ZW Raid DPS, Lets see Parses.

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Colossaltitan, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-Colossaltitan Guest

    Where are you at? I haven't been able to raid much on my Necromancer, guilds had me on my alt, so all the parses I can bring up are basically Pre-EoF.

    I'll try and get in on a few raids though on Malign.

    I'd like to see, Deathtoll, Emerald Halls, TCM, Freethinkers, whatever else you guys have been up to.

    Only post parses where you weren't slacking, etc, going all out, all the time.

    Thanks, in advance.
  2. ARCHIVED-Omgidomms Guest

    Necromancer raid dps?
    I was overall best before, now i'm always overall best :p

    And i broke my long dream of over 4k dps with 4360dps on a raid trash mob the other day. ;)
    PS: Yeah this was a trash mob, and no named or so..
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  3. ARCHIVED-Colossaltitan Guest

    I was looking for specifics, anyone can say they can be on top, but to show numbers and statistics is what proves it, and thats more so what I'm interested in, also, zone-wide DPS, and a Single Target trash mob is two different things ;).
  4. ARCHIVED-Badd Boy Guest

    Any reason why you are not posting your zone wide DPS? I do not know what would benefit the Necro community from posting this. I really don't.
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  5. ARCHIVED-Colossaltitan Guest

    Again, I'm just curious to see what everyone is at, to compare it against myself when I am once again raiding on Malign and, what everyone else is parsing in comparison to other classes out there.

    If I was raiding on my Necromancer, I would gladly be showing my parses.
  6. ARCHIVED-Danterus Guest

    Emerald Halls, we got up to the gardener on 2nd floor

    Damage -> EXT DPS

    Allies: (01:32:24) | 102200096 | 18434.36 | [Wizard-Fusion-30359]
    Dants -> 9668533 -> 1743.96
    Ranger -> 8987225 -> 1621.07
    Wizard -> 7589611 -> 1368.98

    CWM - Cleared
    Allies: (08:03) | 7410332 | 15342.30 | [Wizard-Ice Nova-24204]
    Dants -> 814837 -> 1687.03
    Necro -> 785526 -> 1626.35
    Ranger -> 558249 -> 1155.80

    Freethinkers - Cleared
    Allies: (33:53) | 31858180 | 15670.53 | [Wizard-Ball of Lava-51306]
    Dants -> 3215030 -> 1581.42
    Wizard -> 2674070 -> 1315.33
    Ranger -> 2659522 -> 1308.18

    I did ~1500 last DT run but I wasn't really trying so I'm not gonna put that one up.
    Stop giving Malignx crap about this thread, it pertains to our class considering we ARE a DPS class.

    Dants, 70 necro of Impulse on Mistmoore
  7. ARCHIVED-quamdar Guest

    it would benefit people because then they could compare DPS with each other since we are a DPS class. i will try to remember to run a parser sunday when we raid since i don't have any parses post-EoF atm, normally just look at what others post in game.
  8. ARCHIVED-Omgidomms Guest

    Is't it better to discuss our group setup in raids, and that kind of stuff?
    I guess most raiding necro's got a troub in their group, but what other classes?
  9. ARCHIVED-quamdar Guest

    there are other threads that group set up is discussed in. why do people not want a thread to talk about what kind of DPS we are doing?
  10. ARCHIVED-Omgidomms Guest

    Well, are't dps affected mostly by the group setup and what classes that buff you?
    I suggest that people post their main buffs from group setup, special "tricks" they use, and how many aa's etc, when they post parses...
  11. ARCHIVED-Eriol Guest

    Because inevitably other classes link to such things in discussions about how they claim their own classes are gimped compared to our DPS, thus trying to influence yet ANOTHER nerf on us.

  12. ARCHIVED-Colossaltitan Guest

    Necromancers need to be babysat probably more than any other class(ie Blood Pact & Lifeburn), but, not buff wise.

    The most buffs we need to raid efficiently come from a Troubador, and Fury, Illusionist can give the best thing out of group.

    I don't see why everyone is so caught up in wondering if there is some secret motive, Lol.
  13. ARCHIVED-Sic Boy Guest

    shhhh, they're listening....

    Seriously though, I think it's a good idea. I like to see where I am compared to some of the other raid Necros out there. I'll make sure I keep ACT up this week and put up my parses from all the usuals at the end of the week. With that said though we do seem to have come out of EoF better off then some of the other dps classes, not counting god abilities.

