Do you want to build in public or in private in Landmark?

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  1. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    Want to hear what the EQN Dev team thinks? Check out the response video:

    If you're unable to see the embedded video, you can go directly to our YouTube channel and check it out here!
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  2. Aazimar Well-Known Member

    I want to build around others if possible. My creativity is my own, but there is a social aspect to building that needs to be fostered. I can build a house, but WE can build a kingdom!
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  3. Aezhir Member

    For me, I like people to see my progress during the construction phases, they may end up giving very good suggestions, and may end up helping me finish what I'm doing.
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  4. Max New Member

    I love the idea of others seeing my work, as well as me seeing theirs.
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  5. Mallas Scumlord Well-Known Member

    Let us see others work. We can pick up ideas from others and do our own variations. We can say "dude/dudette that looks awesome!"
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  6. Mallas Scumlord Well-Known Member

    people must see my wizard spire splatter art!
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  7. Gossamer Well-Known Member

    Nobody will expect masterpieces, especially at first. Building with others able to see but not touch is perfect for me. I want to see others ideas and maybe even expand on some of them on my own tract of land.
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  8. Amris Well-Known Member

    Here's the problem. I want people to be able to SEE, maybe even stumble upon my work.

    BUT, NOT if they can destroy it upon stumbling upon it.

    Make plots "build locked" and allow us to add people or not. But let them come onto it and see what we've made.

    I want to see other peoples' and I want them to see mine. Yet I want us to all feel secure about what we're doing. If people can destroy it, it takes away the pleasure of asking people to come check it out. "Come see my build," becomes, "I wonder if a huge pool of lava will keep everyone out?? die enough times, and maybe they'll leave my build alone?"

    I'm not voting in the poll, because I don't know if people will be able to destroy it when they see it.

    If they can destroy it, then keep them away from me. If they can't destroy it, the more the merrier.
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  9. Vildainn Member

    Awesome topic. For me I would love to work in private so I can focus in great detail and also maybe not give away some secrets of my build! Once my masterpiece is completed I want to show it off to the world to see.
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  10. EvolovE New Member

    I think if there are "claimed" areas it would be good to see what others are doing in your area but for the public traveling it may ruin some of the aesthetics of the environment seeing a bunch of half finished structures. I would say let people toggle the option when they are building it. I do think others building in the area seeing the directions those around them are taking can see if the build fits well.
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  11. Xurtan Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of wandering through the world and seeing other people's projects. I'm perfectly fine going further afield if I want to build alone, just like in MC. As long as the world is big enough that we can make player cities, or build near one another, or wander waaaaay out and find our own land with no one around, that's good for me.
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  12. Xurtan Well-Known Member

    They've already mentioned a few places that you have to give people access to destroy/build upon your plot. By default, no one can affect it except you.
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  13. Wandidar Aroundidar Well-Known Member

    The options for these polls never seem adequate.

    My option would really be: Sometimes I wouldn't care if people saw what I was building - sometimes I would. For example... if I were deciding that I had some really odd idea in my mind that I wanted to try to build - I'd want to work it through in private.

    If I were building myself a house... who cares who sees it?
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  14. Tree Beard Member

    For those of us interested in selling what we create on Player Studio, privacy is essential. Otherwise, people can freely steal your ideas and copy your creations. I do not want people viewing my work until it has been submitted to Player Studio.
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  15. Amris Well-Known Member

    Okay. Then I definitely say that letting other people see it would add to my enjoyment.

    As long as they can't harm it, then I would really love to be able to see others' stuff and invite them to see mine. I agree with what someone said, which was that building seems to be a very social thing.

    On the other hand, I know that a lot of people like to keep their builds a secret until they unveil the magic at the end. I suspect that this can be managed somewhat from the standpoint of just going far before beginning to build. However, some kind of feature like giant curtains or walls that hide your build wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, particularly if they are curtains of greenery or something. Like giant wall hangings with pictures on them of landscapes or something. Clearly not part of the scenery, but also not overly intrusive to the style of the game.
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  16. Castinar New Member

    If I build a monument and no one sees it, is it really a monument?

    Love to let people see the work in progress. (However, I see the point for those creations to be sold via the Studio as well). Perhaps some "private" laboratories for items that require more privacy, maybe contained within a more public offering.
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  17. LanthosEbonwolfe Member

    There would be a better opportunity for collective ideas, feedback, and social aspects of EQN:Landmark if players can roam and see others' work. I like the idea of having to give people permission to build on my property but I am completely open to having my progress seen.

    I would also like to see a "Leave a message" or something for properties. I may not be on all the time but I would love to share my ideas or see other people's feedback while in the game when I return. Someone may have a perfect add-on for my build or have already developed a structure I am working on and wants to share the idea/location. I would be open to this "shared information and ideas" approach over instances where everything is build behind the scenes.
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  18. Vildainn Member

    Wandidar and Tree Beard make very valid points.

    Honestly a toggle would be the best option. Say I want to release my project in phases. I may not want to show my "whole" project off but if I say want to invite friends and public to view "Phase 2" they can see it for a week and I would close it down for private access only while I work on the next portion.

    Also I plan on getting active in Player Studio so having my own ideas is essential~
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  19. Vejuz New Member

    I want to be able to watch other people build just as much as I want to people to watch me build. So long as my work is protected from meddling, the idea of building as a community is a great one.

    For me, some of the most magical moments I've had in gaming is when a new Minecraft server is established, and a pack of players start to mine and build on a world that was previously untouched. Watching a small community spring up over time is an amazing thing, and something that should not be lost in Landmark.
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  20. Aazimar Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing there will be more Landmark servers then EQN servers. If the game world is persistent, that's a great deal of square mileage needed for all the builders - especially if someone wants to be way out in B.F.E.

    I will be interested in knowing how much virtual acreage is granted per land "claim" Maybe designated urban areas will have less square footage to accommodate a city atmosphere while rural areas could have virtual miles of owned property. What if we can build downwards as well. Oooh, my dwarven mining pick hungers for the impact of rock and stone!
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