Zone: "Charasis: Maiden's Chamber" Handmaidens permanently death-saved

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Hateborne, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. Hateborne Member

    I am trying to work through this now for my Coercer quest, but all three handmaidens have the death save.

    "Hand of Thera'ta" - Thera'ta has mastered ancient necromantic rituals to prevent her sisters' death.

    This is PREVENTING quest completion of Leandre's Shard: Drusella's Extraction, which in turn prevents me from completing the Coercer 1.0 Epic. </3
  2. Hateborne Member

    UPDATE: Workaround!

    If you're wanting to still do this, click the altar, spawn the handmaidens, be sad as all three are immune to death.

    After 4+ hours, the buff fades from them or the buffs are not recast on instance repopulation. This is a kind of crappy workaround, but it does work. :)

  3. Avithax Well-Known Member

    1. Swiped from web: Three named will spawn: before attacking examine each named's buff bar. One of them with have a buff that causes them to deathsave the other two. The same named always has the buff but their spawn locations are random. Kill the one with the deathsave buff first.
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  4. Hateborne Member

    Yes, except if you read my post, you would have seen this:

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