Jul 25, 2013
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Hey folks! If you're looking to send a private message, visit the "Information" tab and click "Start a Conversation." ~Dexella Sep 27, 2013

    1. Alerion Ashkore
      Hey Dexella, are you still the go-to gal for the community?
    2. enalisu
      i have some ideas to discuss these mostly interesting question, which is vital for a living content. but i don't like to spend my time, if a reply is uncertain.
      1. Dexella
        You're welcome to send me your ideas via direct message (click "Information" above and then 'Start a Conversation'), and I can pass those along to the Development Team. I can't guarantee any specific response, but your ideas will be shared internally!
        Sep 2, 2014
    3. enalisu
      static "homeserver" might work, if a game is young. i believe, that mega-server manage growing and reducing numbers of players much better - but how can a mega-server work with the concept of player generated, story driven aspects ...
    4. enalisu
      wondering, if there will be a possibility to discuss and possibilities to access discussions - didn't find any possibility to get in contact ... most important question for me is: what do you do to deal with the flow of population over the years?
    5. Budzilla
      So, i was curious if any of this game will get any ideas from EQOA from PS2, i mean it was an amazing game
    6. Lormak
      Yo I try to "Free to Play. MY Way." in EQ Landmark!! I just need some help for that :D
      1. Dexella
        May 20, 2014
    7. Druid
      I also tried sending a message from Wolfblood to you but I'm not sure if it went through because the power went out.
      Thanks for all you do Druid/Wolfblood (not sure why but my id changes based on which form I'm looking at, at the time)
    8. Druid
      EQN Idea: I believe that auction houses are harmful to the player community. So I had an idea to promote trade and player community in Next and possibly Landmark. Have you guys thought about adding a system that would allow players to open and run their own stores? Players are giving the power to build why not let us give our building purpose and help promote trade and player community.
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    9. tramss
      Hey Dexella,

      I sent you a message when you get the chance :D
    10. McNerdofWar
      EQNL Idea. How about having sound effects and music tools? This would give our creations more life. The music tool would have the whole music spectrum. And sound effects would give our creations depth. Pretty much we would have to have every sound effect in existence. = )
    11. Ballin Stormhammer
      More on this Tankish and Healish idea. Many want to know more about it since its a big scare ...many think is a no trinity system and many don't want another GW2 deal. However I understand the AI makes that original system more tricky. Anyway, When will we see more? Its quite on this side of the Fence...Landmark is well...the only talk it seems.
    12. Ballin Stormhammer
      Hey , I know EQNL is a big deal, But when is more coming out for EQN.....I'd really want to see more, Races and Classes and is the game going to be as heavy on the CPU as Landmark is currently. I'd like to see this idea of trinity systems being different,
    13. NightAngel
      Hi Dexella. Thank you so very much for listing us under Fan Podcasts, Web Shows, & Livestreams. Just wanted to let you know that Grievance recently changed from Debuffed to GTGN (Grievance Total Gaming Network). Our EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next Landmark show is called The Bazaar.

      Again, thank you very much.
    14. Vox_Disciples
      The Disciples couldn't make it to the event tonight, but we will be watching the live stream if we can! Thanks for all the hard work Dex and everyone else on the SOE team! We will be donating online to the food bank that SOE is sponsoring and we hope others will too!

      I hope tonight goes great for you guys Dexella, have fun, you all deserve it!
    15. Yotan
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      2. Dexella
        That's awesome! Can you Start a Conversation (send a PM) to me about this? Click "Information" above and then the link is a bit down the page. Thanks! ~Dexella
        Dec 17, 2013
      3. Vox_Disciples
        Irthos Clan is awesome! Great group of guys, DoV has chatted with them on voice chat and they seem like a great group!
        Jan 31, 2014
      1. Dexella
        Hey there! Thanks for letting me know. Click on the "Information" tab above and then "Start a Conversation" so we can discuss this a bit more. Thank you! ~Dexella
        Dec 17, 2013
    16. Vox_Disciples
      Hey Dexella, thanks for all the work you are doing on the forums. We are lucky too have you on the EQNext team. You guys keep up the good work creating a first rate game and community!
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    17. Dexella
      Hey folks! If you're looking to send a private message, visit the "Information" tab and click "Start a Conversation." ~Dexella
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    18. Domino
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