How complex should the Landmark design tools be?

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  1. Amnerys Well-Known Member

    Want to hear what members of the EQN team think? Check out the Round Table Response video:

    Not able to see the embedded video? Click this link to go directly to the Round Table response on YouTube.
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  2. Anomander Rake Member

    Woot! Let me say that I am super pumped after watching the EQ:Next presentation. I am totally relieved that somebody is finally trying to do something new with the genre. As for the tools, I would like them to be complex, but I don't want to have to buy a research book just to learn how to use them. So, super complex, but also intuitive
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  3. TheBBP Member

    So long as the UI is intuitive and there are tutorials or other learning methods, I have no preference.
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  4. Anj Member

    Definitely full power to the players. A true sandbox game!
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  5. Anomander Rake Member

    Not sure where to ask this, but how do I change my avatar from Firiona Vie?
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  6. Sweetdeal New Member

    Maximum Power like Tekkit and so on!
  7. Malus New Member

    It should be a persistent world that allows multiple users to connect and collaboratively own and work on projects together. The level of detail should be complex but only available in an advanced options manner, otherwise there should be bigger building blocks to ease building. Parameterized building would be ideal, for example, setting 100x100 blocks or 13x44x55 blocks. Quick-adding the blocks, details, to an area or existing blocks.
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  8. Nocturne Member

    I think there should be different versions of the tool. Like an easier version and a more in depth tool for more experienced and knowledgeable users.
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  9. Yensu Member

    Color changes are fine... but I hate the option of transmog or anything like that. That level of customization takes it too far. It's nice to be able to tell when someone has the best weapon in the game.
  10. Orvin Albrix New Member

    it should have a lot of power for those who dig in the editor itself. To reward the passion to learn the most out of it invested by the player.
    Not as complex as Second Life, but please way ore complex than Minecraft (which is a really great game, but just simple blocking allover).
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  11. Nillaien New Member

    Honestly you should have varying degrees of complexities based on personal skill. To really be effective as an additional design tool for the Devs it will need to be as powerful as what they are using. A simple, advanced, and extreme mode would be my preference.
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  12. Lidende Krigsman Active Member

    More complex than minecraft, but not too much so. If it ends up being far too complex to use, most people will simply give up in frustration. That said, it should be powerful enough for people who do want to use it to make what they want without having to rely on tricks and engine quirks. Somewhere in the middle would be best, I think.
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  13. Keluian Member

    I'd love to see tools able to do far more in depth textures than Minecraft, multiple shades. For instance instead of a normal swamp, I might love making a poisonous looking purple swampland....with a small trail made from the skulls and bones of animals that died in it.
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  14. Orotiagito New Member

    I think they should be simple to use and understand, add a variety of customization tools but make it easy to pick up. I don't want to invest hours into learn one aspect of the game that ultimately doesn't not level me up, although I do love this feature in the game. Very interesting.
  15. Yensu Member

    Sorry about the off topic comment. Posted in wrong place.. but can't seem to edit/remove it.
  16. SuBw00FeR New Member

    You'll be amazed what people can do if they have a lot of control over what they can do.
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  17. Nolrog Member

    They should be user friendly and very powerful. The community is incredibly creative, I can't wait to see what they make. I hope there's a dungeon and even zone design abilities in the future.
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  18. Clementine Member

    I want to be able to help form the world we play in. One of the things I loved most about Shadowbane days is the ability to help design the world and could help tear it down. I would love the design tools to have all sorts of fun that helps me do that!
  19. Menion New Member

    Bring on the complexity!
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  20. gallanhael New Member

    I would like to know if this game is going to have only one open world or have any kind of instanced content in it, the answer to this will determine if I you play it or not.
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