How do you feel about modern concepts like guns and Ninjas in EverQuest Next?

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  1. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    Want to hear what members of the EQN team think? Check out the Round Table Response video:

    Not able to see the embedded video? Click this link to go directly to the Round Table response on YouTube.
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  2. Thrasher Active Member

    Ninja? Play a monk
    Guns? Use a bow.
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  3. Gerret Member

    I think is a very dangerous thing to play with. Might end up ruining the feel of a true fantasy MMORPG. However I have played MMORPG with guns and I didnt think they really took away from the game. I think if you had these added very methodically you could get away with it. I definitely don't think they are necessary though.
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  4. Flex Active Member

    Do. Not. Want.
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  5. Crayne Member


    This is a no-brainer. No. period, dot.

    Everquest has survived 15 years and counting without them, proving that those elements are not needed. If Everquest Next uses modern weapon concepts then it will be very similar to Final Fantasy, and there are too many online Final Fantasy clones out there now competing for player interest.
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  6. Snip Member

    No thank you. The original EQ monk was ninja enough.
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  7. GnetiS Member

    It depends on how far you´re taking it. Assault rifles and the like have no place in the fantasy setting of this game, but i think that a blunderbuss would suit the dwarves for example.

    A ninja class would only fit if there´s some lore that supports it. But i think that a rogue fills the ninja role anyway so i don´t see any particular reason for putting it in there other than as a gimmick.
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  8. Cautious Poke Well-Known Member

    I wish I could see the implementation they are thinking of before voting.
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  9. Aazimar Well-Known Member

    To be honest, EQNext doesn't need them. Some genre's had gun using dwarves in their ethos; WoW and WAR come to mind. Plenty of ranged items out there without having to use gunpowder. As for ninjas, samurai, etc., I always equate fantasy to a more medieval feel, focusing on a more European setting. I don't normally look at feudal Japan as being part of Norrath. Doesn't mean that it can't or shouldn't, it just removes the Fantasy world feeling I have come to find in Norrath. Besides, it seems that is a route other games are taking now, and I really don't want to explain how EQNext is not copying WoW even though they have kung fu pandas =/
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  10. Flex Active Member

    Ninjas befouled UO. It was like every cleche of Japanese culture was splattered all over Britannia. Guns? Come on. I know they'd be implemented as gnomish steam powered muskets or something, but still. As Thrasher said, use a bow.

    EQN has enough innovative features that they don't need to muddy the waters further with ninjas and guns and robots and cowboys, hell, if you're going to do this might as well add a Toyota Prius mount.
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  11. Salany New Member

    No thanks.
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  12. Magnemous Member

    i chose it depends, i think the ninja class deserves a spot in Norrath but not traditional guns, it really depends how they are implemented. For instance if you had 2 forms of ranger 1 was an archer and 1 was a marksman, the archer should use a bow where as the marksman could use a gun. However the gun should require ammo much like eq1 arrows also it shouldn't be like a todays gun(colt, or magnum or ak) it should have a fantasy flare (slingshot, hand cannon) now as far as Ninja they really deserve to be in game(thinking final fantasy here) a ninja should be a progression glass off off rogue/monk thief/assassin. i do not think you should get the ninja early game definatly not right away at launch, this should be something you get way later in the game. i would not dress him like a ninja(traditional ninja) i would go for an assasins creed look so that he fits in to the norrath world, the ninja should have 3 options as far as weapons monk/hand to hand, swords/ duel wield, or shurikans /ranged. if done right the Ninja could be a great class to play and EQ would not be the first fantasy game to bring in ninja's. i know final fantasy did and if i am not mistaken so did Horizons. the guns though are the ones that you will get the most beef with if not implemented right do nto do guns like WoW or warhammer did, they need to have a fantasy flare to them as stated above.
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  13. Magnemous Member

    they are asking caus they want us to give them the ideas on how to implement them if at all. when all is said and done they are going to take our votes up/down and choose from them if they make sense.
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  14. Everuser Active Member

    Now I understand this would be a huge step for Norrath but I want to keep an open mind to this one. Not enough has been said but the idea alone could bring a lot of fun to Norrath.

    With how the system of weapons have an effect on abilities and how those abilities look I think this Idea could really push that system and make it great if done right!

    A range class limited to just a bow sounds silly when you think about other classes being able to weapon swap all kinds of fun stuff.

    I think the style it what's going to win me over!
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  15. Glundar New Member

    A ninja type character could be incorporated as they could be based on a hidden sect type basis. They would not be that different to a masked monk/dual wielding scout. Speaking of monks and ninjas on thing I have wanted for ages is for monks to be able to study different schools of martial arts which changes their animation. For example crane style or snake Etc

    Old tinkered flint lock pistols or rifles would also not be completely unrealistic. Eq2 already has flying discs and machines with propellers as well as fully AI robots. So a tinkered gun could fit however you would then expect to have a progression to cross bows too. They could be more powerful but slower and prone to miss fires this injuring the wielder.

    Well that's my two pence worth
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  16. Everuser Active Member

    look at how the weapon system is going to have an effect on abilities though! A ranger can use a bow and that's about it but a warrior will be able to weapon swap all kinds of fun stuff. This could be a great way to level the playing field. I'm with you though that this is a huge step for Norrath but if done right, Change can be good I think!
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  17. HellSpark Member

    NO! Just NO!

    I don't want Modern guns or Ninjas in my Fantasy world. If you want to include Ninja's or samurai style of classes for multiclassing it should have been an addon.

    Look at World Of Warcraft with Mists Of Pandaria. They included a Monk class after 6-7 years when there was a content for it.

    Modern Guns =/= Medieval Fantasy Game

    Please, dear SOE devs. Don't do this. Sexy Dark Elf with Love. :*
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  18. wolfwood82 Active Member

    Ninja's wouldn't have a niche role to fill. Rogues already have that role of sneaky stealth guy and that's all the Ninja really was when you boil it down.

    Same thing with fire arms. I'd rather see the creation and use of crossbows over firearms myself.
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  19. Flex Active Member

    Crossbows ftw.
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  20. Dryhtenwulf New Member

    just comparing it to real world.. guns originated in 14th century China.. ninjas were most noted starting in the 15th century Japan.. different parts of the world advance at different speeds.. as long as the lore fit and the weapons aren't really modern day or futuristic it could add a bit more variety to the classes..

    it would be an extremely risky move though.. one that would need to be scrutinized about looks, power levels, ammo restrictions, reload times and rarity..

    overall not sure about this one..
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