the Kunzar. My sirname was changed from Stonescale to Cabilis by the GM back on E-Marr back in Velious days for being the first iksar warrior to complete every single Iksar class quest line and have in my inventory the final upgraded class specific weapons. I also was one of the few wielders of The Etheral bladed Naginata containing The Spirit of Garzicor, at 54 i also bore the ring of Dain Frostreaver IV and the Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl..
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  4. Loopylilac New Member

    Hello, i noticed that DBG is woefully missing in any conversations here. I would just like to know where I need to apply in order to get my refund? Please answer DBG!
  5. Brewergamer New Member

    I've waited for 5 years for EQN (since they started up hype in 2011, and.. 2011 was also when they shut down Star Wars Galaxies so I was really hoping for a sandbox replacement for me, I have been unable to find an alternative). This to me sounds a bit ridiculous, They could have released on early access and at least seen how well it sold. I don't understand the decision, I genuinely don't. From a community standpoint, why would they abandon the game after so long in development? And from a business standpoint, instead of trying to at least make a bit of profit, they just cut their losses and quit? I don't get it.

    Yea, I was thinking about something like this possibly happening after they got rid of him. Sucks. Guess I'm probably done with SOE/Daybreak as a whole, they've broken my enjoyment of their games so many times beyond counting. And you hardly ever see big upsets like this from other companies. Star Wars Galaxies was a great game and could easily have went on and flourished if it had went free to play instead of just pulling the plug. Here's to hoping I can find a replacement one day.
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  6. Davor New Member

    I am not surprised at all and knew this day was coming over a year ago, perhaps when the asset corporation that owns this grows tired of their one and only software company, it will be purchased by a REAL software corporation that knows games and then Everquest 3 (what it should have been called in the first place) will be reborn....but I am not holding my breath for that one.

    Such a shame as I have been playing EQ2 for over 6 years now and still enjoy it...
  7. Zoth New Member

    Looks like my gaming fix will need to be fed by other endeavors....EQ EMU's can be fun, thankfully.

    With countless others....cant believe I actually defended you guys....cant believe I fell for this. Starting with Sony, who pretty much thumbed their nose at fans who'd paid them for over a decade, in many cases, and just dumped their property and fans into the hands of a company with a proven history of not giving a....well, you get the idea....about their customers.

    In all honesty this feels like either profound incompetence and mismanagement or genuine fraud.
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  8. Arlanon New Member

    I never even played EQ1 or EQ2 (I played MUDs up until 2001 when I switched to Anarchy Online as my MMORPG of choice), but even I was excited and happy to hear of EQN. I thought it was great that one of the first MMORPGs was going to make a comeback, revitalize the genre, and introduce new and groundbreaking ideas and innovations to set the standard for MMORPGs to follow. I would have been proud to have been a part of this.

    Smooth move, Ex-Lax.
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  9. Rypht New Member

    "Disappointed" doesn't even scratch the surface of how much of a let-down this is. I foolishly (yet faithfully) remained hopeful, despite the actions of SOE/the selling-of/the layoffs, that DayBreakGames would pick up the pieces and carry on. But no.

    Now, a great concept is tossed aside like so much trash. Now, the fans of the EQ empire are tossed in, alongside.

    Fare-unwell DayBreakGames, may fate find you unfavorable.
  10. Sybsidian New Member

    What the hell...... I cannot even begin to state how disappointing and stupid this move is. That line about it "not being fun" is BS. Either you ran out of money or the vision just stopped. Considering all the cutbacks and staff that was let go I can assume that it was the latter.

    Sony was stupid to sell this, daybreak was moronic to cancel this. One of the most anticipated Asian games is a clone of EQN and you HAD the chance to reform and bring in new ideas and concepts to mmos as a whole. But no some money moron made a choice and the fools who are running the show now just nodded and moved on. Sad sad sad day.

    You won't recover from this day break.. this is the beginning of the end....

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