  14. ARCHIVED-Geoff77 Guest

    whats everyone set the combat cutoff on ACT at for the parse, 2 secs? 4 secs?
  15. ARCHIVED-KBern Guest

    Raid/group set up is everything when it comes to DPS, and how you compare.
  16. ARCHIVED-KBern Guest

    I think Eriol had it right. I consider it like fight club...I just don't talk about what I do in game anymore on forums.
    It leads to bad things.
  17. ARCHIVED-Badd Boy Guest

    I am just scared to death of the nerf bat. Heh, I was not trying to suggest you have alterior motives. I am wondering as much as anyone.. I just hate to see the other classes copy/paste and say we need to be nerfed instead of them learning to play there class.
  18. ARCHIVED-KittenClaw22 Guest

    Freethinkers Hideout -- 12/13 ZONEWIDE (Wipes excluded)

    Allies (2735) 29509828 17830.71 [Dalimar-Manaburn-63330]
    Raygo 2955154 1785.59 <---- Conjuror (my hubby, so it's sort of okay if he beats me...)
    Isodora 2875632 1737.54 <---- Necromancer
    Allowen 2754084 1664.10 <---- Necromancer
    Nataliaa 2449125 1479.83 <---- Brigand
    Dalimar 2142252 1294.41 <---- Wizard
    Raiuub 2070342 1250.96 <---- Swashie
    Othysis Muravian - Freethinkers Hideout -- 12/13

    Allies (03:08) 3343848 17786.43 [Dalimar-Manaburn-50940]
    Isodora 511904 2722.89 <---- Necromancer
    Nataliaa 411159 2187.02 <---- Brigand
    Raygo 402222 2139.48 <---- Conjuror
    Allowen 337097 1793.07 <---- Necromancer
    Raiuub 285166 1516.84 <---- Swashie
    Dalimar 202092 1074.96 <---- Wizard
    Abomidable 159606 848.97 <---- Guardian

    V'Tekla K'Zalk - Mistmoore Inner Sanctum -- 12/14

    Allies: (01:40) 1424715 | 14247.15 [Dalimar-Manaburn-53370]
    Isodora 213525 | 2135.25 <---- Necromancer
    Allowen 195986 | 1959.86 <---- Necromancer
    Raygo 131589 | 1315.89 <---- Conjuror
    Nataliaa 128372 | 1283.72 <---- Brigand
    Slackin 125051 | 1250.51 <---- Assassin
    Agigox 122302 | 1223.02 <---- Conjuror
    Dalimar 113737 | 1137.37 <---- Wizard
    Archanis 103321 | 1033.21 <---- Ranger
    D'Lizta Viswin -- Mistmoore Inner Sanctum - 12/14

    Allies: (04:07) 3957938 | 16024.04 [Dalimar-Manaburn-72150]
    Isodora 542533 | 2196.49 <---- Necromancer
    Raygo 386564 | 1565.04 <---- Conjuror
    Nataliaa 365545 | 1479.94 <---- Brigand
    Allowen 334029 | 1352.34 <---- Necromancer
    Powownes 314505 | 1273.30 <---- Assassin
    Nairb 283461 | 1147.62 <---- Bruiser

    I think I'll stop here, I could go on, but it seems like a waste of time, you get the idea.
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  19. ARCHIVED-KittenClaw22 Guest

    I don't think most people understand how hard a necro has to work to be top dps. With our limited amount of spells it requires constant casting, there is no pause. You use your hot keys and you are never done casting or you don't top the parse. You can't pause to look at the television and see what wacky antics Cartman just got up to on South Park or you will drop on the parse.

    You can't wait until the end and manaburn and still parse high like a wizard does.

    For me, in a group with a troub, I use my mage pet to maximize my DPS... This means constant monitoring of the pet to make sure it doesn't run in like a [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] and try to hit the monster with it's Tarinax's Spine. I hate to sound cheesy but it requires constant vigilance.

    Most necros world wide don't want to have to think so much about what their pet is doing, so they use the scout pet.
  20. ARCHIVED-Everglow Guest

    I'll troll this one.

    Everyone has to be on top of things to top the parse. No class can sit and watch TV and top the parse, it doesn't happen, so a Necro or an Assassin or a Swashy aren't working harder than each other.

    Oh yea, and Wizzies can just throw Manaburn at the end of a fight and top parse, give me a break. /sarcasm off

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