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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Marty78, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-Marty78 Guest

    Can anyone please tell me how much dps (zonewide) a good/excellent necro should do in the various T7 raiding instances when not slacking. Try giving a range rather than a static value.

  2. ARCHIVED-Facedown Guest

    Ive seen our necro parse anywhere from 800 to 1800 depending on the fight.

    Hes generally top 5 dps when hes not slacking or two boxing his templar.
  3. ARCHIVED-Marty78 Guest

    Alot of classes can parse very high on single specific encounters (even healers can parse 1k+ at times) so that is not very interesting knowing about. I'm interested in knowing zone wide average DPS.
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  4. ARCHIVED-Korben Guest

    I'm only 68 and in normal groups I can parse around 600 per fight, but have about 400 per zone (i.e. instance) because people like to sit around a lot. lol.
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  6. ARCHIVED-Zald Guest

    Necro DPS is VERY consistant overall with spikes that go up, but seldom down.

    1k-1.2k for normal DPS is typical, with 1.5-2k spikes depending on the mob, timing, UT availability, etc...

    If all you did from fight to fight was send in your main pet and DFs... and cast a few spells every now and then, ou'd be top 5 DPS. If you actually bother playing more than that you only go up from there.
  7. ARCHIVED-MisterE Guest

    zones like lyceum i can avg 1200 for zone.. other zones where my utility is called into play with combat rezzes and heart passing i can expect numbers @ 600-1k. To pigeon hole a necro into we do x amount of dps period is very tough to do...
  8. ARCHIVED-Imperishable Guest

    As the posts before there are many factors to give you an exact amount; however, if you take a monthly average of a t7 raiding necro you should be doing around 1k damage. This is a good amount to shoot for as a necro if your doing less you need to work on your build, gear, and play of your toon. I love being a necro on raids, becuase you are ok no matter what group you are put in (even though everyone loves a trouby).
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  9. ARCHIVED-Catchisif Guest

    Would agree with 1.2k-1.6k being the average. If i dont slack off i can consistantly put out about 1.6k-2.2k. Labs and Lycuem i have broken 3.1k dps.. but only with UT up. But im also carrying alot of Master spells on me. Not sure how things are on PvE servers but im on PvP, and im almost always #1/#2. Assassins give me a good fight for that top spot.
  10. ARCHIVED-Korben Guest

    :smileyindifferent: Is that an average per fight or zonewide average? Gah, maybe I'm doing something wrong, lol! In groups I can't get anywhere near that on a zonewide average.
  11. ARCHIVED-Catchisif Guest

    Alot of necros i see, on my server.. get to like the 1k mark. Not sure what i do so differently to push out as high of an average as i do. I have 14 masters 58+ including Nightshade, Howl of the Damned and all of my swarm pets, and nothing non adept3. Also im spec'd str 4/4/4/8, agi 4/4/8/8 and sta 4/1 <3 hp.

    1.7k is my average zone wide I would say, sometimes depending on if dispatch or whatever is used i can go higher and even lower depending on how fast my guildmates want to burn down mobs, since im not burst dps.
  12. ARCHIVED-Korben Guest

    Thanks. :) I think it's probably more to do with the groups that I'm in than anything else. I haven't really raided much yet though. I had an "uber" assassin in a group with me the other day and he was only parsing ~150 above me, so I guess I shouldn't feel to bad. :)
  13. ARCHIVED-Korben Guest

    Ahhah! I was in a raid (my first at 70) the other day and parsed 1.2k. I don't feel so bad. Didn't realize the difference it would make from pickup group to raid. :D
  14. ARCHIVED-quamdar Guest

    yeah raids change DPS a lot since you can get into a group with more people that will benefit you rather than be in a group with people that are needed like tank or healer that don't give you much as far as DPS goes and there are also a lot of debuffs that help DPS a ton. proccing gear helps too.

    i have been slacking a lot lately with my DPS but i would say if you are actually trying, have decent gear, and good number of masters/adept 3 you should be doing around 1.5k on average i would say. little bit more with full masters, better gear, and a good raid set up (illusionist, troub, 2 brigands, etc) so yeah if you are trying to compare group DPS and raid DPS you are more than likely always going to come up quite a bit short.
  15. ARCHIVED-Korben Guest

    Thanks. :) I was thinking that I was going crazy. I usually am in the top 2 for dps in groups but had no where near the dps that everyone posted in raids. :) Hopefully I'll be able to start raiding more soon, kind of hard to do living on the EST and working early morning shifts. I'm in bed when most people start raiding. lol
  16. ARCHIVED-Jeris Nefzen Guest

    Having a 70 ranger I know that my dps can go up or down 400-500 dps depending on group makeup in the raid. I have a 60 necro and will soon want to do some raids to get that experience with him. What group makeup would be best for a necro? Are there particular classes that will boost necro dps? I figure a troub would be good just for deaggro purpose, but what other classes would benefit the necro?
  17. ARCHIVED-freaksta10116 Guest

    i would like to know how people chack there dps i can't seem to find it anywhere if there is a link i could get for a dps calculator that works that would be awsome
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