Zoning Issues

Discussion in 'Players Supporting Players' started by Mournblade, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. Mournblade New Member

    Uh, why is it taking all of us like 10 min plus to zone ? Fix your servers please. Get off the Commodore 64s and get some real servers. WE play to pay .. no pay to zone..
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  2. Spayrroe New Member

    So, is this like not getting fixed? Every time I zone in anywhere (and that includes respawning when I've died), I have to exit and relaunch the game because my zoning get stuck on Loading Zone Resources, every single time. I have given it up to an hour to see if it would eventually get there, and it did not. Is this not a thing that will be fixed? I'm just returning to EQ2 after being away for a few years. So far there's not other MMORPG that has caught my interest, but if this is what the experience is going to be like now, I may have to give some of the other ones I have tried and disliked another chance. This is pretty ridiculous.
  3. Luccey New Member


    I am having the SAME issue. What's up Daybreak? When can we get this resolved?

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