Zlandicar's Heart Mage reward feedback

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by Montag, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. GIndotto Well-Known Member

  2. slica Active Member

    thanks for the quick feedback! keep up the great work!
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  3. Daray Well-Known Member

    I assume wand means spell weapon?
  4. Caith Developer

  5. Arieste Well-Known Member

    Will the wand have a proper wand graphic and animation or will it use the existing (hold in left hand, no animation) symbol graphic?
  6. Caith Developer

    There are no new art assets for this item yet, so currently you will be flinging heart juice at your foes. I don't have any ETA on when we may get a new art asset for the spell weapon.
  7. Sylke Well-Known Member

    It should just be a heart that you squeeze to squirt "heart juice" at people.
  8. Arieste Well-Known Member

    ty for responding. The symbol itself looks very cool and unique. Just "squeezing heartjuice" would be just fine if it was actually held in the wand hand and that hand was making some kind of motion (one of the existing wand animations). So maybe that can happen with less work on the art side than creating a whole new graphic.
  9. GIndotto Well-Known Member

    I'm ok with the compromise being "you get a wand or 6 sec scout options now" but the art remains the same as the 4s and symbol respectively! I completely understand last minute decisions like this don't always fit in with what current projects may be taking up time for. I say the compromise is quite enough, and keep focusing forward, I can only imagine the greatness that awaits! :)
  10. GIndotto Well-Known Member

    And again thank you for the quick turn around on the decision, I understand why the choices were made (compliments to raid weapons) but it's nice to know feedback is listened to, even if it was heated and passionate like mine. :p
  11. Estred Well-Known Member

    Oh, can I offer to make it :D I love doing weapons.
  12. vexa New Member

    Thank You Dev Team!
  13. Crychtonn Active Member

    Caith can you add a 6s version of the Zalandicar scout dagger please :)

    Otherwise scouts are still stuck :(
  14. Darkon Well-Known Member

    It was added. Read your quote! Lol!
  15. Avithax Well-Known Member

    Thank you Dev team for putting the scout 6s weapon in the Shady!

    Question though: I inspected the 4s dagger and have completed the 30 Ayrken kills leading up to "The Heart of Bones" quest, Do I need to delete the 4s dagger and quest and restart with the 6s dagger in order to get the upgraded 6s version at the end?
  16. Darkon Well-Known Member

    That wouldn't make any sense Avithax.

    You'll be rewarded with a popup allowing you to select either 4s or 6s at the end. Or if that code wasn't changed then you'll be awarded with 4s, and be able to buy 6s from the merchant.

    Either of those will be how it works.
  17. Avithax Well-Known Member

    In a logical world yes, this is Norrath. The obvious answer is subject to change. I just want to make sure they included a 6s upgraded version in the eventual reward and wondered if inspecting the 4s would effect the outcome of the quest.
  18. Crychtonn Active Member

    Poor wording on my part. I was talking about Zalandicar the mobs loot table to go with the new 6s HQ weapon. Adding the new items into the quest reward is great but doesn't solve the problem of scouts being stuck because of Zalandicar the mob currently not having a 6s option also.
  19. Anastaise Active Member

    I am just wondering if this is a one time swap or if you change your mind at a later date can you swap it again? The problem is PK 2hdr buff has no upgrade. For those of us who prefer 1hdr/symbol/wand set up, we are currently forced to use 2-hdr/wand so our group gets the buff since the PK 1hdr doesn't have the group buff. Of course if the PK box had a wand, I would use that in an instant with the 1hdr and use the HQ symbol and have the perma stun/stifle/root immunity that channelers currently enjoy. Also, for those who try to say just melee and equip symbol for ranged slot, you are failing to understand that the Wand is our "Primary" weapon and the 2hdr is solely there for the buff proc.
  20. GIndotto Well-Known Member

    The problem here Anastaise is the Developers made this HQ almost exclusively to answer missing items in the Zlandicar weapon crate. To me, I felt that was a horrible way to go about giving the player base a HQ with almost solely Solo \ Heroic completion steps and a Fabled item to boot at the end. It was in my strongest opinion that the initial HEROIC part of the quest reward should have been multi-faceted, and the later raid upgraade could have slimed down our choices to far fewer - perhaps even just one as it was before - and make the raiders deal with it. In the end if I was forced upon my final raid symbol upgrade (which my raid has the luxury of being able to obtain, the other 90% probably not), I would have done what Darkon suggested and have a double combo of weapon loadouts depending on melee or ranged, the symbol fitting into each. At that point in the gameplay, Anastaise, the PK is not even in those two loadouts. So your point is both correct and wrong, because this HQ was designed to fix Raid item (issues?) to a small minority of the player base (those who have cleared temple or are very close to it). :eek:

    P.S. To the developers, there is still a strong yearning for a priest shield in this whole jungle we've now created with the rewards and the addition of new ones. I know when asking too much is too much, and I also understand the original thought process in rewarding just the symbol for both mages and priests (despite my opinion to the contrary), but I didn't think a wand would be added into the mix so quickly, although that will likely be my choice of item I would give a nudge and a wink towards a Priest shield! :p

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