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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-lawguy, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-lawguy Guest

    I have to say, I am impressed with the change from ghost to zombie form...we have flies swarming around us, sound effects included :)
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  2. ARCHIVED-vroxx Guest

    Any attack animations?

    /Ill be impressed if theres animations till then, LAME!
  3. ARCHIVED-lawguy Guest

    haha yep. Believe it or not..we have attack animations. Pretty lame that our zombie pet doesn't..but we do.
  4. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    Screenshot!! I wont be home for another 3 hours heh
  5. ARCHIVED-SuperBob2k4 Guest

    I'm going to buy it right now so I should have one up in about 5-10 minutes.
  6. ARCHIVED-SuperBob2k4 Guest

    Here ya go guys. This on extreme btw.

  7. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    Not bad I suppose - thanks for the screenshot mate =)
  8. ARCHIVED-Demonbuttercup Guest

    sigh..i will miss my ghost form =( one of my favorite spells...
    If the wanted to change one why didnt they do Misty Visage or whatever it is..dont even know the name since i dont use it..
    it turns me into a faceless MAN!! grr
    o well
  9. ARCHIVED-Deyil Guest

    Guys from what i have noticed we dont have neither attack nor swim animations.
    And whenever i draw my weapon in zombie form, my weapon disappears :(
  10. ARCHIVED-Viromage Guest

    Yup same for me, not seeing any animations for attacking. Also tried to /dance and got nothing....:smileysad:
    This IMO is lame..... I would rather they offer up a rotting version of the race we play (i.e. rotting Ratonga for me) you know bones showing, ect...
  11. ARCHIVED-Aenos Guest

    And when mining in zombieform the pickaxe ends up on the ground, looks pretty funny when you stand there, glaring at the rock while yer tool ends up near your feet.
  12. ARCHIVED-Morcego Guest

    Agree. I don't want to look like my pet.
  13. ARCHIVED-Mephlich Guest

    I would like my pet to have the new animation and me have my ghost form back.:smileywink:
  14. ARCHIVED-Luetic1 Guest

    They'll fix it by the time we're out of beta :smileytongue:

    Lue 50 Necro, Omen of Lucan
  15. ARCHIVED-Uanelven Guest

    Yeah.. its sort of fun and the flies are nasty. They should have put in full animations to this though. You can't even wave. Attack animation's work for me though which, since my pets doesn't, is crazy really. I hardly ever melee apart from skill ups and my pet still can't bust a move..! lol

    Ghost form applied with Misty was much better though... :(

    Only fun I've had was convincing someone I had an advanced form of the plague.
  16. ARCHIVED-Xerexerexx Guest

    Why wouldn't you want to look like your pet? I mean come on how can you go wrong with that brain dead, shambling lug? Seriously tho ghost form was the only one I ever used, aside from the skelletal regiment, because all of the other forms suck. Misty Image: turns you into a stupid human with a **** haircut and surrounds you with a mist, yay..... Oh and lets see theres that level 50 one that gives you the occasional little black cloud, kinda like you have gas or something and keep farting... You've got your standard skelleton, thats fun because the emotes work and they have the best jumping noises in the game *cackle*... Lich form also stupid unless you get it to adept 3, then it looks semi cool. So our ghost image goes on the list of fun things that Sony decided we shouldnt have *sigh*

    Ghost form, lag jump, backwards autorun, & others I'm sure, my memory fails me =\
    I knew ye well.
    Master Necro & Jeweler Extraordinaire of Lucan
  17. ARCHIVED-vroxx Guest

    backwards autorun works, only different now... now you can run facing whatever direction you wish.

    Auto-run, turn camera with the left mouse button pointing in the direction you want to go, release left mouse button, then click the right mouse button once. it'll swing the camera around and you'll be running in the direction the camera was pointing but your body will be facing the direction you were origionailly autorunning.

    /Gotta have fun somehow *shrug*
  18. ARCHIVED-Zancon Guest

    Sorry for the probably dumb question but when or where do I get Zombie form?
  19. ARCHIVED-vroxx Guest

    Q. What are our "fun" spells and where can I get them?

    A. Our fun spells are: Nylph's Bone form (lvl 20), Nylph's Flayed Form (lvl 30), Nylph's Misty Image (lvl 35), Dartain's Dead Sight (lvl 40) which gives self Infravision, Skeletal Regiment (lvl 45) and Dartain's Cloaking Debris (lvl 50). All of these spells can be purchased from the mage academy in North Freeport, the same place you got your subclass quest from... they are all there, sometimes they're just on different scribes so look around.

    Necromancer FAQ

    Zombie form is what Nylph's Flayed form used to be, they couldnt fix all the problems with the ghostly illusions so they just changed it to zombie form. It should be found in the same place as the other fun spells.
  20. ARCHIVED-KaptanX Guest

    Ghost form in my opinion was better. I think we should still be able to use ghost form. Zombie's are ugly and nasty and walk around like they are [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot], yeah its pretty lame. I want ghost form back.

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