Zone quest forgot to give reward for 91+ quests

Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-Cloudrat, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Cloudrat Guest

    Shard of Love hasn't been informed of an amount to reward 91+ toons for doing the repeatable quests.
  2. ARCHIVED-Kaitheel Guest

    Thankfully, it was only coin. That'll be resolved. Thank you.
  3. ARCHIVED-Finora Guest

    I was wondering about that last night. I thought I remembered those quests giving some coin.
  4. ARCHIVED-Cloudrat Guest

    Thanks for the quick response:) I hope this gets someone checking all the quests like this since I would be willing to wager this was not a unique occurence hehe
  5. ARCHIVED-General_Info Guest

    Cloudrat wrote:
    nice catch! i run shard of love often. it's a great zone though i wonder why the designers didn't put a staircase to the garden of lingering sentiment.

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